One more activity to add to your Thursday calendar!  »

I know, I know, you’re already booked. Except maybe there are some of you who don’t care about any Mission Community Market or free movie night at the library—you want to have fun fun fun instead! Well guess what: you can enjoy any or ALL THREE of these super-duper-fun-time events tomorrow evening! It’s true!

This last event, called Battles Yet to Be Won, is a benefit for Marie Mason, a political prisoner; former prisoners Jeff Luers and Linda Evans, and Earth Firster Karen Pickett will speak. It’ll be DJed by Carolyn Keddy of KUSF, and catered by Violet Sweet Shoppe and her posse of indy vegan bakers. As of now your Vegansaurus does not know the identity of these renegades; suffice to say they’re vegan and they will have baked goods for you. The whole event happens at Submission Gallery at 2183 Mission St. (at 18th Street) and begins at 7:30 p.m. This gives you just time to leave the library, take BART to 16th Street, walk two little blocks, and there you are, maybe 15 minutes late at most. And this is an event organized by activists—you know it won’t get a prompt start. They are asking for a $5-to-$20 sliding scale entry fee/donation (you know), but say that no one will be turned away. Visit the Indybay information page for details.

There you go! Your Thursday is planned from 4 p.m. to ? (the best time to end). Thanks, Vegansaurus, you’re saying, I was so bored, and now I have so many fun, educational and exciting things to do! Your Vegansaurus is always happy to help, friends. Do please help us any time you like by sending tips along.


SF Vegan Drinks are TONIGHT!   »

SF Vegan Drinks are tonight (Sep. 24th), from 6 to 8 p.m. at Martuni’s! Yes! AND this month there will be FREE BAKED GOODS from Violet Sweet Shoppe on hand! If you haven’t tried the VEGAN WHOOPIE PIES, now would be your chance! See you there, party people! Ow!


Sweet Justice, the Eat Real Festival, ending the veg vs. omnivore wars, dairy cow tragedy, shark fin soup in the city AND MORE: the Link-o-rama!  »

Tonight! is Sweet Justice, “a benefit for the AETA 4.” A reminder lesson: The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act was introduced in 2006 by California’s own evil betrayer, Senator Dianne “fuck your civil rights” Feinstein. The AETA 4 are activists who were allegedly involved in protests against the University of California’s animal-testing policies; in February, the Joint Terrorism Task Force of the FBI arrested them on charges of “terrorist activities” under the new terms of the AETA. You know, people have taken loaded guns—semi-automatic weapons, even!—to presidential appearances this summer; what kind of agenda do the JTTF/FBI have here, bringing vague “terrorism” charges against animal rights activists? Obviously you must go to the benefit. Our pals Sugar Beat Sweets and  Violet Sweet Shoppe will be there with their delicious baked goods! Go to 1884 Market St. at 8 p.m.; entry/donation is on a $5 to $20 sliding scale.

Also starting tonight at Jack London Square in Oakland is the second annual Eat Real Festival. Admission is free (hooray!), and they have all kinds of entertainment planned, as well as a full-on farmers’ market and a beer “shed,” which somehow sounds less tacky than a garden despite the icky connotations of the word “shed.” Admission to that shed costs extra. Don your finest eating clothes—ladies, maternity dresses provide a lot of extra room for stomach expansion!—and don’t miss this opportunity to dine outdoors on the cheap. Do avoid the butchery contest on Saturday though because, puke. Go go go, eat eat eat! Fight that nasty “unnaturally thin and anemic vegan” image! Fun times through Sunday, Aug. 30.

Here’s an interview with Robert Murray, director of The End of the Line, the documentary about overfishing that ought to put an end to a lot of that bullshit pescatarianism. Remember? You saw it back in June at the Red Vic.

Serious Eats has a great piece on calling a truce between omnivore foodies and vegans/vegetarians. Obviously, we all know that loving food and being vegetarian/vegan are not mutually exclusive, but many people still don’t quite get it.

If you have $80, you can order Japanese-invented molds for growing heart- or star-shaped cucumbers! Hooray! It works like this. Simple, right? Seems like you could grow other tubular fruits and vegetables—zucchini!—in these molds too, and eat a meal comprising nothing but hearts and stars, and die of kawaii. If you don’t want to buy them for $80, you can visit Tokyo and buy them for ¥300, which while more expensive would definitely be more fun. (source: Geekologie)

Dairy cows in Switzerland are falling, or throwing themselves off the Alpine cliffs they live on, and no one knows why. It sounds like they live in paradise in comparison to the way dairy cows in the U.S. suffer, but who knows? All we can say for sure is that this is tragic, and we hope the cows’ caretakers (exploiters) solve the problem soon. Animals are not here for people to use as they like, no matter how delicious the food you can make from them may be. When was “it tastes good” ever a legitimate excuse for animal cruelty?

Let’s look at restaurant reviews in the Chronicle! Michael Bauer is quite fond of the new Plant Cafe, saying that “at times it feels as if meat is a reluctant interloper.” Agreed, Michael Bauer. More importantly, he praises “the way the restaurant incorporates vegan, raw and meat-based cuisines into a single menu,” meaning for vegans it is probably an excellent place for a compromise meal. Final selling point: the executive chef used to be the executive pastry chef at Millennium!

BiteClubEats reviews pizzerias in Sonoma and Napa counties, and comes up with Peter Lowell’s in Sebastopol, which offers vegan soy cheese! Good job, Sebastopol!

According to, of 69 restaurants in San Francisco offering shark fin soup, only four are vegetarian. What the fuck, San Francisco? You can click here to send a message to your senators about how vile shark-finning is, and how according to AnimalTourism’s research San Francisco has the highest number of restaurants sering shark fin soup in the country, which is beyond appalling. Is this city’s reputation for veg-friendliness overrated?

These baked Thai corn fritters over at Vegan Dad seem like the perfect way to use up some of that (ORGANIC PLEASE GOD DON’T GIVE MONEY TO THOSE EVIL EVIL PEOPLE) corn!


Overachiever Violet Sweet Shoppe has started selling cookies, banana bread, and poundcake at Rainbow! Can you say “woo hoo”?
I can’t, my mouth is full!

Overachiever Violet Sweet Shoppe has started selling cookies, banana bread, and poundcake at Rainbow! Can you say “woo hoo”?

I can’t, my mouth is full!


Vegan White Russians & baked goods in San Francisco TONIGHT (Monday, August 24th)! Ow!  »

Tonight the Hemlock Tavern will be hosting another(!!) vegan bake sale and punk rock show starting at 7 p.m.!  Come see Pins of Light (whatevs), The Lybians (whoevs), and snack on some sweet stuff from Violet Sweet Shoppe (YAY!!!). They’ll be mixing up some VEGAN WHITE RUSSIANS (what what! in the butt!) and other awesome drinks. Let’s all meet there tonight and get fatter, drunker and more amazing together, okay? The Hemlock Tavern is at 1131 Polk St., between Post and Sutter.


Violet Sweet Shoppe  »

Crystal Rice, proprietor of Violet Sweet Shoppe, has been in business only a few months, but already has a solid baked goods repertoire. As a brand-new independent operator, she seems ready to go.

We tried some of her desserts a couple of weeks ago, at her pre-WWVBS bakesale at Little Otsu, as well as meet the lady behind them. While Joel and I went separately from Laura and Jonas, we ended up purchasing nearly all the same items: spice cupcakes, cinnamon roll cookies, and gingerbread sandwich cookies. Laura and Jonas also bought some chocolate chip cookies, but Hazel knocked down and ate their cupcake*, so we ended up having a few different experiences after all.

The number-one best thing we all ate—and this is a six-person consensus here—is the gingerbread sandwich cookie. Laura says it tastes “like a cloud of perfectly sweetened lemon cream floating betweet two soft gingerbread hugs.” In fact, Laura’s parents liked these cookies so much, I’m told, that they bogarted them down to a couple of bites, and “Goldie”** Beck “asked for a direct line to Violet Sweet Shoppe to order [the gingerbread sandwiches] immediately.”

Joel also loved the gingerbread cookie; he compared it to an oatmeal creme pie, “all mooshy” and delicious. I have to concur: they are really fantastic cookies, and a perfect size, too; and you already knew how Jonas feels about them.

I loved the cinnamon roll cookies. They are pretty, and delicately flavored, and totally perfect with milk. I would absolutely pay for the recipe for these. Granted, without milk they are a little dry, but with milk, they come alive.

Unfortunately, Laura says, “the chocolate chip cookie…was kinda big and dry, but the flavor was good…maybe it was the freshness?” She also reports that Goldie “didn’t like them at all,” and as Laura “trust[s] her taste when it comes to vegan baked goods,” the chocolate chip is not the best cookie Violet Sweet Shoppe makes.

The spice cupcakes get their name from the addition of white pepper to the more traditional baking spices (cinnamon, cardamom, etc.). The ones we tried didn’t especially benefit from the combination, though. The frosting was very good, but the cupcakes were a little chewy, like the gluten had overdeveloped. Maybe the batter for this batch was over-mixed; maybe it sat too long before baking. These are very common baking errors. The other flavors she sold that afternoon might’ve been perfect, but I can’t say, as we only tried the spice—clever, I know. However, Crystal Rice has worked as a professional pastry chef, so I imagine our cupcakes were little aberrations.

The sale outside of Little Otsu ended in just two hours, which says something about the quality of Crystal’s talent—as well as the desire for vegan baked goods around here. Horror vacui, you guys.

Violet Sweet Shoppe takes orders for special occasions, and I suppose regular occasions if you are feeling in need like gingerbread sandwich cookie-pie heaven. Wholesale orders are also welcome. Contact information is available at the site. We are really happy to have another talented vegan baker in the city, and look forward to the next opportunity to enjoy something Crystal Rice has made.

*This was not the first documented incident of Hazel’s deliberate street-foood sabotage.
**”Goldie” is her handle. Obviously.


Violet Bake Shoppe bakesale presale!  »


Violet Sweet Shoppe won’t be at our bakesales next weekend (COME) but she’ll be at the Hemlock Tavern today, June 22nd, selling her (delicious) wares! Cinnamon roll cookies with vanilla icing; spice cake with creamy cinnamon frosting; and THE MOST AMAZING ginger cookie things with a lemony cream filling! They ARE SO VERY VERY DELICIOUS. You must eat all of them.

(link to info about the delicious sale. I guess we should just put “link” here but oh well.)

Crystal of Violet Sweet Shoppe will be at the Hemlock Tavern from 5-8 p.m. today. There is a $5 show at 6 p.m., and the bar is serving vegan white Russians. The Hemlock Tavern is at 1131 Polk St., between Post and Sutter.


World Wide Vegan Bakesale News!  »

Next weekend is the official World Wide Vegan Bakesale—come see Vegansaurus next Saturday and Sunday (June 27th & 28th!) at the sale we’re awesomelly participating in—but you don’t have to wait that long to buy delicious baked goods, for charity.

Valencia Street’s own Little Otsu is hosting a solo bakesale by Violet Sweet Shoppe on Sunday, 21 June, from 1 to 4 p.m.! Crystal Rice, proprietor of VSS, will donate half of the proceeds to Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue.

You can check them out for yourself on Saturday (20 June); Mickaboo is having a bird “meet and greet” as part of the SF SPCA’s Rescue, Recycle, Renew adoption fair, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Then head over to see Crystal at Little Otsu on Sunday to eat cookies and help out all those charming birds you met, and greeted.

You see, it is a perfect weekend.

(also: Adopt a cat! They will totally get along great with your companion bird! And how cute is a cat licking the frosting from your vegan cupcake? TOO CUTE, is the answer. Have a damn heart, save a kitty already.)

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