Preorder for Vaute’s fall collection starts TODAY!   »


IN A FEW HOURS THE NEW VAUTE WILL BE ON SALE! When they announce the preorder start (prob on their facebook), you can go to this link and the new shiz will be up! 

As you know, Vaute coats are not cheap. Because they are well-made, sustainably sourced and not assembled by children. BUT as you also should know, preorder is THE time to get your Vaute coat! (and your hat—they have hats now!) Because those babies are hella on sale! And preorder funds the production of the entire line so you help Vaute make more stuff and you get a big ol’ discount. 


According to Leanne:

Pricing is 50% off outerwear (including our most requested Lincoln coat, which is head to toe insulated, I wore it for miles each day in the vortex last winter!) today at launch time for 24 hours. And Hats will be $120, but $85 for first 24 hours too.

Our new WonderFelt looks like pressed wool felt, but is made of 100% recycled plastic bottles, crafted in USA. And we made hats out of it too! Handblocked one at a time in one of NYC’s last hat factories using the original vintage molds, and insulated too so they’re super warm.
Coats this season are made in my hometown Chicago!

Let’s go over the finer points:

-50% off coats
-Vegan wool felt made from recycled bottles
-Hats made at a NYC hat factory from vintage molds

Um, I’m sold! You better get your coat and hat before I buy everything. Because I look SO GOOD in hats, believe that. My whole family does. Some sort of DNA thing. Science. 

Also, look at this new dress Leanne sent a pic of:

imageI die. 

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