Daniel Patterson continues to be our city’s greatest chef! No, that is a lie, he still cooks and eats animal products, and I just don’t see how you can be the very best if you’re not vegan. But he is seriously amazing. He loves vegetables, and made this amazing soup (some of us have dreams about that soup), and honestly we could watch him make these beet roses all day. Never mind eating them, just watching him do it.

It’s fascinating in the way those Sesame Street segments about how things get made are—the one about crayons is one of the best things I have ever seen in my life. Those cheerful employees are most likely unemployed/dead now, replaced by robots/Mexican workers paid less than $1 a day. American progress!

But, Daniel Patterson, he’s just wonderful. He gave a really interesting two-part interview (1, 2) to Eater, which you should definitely read. This beet rose, holy cow, it’s so deliberate and painstaking and turns out so beautiful, it makes me tear up. I don’t even like beets! This is why restaurants. This is why “vegetable cuisine.”

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