Are Oreos Vegan??!  »

The answer is in the United States: MOST LIKELY YES (and that includes all of their flavors, from the Golden ones to double stuffed mint! Hello!). In other parts of the world, yes and no. Lesson here: always read the label. Another lesson: never trust Nabisco, those fuckers will unveganize your favorite accidentally vegan snack before you can say, “Fuck you, Nabis!” SEE HOW THEY DO!!!

However, the fact that they’re vegan doesn’t make them not chemical death. Delicious chemical death but still. Also, Nabisco, for reasons above and many others, is pretty much the devil. If you don’t want to support them or just want a break from supporting them (god knows I love a for real Oreo and the things you can make with them (VEGAN OREO PEANUT BUTTER TRUFFLE I LOVE YOU), you can always indulge in delicious Newman-O’s, Country Choice Sandwich Cremes and Late July Sandwich Cookies in Vanilla Bean with Green Tea and Dark Chocolate! All of these cookies are available in Whole Foods, Rainbow and most health/specialty groceries. Actually, I’ve seen Newman-O’s in Walgreens so don’t sweat it, you can find them.

Oh and Meave points out that I forgot to mention Trader Joe’s Jo-Jo’s! They are delicious, vegan and come in lots of varieties from traditional to Peanut Butter/Chocolate to THE HOLIDAY TIME CANDY CANE JO-JO! Those are the most magical, Chocolate cookies and vanilla cream swirled with bits of candy cane. AMAZING. Plus, awesome for making cupcakes with.

You also want to check at your local grocery store to see if their generic brand offers an Oreo-like cookie. They often do and they’re often vegan.

Homework: eat as many Oreo & Oreo-style cookies as possible. Report back findings/BMI.

Extra credit: Bring me Oreos.


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