Hey check it out, animal rights concerns on the TV! Last night’s True Blood tackles dog fighting (and this may contain spoilers so stop reading now if you’re prone to blog commenter rage) and shows Sam breaking into a hick hideout to free caged dogs before they’re sent off to fight. While nearly everyone can get behind “dog fighting sucks” as an animal rights issue, it’s not very often you see the act of freeing caged animals depicted in a positive light. So, counts as progress for our side? I think it does!

If you don’t already follow True Blood, the pit bull in the fighting ring is the dog form of Sam’s shapeshifting younger brother, Tommy, who gets forced into dog fighting by his parents to make money. So this show isn’t just about vampires, butshapeshifters, telepaths, werewolves, and lots more to keep your inner (or in my case, outer) sci-fi/fantasy nerd entertained on Sunday nights. Get it in your DVR and watch back-to-back with your Mad Men addiction.

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