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Hello AWESOME Vegansaurus Readers.

First, you are so awesome.

Second, The Healthy School Lunches campaign that Laura is working on with Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) has been gaining huge momentum in Congress. It’s looking more and more like getting healthy nondairy vegetarian food and nondairy beverages into the National School Lunch Program could actually freaking happen. It’s SUPER exciting.

The one area we really need help in is gathering signatures from the constituents of Congressman George Miller of Contra Costa and Solano counties. He is especially important because he chairs the committee that will vote on implementing these changes. We need signatures to show Congressman Miller that his voters care about getting better nutrition to children. The problem is, it’s very hard to get activists in that area motivated and so I’m reaching out to you, the beautiful and wonderful readers of Vegansaurus!

Can you devote a weekend day in the next month to collecting signatures in Contra Costa or Solano County? I will get you everything you need to make this successful, including a buddy if you don’t want to do it alone! If you don’t live near those counties, I’m organizing carpools from San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND DAY IN APRIL to get you out there!  This is the absolute easiest thing to petition for and you’re doing something AMAZING for countless animals and children nationwide!

If you’re interested, email Laura at lbeck(at) with the specific day/s you are available to petition. Let me know where you live and if you need a ride (or if you have a car and can drive). When leaving from SF and Oakland/Berkeley, we’ll probably leave the city at 11 a.m. and get back around 3-4 p.m., so it won’t even take up most of your day. One day WILL help. I want to create this schedule now, so please email and let me know if you can come out.

If you can’t come because you live too far away or for whatever other reasons, you can downloaded petitions from our grassroots website and collect signatures from your family and friends! As a substitute/addition to petitioning, you can write to your congressional reps and ask for these changes—check out the sample letters! Please send a letter to your congressperson today. (click here to find out who your congressperson is and their mailing address! Please mail the letter to their D.C. address!)


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