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100% Pure is a very vegan-friendly makeup and skincare company! They do no animal testing whatsoever, because they don’t use any crazy ingredients that need to be tested on animals! It’s like all fruit and stuff. They really do use fruit pigment in their makeup! So fun. Most of their products are vegan but some contain beeswax. Those that do are clearly marked “vegetarian” while the rest are marked “vegan.” Easy peasy! 100% Pure gave me some free products to try: I tried the lip glaze in Vixen and the Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream

I was curious about the lip glaze as I’d never heard of lip “glaze” before. Above you can see my lips without the glaze and then my lips with the glaze. That’s a lot of the glaze, you can use less for a less dramatic result. But it’s kind of halfway between lipstick and colored lipbalm. You can get a lot of color but it doesn’t feel dry and is still somewhat subtle, unlike lipstick. I always feel like lipstick overwhelms my face because my lips are so big; this lip glaze is a happy medium. The Vixen color is supposed to be a coral so I was expecting it to have more of an orange undertone but it’s more pink as you can see. But my sister’s two signature lipsticks are hot pink and orange-red, so I think this color still passes the Cally test. The color also lasted a decent amount of time and never felt dry like lipstick usually does. 

The other product I tried, the Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream, was kind of awesome. I wanted to try it because Cally says stuff with caffeine in it is super tops for under-eye issues. Whenever I’m tired, my eyes puff up like cray! And I’m just about always tired. So, I’m always on the lookout for the perfect under-eye cream. Because I don’t like when people know my business! Let those chumps think I went to bed early.

Because I am such a scientist, I applied the cream just under one eye so I could compare. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much just because I feel like, even if it’s working, it’s just hard to notice. But to my surprise, there was a clear puffiness reduction! It wasn’t like, “OMG I was just born yesterday!” but the side I had applied the cream to was obviously less puffy. And this is after a single use, I’m sure it gets better when you use it regularly. 

I also like this cream because Dr. Oz likes it! I don’t know anything about Dr. Oz but I see his name everywhere so of course I trust him completely. I mean, he’s a doctor. 

There you have it friends, add 100% Pure to the growing list of super animal-friendly companies that make great stuff! 

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