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If you read Steve’s post a little while back about animal rights in True Blood, then you are already aware of the show’s hidden vegan agenda—but wait! There’s more! Andrea Chalupa wrote at the Huffington Post yesterday that True Blood is making her want to be vegan. Turns out the flesh-ripping violence makes meat dinners kind of unappetizing:

Eating meat and watching True Blood doesn’t always sit well, so in the spirit of the conscientious Bill Compton, our Sundays have gone vegan, and no one is complaining.

She enlists the help of Happy Herbivore, one of my favorite, ever-cheerful twitterers, and learns to make vegan biscuit pot pie. Dude, holler at your girl and mail that to my house like yesterday because that sounds GOOD.

This is both awesome and hilarious. Chalupa says of vegan cooking, “It’s actually quite delicious and easy to cook,” and, “that after enough trials, you start to notice your taste for meat waning.” This I love because I feel the same way. Maybe when I first became vegetarian at a wee 18 years old, I did miss some meat. But I find the longer I don’t eat meat, the less I want to eat meat. Now I think meat is straight-up nasty. I had similar problems when I became vegan but I’ve already noticed that I find cheese a bit repulsive.

Another funny bit is that I just had this conversation the other day and Chalupa backs me up: Bill of True Blood is totally vegan—or at least he aspires to a vegan lifestyle. My friend was asking one of those omnivore questions a la, “if you were on a desert island…” but this time it was, “What if you’re a vampire and need blood to live?!” Those omnivores and their hypothetical questions! It never gets old. I told them that with the synthetic blood, vampires need not be murderers any more. And everyone lived happily ever after.

[cartoon by Megan Rascal!]

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