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This is four-year-old Natalia with her neighbor’s dog—cute couple! Natalia is mostly vegan save for her one vice: About twice a month, she succumbs to the call of string cheese. Her mom and I discussed interviewing her as a vegan or vegetarian but it seems our input was unnecessary: “I asked her the questions as vegetarian, and she said, ‘I’m vegan!’” I like a girl who speaks her mind. Apparently she also asked if her dino would be on a magazine at Whole Foods. I don’t think I have that kind of sway but dream big, girl!

What is your favorite food?
Natalia: Quinoa or chocolate pizza.*

What is your favorite kind of birthday cake?
Natalia: One that has blueberries and football candles.

Why are you vegan?
Natalia: Because I love animals! They are cuties.

Do you like being vegan? Why?
Natalia: I like it. Because.

Is it ever hard to be vegan?
Natalia: No. It’s healthy!

What do your friends think about you being vegan?
Natalia: They think my food looks cool.

What is your favorite animal? Why?
Natalia: Chickens, because they are funny. [Bawks like a chicken]

Do you like pink dinosaurs? Can you draw one for us? We would love it!
Natalia: Um, yes. I like blue dinosaurs also. I can draw a pink one named Natalia.

Hi, Natalia the dino!

As per usual, if you have a vegan or vegetarian kid who wants to do the interview, email me! It’s fun!

*Totally got the recipe! And OMG I want it for breakfast like now. Mom note: “the recipe was born out of the fact that if there is not something sweet in the kitchen at all times, I will be shunned by my family. I threw some things together that I had on hand and it turned out to be delicious and is now apparently Natalia’s favorite food after quinoa (weirdo).”

Le recipe:
Pizza crust, either homemade or store-bought
2 tsp Earth Balance buttery spread
1/4 cup Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter (OMG my salivary glands reacted to just typing that)
3/4 c vegan chocolate chips
Hazelnuts, pretzels, candy, coconut, whatever you want on your pizza

Preheat oven to 450 and line a large baking sheet with parchment paper.

Spread the dough out and brush it with Earth Balance. Cook for about 18-22 minutes, until the crust is golden brown. Remove from oven and spread the hazelnut butter onto the crust. Top with chocolate chips and return to oven for about a minute, just until the chocolate has melted. Sprinkle with toppings of your choice and devour.

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