USDA retracts support of Meatless Mondays, is beef industry’s puppet  »

Man, this is so gross. Even more proof that the governmental agencies put in place to protect us only care about appeasing the big money$$$. 

From the USDA Twitter:

You can just imagine how that went down. Like, lower level people at the USDA were all, “sure, Meatless Monday, that’s cool, Americans should eat several fewer pounds of shit-laced meat a day!” and then the beef industry bigwigs saw it and freaked the fuck out because, “OMG AMERICANS EATING FEWER DEAD ANIMALS THAT’S UN-AMERICAN!! AND ALSO, HOW WILL WE GET RICHER AND MAKE EVERYONE ELSE SICK AND POOR???” and then they called the USDA bigwigs who—shocker!—are some of their bff’s/former employees and BAM, Meatless Monday retracted.

What. a. bunch. of. bullshit. LITERALLY.


Barnard to Bloomberg: step up your health game!  »

New York City Mayor Bloomberg made a bold statement last week with a proposal to ban the city’s food stamp recipients—all 1.7 million of them—from using food stamps to purchase sugary drinks and soda. Responding in an op-ed, Dr. Neal Barnard took Bloomberg to task by urging him to “include the foods that are really driving the obesity epidemic”—namely, meat and dairy.
Dr. Barnard underlined some alarming statistics from sources like the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, irrefutably linking an animal-based diet to horrific health issues. Omnivores, for example, were found to be more than two times more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than vegans—scary!

Dr. Barnard emphasized that a person could use their money to buy anything they desire, regardless of nutritional value or potential harm. But the less money the government hands out for Cheetos, bacon, and Hawaiian Punch, the bigger the incentive will be for supermarkets city-wide to stock their shelves with kale, brown rice, and almond milk. The proposed measure would also include a nutrition education campaign detailing the reasons behind the change. This, in turn, could revolutionize the health of New York City and provide a healthful model for the entire nation and beyond. Predictably, the soda companies have already raised a stink about their “bottom line.”

But the real bottom line is far bleaker: Eating crap—especially meat, dairy, and sugar—increases risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. And eventually, it kills. What you put into your body matters, a lot, and we need to make healthy food more accessible for ALL. Sounds to me like this is just the kind of healthful initiative we need.

[photo by andrefaria on Flickr]


Hello, Friends! It’s WTF Wednesday!  »

What is wrong with America’s teenagers? No, really; this is not a rhetorical question. I’m not even talking about teen moms and Miley Cyrus (although, LOTS WRONG THERE! But I am going to blame Achy-Breaky Daddy for THAT!). I am, in fact, talking about prom queens (unsubstantiated!) that shoot bears for fun.

Here is a direct quote from Jessica Olmstead, who shot a 448-pound black bear with her brand-new bow and arrow set!

 Says Jessica, “Whenever I see a bear I just want to go at it. When you’re hunting, your heart is racing, your blood is pumping, and you feel that adrenaline rush. I really love to hunt.”

I’m sorry, what? I could not hear you over your psychopathic ramblings. When you see a bear, you “just want to go at it”? Sounds like sexual frustration to me. Also: it’s interesting that your first instinct upon seeing a bear is to shoot it dead. My first instinct upon seeing a bear is to shit my pants (because bears are huge and also want to eat your picnic!). My second instinct is to run like hell because WHAT THE FUCK! That’s a fucking bear that weighs more than I do!! My third instinct is to shoot—WAIT FOR IT—a picture or maybe a video. The idea of murdering the bear just for being in your sight line? Not normal! You don’t need to shoot a bear for food or in self-defense. You are shooting a bear for fun. And then you are gutting it and posing for pictures and talking about how awesome the experience was. Charmer!

Side note: Don’t you wish new weapons were more like ice skates? Remember that part in Ice Princess when the evil girl’s mom bought Michelle Trachtenberg those awesome new skates and she didn’t know that you have to break skates in before you compete in them and so she fell and hurt herself? Wouldn’t it be awesome if the same thing happened with bows and arrows? Perhaps then we would have fewer mid-American beauties/high-school hunting stars shooting at shit they have no business shooting at.

Oh, hey! Here’s a nine-year-old girl who broke a record for shooting a bear! You’d think that a website titled “Black Bear Heaven” would be into preserving and loving black bBears, but apparently it is actually into SENDING them to heaven. And encouraging children to kill them. And then discussing whether these children actually broke a record with their murder. These are the same people who will be surprised, 10 years from now, when they hear that their little darling has gone on a six-state killing spree (CONJECTURE! PURE CONJECTURE!).

Quick question: Remember that one girl who was dumping puppies into the river (WARNING: video clip)? Why was everyone so outraged about that? Why were people calling for her arrest and murder? What did she do that was so different from these girls who are being encouraged, if not outright celebrated? What makes her throwing puppies into a river so much worse than shooting a black bear and then posing on top of the carcass for pictures? Is it because puppies are cute? Bears are also cute! Is it because puppies are domesticated animals we can control and therefore love, versus Black Bears whom we cannot be bringing into our home? Why does that make it OK? I’m not saying that throwing puppies into a river is OK AT ALL. It is HORRIBLE and REPREHENSIBLE. I am saying, however, that there shouldn’t be a crazy double standard that allows us to call for the death/rape/mutilation of a 12-year-old girl while politely applauding Jessica Olmstead and ignoring our friend Sarah Palin’s AERIAL WOLF-HUNTING.

I know I’m probably preaching to the choir here, but this stuff makes me so sad and so angry!  

Let’s motivate ourselves by watching a bear give it back. And by “bear,” I mean panda. Please excuse that it’s from some disgusting dairy product; this panda is too cute/insane to resist! Just pretend it’s Panda Cheese by Tofutti…actually, can anyone veganize this for us!? 

[can’t see the video? watch it at!]


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