Finally! A South Bay Vegan Bakesale! They need your help!  »

Organizer Francisco writes:

Ready for ANOTHER vegan bakesale??!! You bet! This time it will happen in the city of San Mateo on August 21, 2010!! So we need bakers and we need them fast!! The charities for this bakesale will be The Coalition on Homelessness San Francisco and Pets in Need.
So let’s help the homeless and sweet, adorable cats and dogs with a vegan bakesale! If you want to participate and create some delicious vegan goodies, contact Francisco¬†and LET’S ROCK THIS!!

I also know that Francisco needs tables and other supplies so if you’re in the San Mateo effort and can help a(n adorable charitable) vegan out, holler!

Update: The sale will take place¬†next to the EVO store at 159 S. B Street in San Mateo!

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