You see this fool saving kangaroos from the Australian floods?  »

Because I love him
. If anyone has his number, I know some single Vegansaurs Imma hook his ass up with. He deserves it. Also, this dude who rescued a joey from the floods: Sir, marry me. I mean you’re already married and I’m in an LTR but we could do this, allowances can be made. 

If you’re in Australia and can help take care some of the rescued animals (talking dogs and cats here, you ain’t bringing home no koala so STOP DREAMING), do it up!

[Thanks to beautiful, hilarious, and insanely talented AP for the heads-up! If you’re in NYC and see a gorgeous pair of gams in front of you, it’s probably her!]


Diddy Pon’s Weekly Deals: Kettle Chips and Garden of Eatin’!  »

Now, from what I understand, not all Kettle Chips are vegan, so do your homework and don’t blame me because you accidentally ate some cheese or a whole steak. These are on sale at Whole Foods for 3 for $6 (normally about $3 a bag!), and if you go here and “take the pledge,” WHATEVER THAT MIGHT MEAN, you can get a $1 off coupon, making each bag after sale and coupon this week only $1.

Garden of Eatin’ is kind of an adorable company because it was started by some midwestern farmer who went vegetarian after seeing his family slaughter his pet chicken. Or something. I’m easily swayed. These chips are on sale at Whole Foods for 3 bags for $7 (regularly $3 each). Go here for a $1 off coupon, and get each bag for OH DO YOUR OWN MATH. IT’S CHEAP, TRUST ME.

Diddy Pon, out!


Cheaposaurus: Your Weekly Deals! Um, that you gotta use TODAY!  »

Cheaposaurus would like to be referred to as Diddy Pon from now on. Now that that’s out of the way.

Diddy Pon back with some yummy vegan bargains! Hurroooo!! NEVER MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH ME. Also, use these deals today or um, never. I’ll be back with more deals & steals* very soon!

At Whole Foods this week (Always check as the stores’ sales vary by region. AKA, do your homework, hooker.):

Food Should Taste Good Tortilla Chips. Now, go to their the website and click on the purple circle at the bottom where you can get a $1 off printable coupon. Combined with the deal WF has going right now, that is $1 a bag! These are usually $3 to $4 a bag!

R.W. Knudsen Morning Juice Blend. Very fancy and very delicious juices. Go to the website and print off a $1 coupon, making each bottle only $1.50 (when combined with the deal that WF is running right now!). Again, that is over half off the regular price.

Yippee, deals!! And steals*!!

*That just involves you stealing and ain’t my business! Or, the vast majority of my business, as it were!

Diddy Pon is Cheaposaurus is Annapurna.


Cheeposaurus: Your weekly deals!  »

Cheeposaurus here! Some good deals that even this penny-pinching, miserly immigrant can get on board with. Remember; please check your local ads for deals because stores tend to vary their sales from region to region. In other words, don’t blame me because you’re a lazy jerk. NOW ON WITH THE SHOW!

1) At assface Whole Foods:  Nasoya Tofu is three for $5, or three for $6 depending on the variety. Use this coupon on each item and cut your bill nearly in half.

2) Also at assface WF: Naked Juice is two for $5. Buy 10 bottles and submit your receipt for this manufacturer rebate. Also, sign up for their “Bare Believers” online newsletter and score a $1 off coupon to increase your savings. Look in the Whole Foods’ coupon book “The Whole Deal,” which should be near the entrance to the store; inside, there is a $1 off one box of Celestial Seasonings tea. Celestial Seasonings tea is currently three for $6, so use that coupon and get each box for a $1! Finally, WE FUCKING HATE WHOLE FOODS. Sorry, this blog is schitzo.

3) At Walgreens: buy $20 worth of Stacy’s Pita Chips and get a $10 Register Reward. Register Rewards are tapes that print out with your receipt and are used like store credit. They do expire, so use yours fast! If you live in the states listed on this rebate form, you can get additional savings (scroll through, as there are different rebate options depending on which amount you are purchasing).

Happy Couponing!

Cheeposaurus is our new weekly column written by one Ms. Annapurna. She is the brown sugar in your coffee and probably the woman you had phone sex with last night.


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