Hey, SF! Vegan Drinks is upon us!  »

My favorite thing in the world is picking popcorn out of my teeth. Why? Because it gives me something to do AND it means I just ate a shit-ton of popcorn, which is one of many reasons to go to August’s SF Vegan Drinks tomorrow, Aug. 25, from 6 to 8 p.m at Martuni’s.

Why else would you go? Besides all-you-can-eat vegan popcorn, you can get hammered meet other local vegans and network to your little heart’s content. This month’s special is something called the “VDSF,” a martini with this new SF edition of Absolut Vodka (no idea) and juice, for $5. VegNews will provide attendees with a list of nearby veg restaurants to help you soak up the booze later, and if you’re working on a veg project, you can yak into the microphone to anyone who will listen at 7:45 p.m. Plus if you’re like me—cough-UNEMPLOYED-cough—you don’t have an excuse NOT to go. I’m bummed they did away with the vegan hot dogs, but I hate everything there’s always next time.

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