Truthbomb: milk and cheese are just as cruel as meat  »

Warning: graphic!!!

This is not the most pleasant way to start the day but if we vegans don’t share this kind of information, I don’t know who will. Right? I don’t want to watch it either but we all know people who consume dairy and these are the tools to raise awareness. So, here is the latest undercover investigation by Mercy For Animals of Canada’s largest dairy factory farm, Chilliwack Cattle Company in British Columbia. It’s brutal. I made it through about 15 seconds. The description alone is awful. From the MFA summary, some of the atrocities captured on the video:

  • Workers viciously kicking, punching, beating, and hitting cows in the face and body with chains, canes, metal pipes, and rakes
  • Sick and injured cows suffering from open wounds, oozing infections, and painful injuries left to suffer without proper veterinary care
  • Workers using chains and tractors to lift sick and injured cows by their necks
  • Workers poking and squeezing festering wounds, ripping clumps of hair out of cows’ sensitive tails, and punching bulls in the testicles

Brutal.¬†According to MFA Canada’s FB page, the factory was promptly raided by officials—good on them for swift action! Though it would be nice if laws were enforced because, you know, they are laws, as opposed to being enforced because a third party did their own investigation and made it public. And of course it would be even nicer if animals weren’t treated as objects and machines.¬†

Final message: Vegetarians, if you gave up meat to help animals, I applaud you for your intentions but eating dairy is just as bad. It’s time to ditch dairy. You can do it!

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