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Hey everybody! Look what they are doing in Seattle: limited edition t-shirts all designed by vegan artists! Of course, to this I say, “OMG.” Anika Lehde, founder of Lion’s Share Industries, is one of my favorite people on twitter. She has a blog about vegan stuff in Seattle and tweets as @veganscore. I am not in Seattle because I am allergic to rain so unfortunately much of what she reports on is lost on me. But not these t-shirts! I like this one best:

I’ve loved owls ever since I found out Athena, by far the best Greek goddess, loves owls. The artist, Maré Odomo (sometimes Vegansaurus commenter and all around super talented famous person), has this to say about the design:

"Who cooks for you" is how birders and ornithologists interpret the Barred Owl's call, but I felt that it was relevant for this shirt because we should always be thinking about where our food is coming from. Also, owls are awesome. The imagery for the shirt was partially inspired by the episode of “Pokémon” where Ash sees that Ho-Oh flying into the sun.”

How very interesting! 180 shirts are produced for each design so get them while they’re hot. Also nice to know is that 15 percent of the profits for this series will be donated to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. I love the Sea Shepherds because they are so darn HARDCORE. So with one little t-shirt, you can support the Sea Shepherds AND some super vegan artists. Nicely done!

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