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Born Free is currently working to free two dolphins, Tom and Misha, from a tiny pool in Hisaronu, Turkey. They are at some bullshit “park” that is not yet open, as it doesn’t have the proper papers. This picture is Tom being examined by vets; Misha couldn’t be examined at that time but she is favoring one side and they think she has balance problems. Born Free wants them released for rehab immediately. The pool is small and totally polluted—so polluted that the people who entered to catch Tom are now on preventative antibiotics. GROSS!

I HATE WHEN THEY MESS WITH DOLPHINS! I know, I always say this about every animal, but dolphins just seem so sentient, like they’d feel the torture very deeply. Misha and Tom were both taken from the wild in 2006 and arrived in Hisaronu this past June, reportedly in the back of a fruit and vegetable van. Fucking awesome. Way to go guys.

If you’d like to help, sign Born Free’s petition to free Misha and Tom. You can also join their Facebook group which has info on how to help, emails to write, and how to donate. FYI, on the Facebook page, they are calling them the Oludeniz dolphins. Oludeniz and Hisaronu are apparently two resort towns next to each other. I’m like a geographer over here.

[Photo from Born Free website]

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