Online bakesale for Japan! Bid on dino cookies from Vegansaurus!  »

You guys! I am participating in a blogger bakesale for Japan! You read right. This means I will be shipping many cookies to one lucky winner. The Tomato Tart (we love her!) is hosting the sale, and all bidding will take place on that site on Wednesday, Mar. 30. So, uh, you all gotta bid on my cookies. Actual cookies, not my boobs… is that slang for boobs? or maybe it’s vagina? Either way, you’re not winning those UNLESS THE PRICE IS RIGHT EMAIL ME.

What I’m auctioning off is a couple dozen vegan cookies of various flavors that will all be shaped like dinosaurs. They may be pink, if I can figure out science by then. Either way, they will look like Hell Yeah It’s Vegan’s dino pizza, just smaller and made with cookies:

Yum! See you tramps there!

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