Farm Sanctuary’s Walk for Farm Animals NEEDS YOU!  »


Farm Sanctuary’s Walk for Farm Animals is an amazing thing. Basically, people sign up to walk and then get sponsors and all the money goes to animals rescued from factory farms and to educating the public about said farms. Important stuff! Starting September 10th and going through November 6th, the walks take place all over the U.S..

To find a walk near you or to start a walk of your own, check this out! The San Francisco walk is on November 6th in Golden Gate Park and you can join or donate here! They want to raise $50,000 and they’re just over $5,000 so let’s step up our game, bay area! If we all join and solicit* monies from the Scrooge McDucks in our lives, we can actually hit that goal! 

If you can’t get your lazy ass out of bed, you can also SLEEP IN FOR FARM ANIMALS! Man, Farm Sanctuary makes it so easy to be a good person. I will totally sleep in and then take a bubble bath and have a large pancake breakfast FOR THE ANIMALS. 

So get on it! Every penny goes to Farm Sanctuary and right now, they realllllly need the money. Let’s be generous, it’s the HOLIDAYS (It’s true! The Walgreens candy aisle told me so!). 

*And by solicit, I mean thieve from because we all know Scrooge McDuck ain’t giving up shit!

(that goat is sleeping in for his fellow animals! he ain’t walking NOWHERE.)

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