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Della is a socially responsible fashion line that provides jobs, education and skills training to women and men of Hohoe, Ghana. So the company sounds pretty amazing, but the bags also look super cute! And I just so happen to need a little sleeve for my bitty work computer! AND 30% of all sales for THIS WEEK are being donated to PETA! It’s DESTINY. So I bought this cute vintage coral one. I’m in love. 


No really, this is just what I was looking for. I have a giant bag with a big open interior. So far, I just shove my work macbook in when I need to bring it home but I’m always like, “this seems like the worst idea ever.” Well, never no more! I now have a perfect responsibly-made macbook sleeve to protect it.

And as I was saying, the company looks really awesome. It was started by an LA designer and an entrepreneur in Ghana as a way to help the women of the Hohoe community. The women who make the Della products not only make a fair wage, they also take classes in literacy and finance. You can read all about it on their site. Here’s a little peek inside the company:

If you are looking for a cute bag, laptop case, headband, or THIS FREAKING AWESOME POCKET SQUARE, check out Della! And if you want to support PETA, this is the week to shop!


The Vegan Cuts Beauty Box: A monthly box of pretty, cruelty-free surprises!  »


Vegan Cuts sent me a free Beauty Box to try! Now I will tell you all about it!

So you subscribe to the Beauty Box and you will get a package every month with 4-7 sample size vegan beauty products. And they are mostly all organic or natural. The box is curated by the one and only vegan beauty maven Melisser Elliott! I had the pleasure of meeting Melisser a month or so ago and she’s awesome and has an adorable tiny dog who I love very much. Whom I love very much? I’m never going to get that straight. 

Above you can see the contents of the December box. I was totally down to try the box because I love samples. They are the best, right? Hint: right! I was already excited but then the samples were even better than I expected! I pretty much love them all. And I was not expecting the super cute little purse. The standout products were the Ferro mineral eyeshadow, the Soapbox Soap and the super pretty Color Club polishes. This is the Apollo Star polish!:


It’s pretty awesome. And I love the other colors too—one is just a dark grey! Super-fashion! 

The Ferro mineral eyeshadow color I got is a pretty rose color. It went on smooth and didn’t fall all over below my eye when I applied. It’s very very pretty! It gives an understated warm shimmer.

The Soapbox Soap is cool because every bottle of soap sold funds a year of vitamins for a child in need! Totally rad! I love shiz like that. 

I also liked the LA Fresh facial wipes. Dang I did not realize my face was so dirty! For shame! 

The box is $19.95, which isn’t super-cheap, but it includes U.S. shipping and plus I just love surprises so I think it’s worth it. Boy do I love surprises! And I love vegan beauty products and trying new stuff. So the Beauty Box is pretty much my jam. I know we have some readers in other countries—you’ll be glad to hear they ship world-wide, but there is a shipping cost. 

Another highlight, I love this answer in the FAQ:

Q: How do you make sure everyone gets products that match their skin tone?

A: We understand that our subscribers all have different skin tones and types. To ensure that no one gets a product they can’t use because it doesn’t match their skin tone, we don’t include foundation or other skin tone specific products in the Beauty Box. Not to worry, we don’t shy away from including makeup in the box! We simply try to keep it as inclusive as possible with eye shadows and blushes that everyone can use.

Dope. Love it. 

The January Beauty Box ships on the 20th so you still have a few days to order in time. Go forth, vegan beauty lovers!


Your Vegansaurus 2013 Good Gifts Guide!  »


Hello! It’s gift guide time of year! I wanted to find some good stuff that would also do some good. First up is the necklace above!

Sunday Frill Necklace
This cute necklace is handmade in Uganda: “Curated by Invisible Children in partnership with 31 Bits: Using fashion and design to empower women to rise above poverty.” And it’s adorable!


Terra Cotta Pizza Stone
This beauty is from Ten Thousand Villages. It’s sourced through HEED Handicrafts, a job creation project of HEED Bangladesh. And OMG everyone who has a pizza stone is completely obsessed with them! My brother is head over heels for his. Like whoa. So if you want some DIY type or amateur chef to think you’re awesome, get them this.


Science Club Binoculars & Wildlife Activity Journal
Dude, let’s be honest, kids are nerds. At least until about 12. They like nerdy stuff so I think these binoculars will knock the sox off of your little nephew or what have you. Plus proceeds benefit the Humane Society. Plus plus they can be spies!


Mercy For Animals T-shirts
What vegan doesn’t like a t-shirt? NO VEGAN! I love this Mercy For Animals t-shirt and I love Mercy for Animals so it’s perfect for a vegan in your life! Or any old kind person you know.


Lagusta’s Luscious Big Assortment
Now, if you really want to charm a vegan in your life—or any chocolate-lover for that matter—get them this giant chocolate assortment from Lagusta’s Luscious! The pic speaks for itself. Especially because when I downloaded it, the file name was “new_big_ass.” Hilar!


Vegan Cuts’ New York for the Holidays Care Pack
Is there anyone you want to send a little New York goodness to? Then check out this new care package from Vegan Cuts. It’s filled with all kinds of stuff—including Sandcastle cookies!


Brave Gentleman’s Innovator
If you want to go all out, these Brave Gentleman shoes are AMAZING and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. And they are vegan and ethically made. If you want to go partially out, Brave Gentleman has some nice belts and wallets too. 


Lil Bub tote
Do you have a hip friend or family member? Perhaps they are Lil Bub fans? Or they should be? BECAUSE EVERYONE SHOULD BE! Then a Lil Bub tote is a great, inexpensive gift. It’s totes current and it would make a great farmer’s market bag. Plus, a portion of the proceeds go to some of Bub’s favorite animal charities. Plus plus, OMG BUB I LOVE YOU.


Found Dog Bed
If you want to go big for your own little (or big) animal friend, I like this bed from Found. This bed is handmade in Brooklyn by this dog rescue-focused brand. And it’s made super sustainably! But built to last. 


Happy Carrot
If you know a kitty who needs a present, I’m into this Happy Carrot from Purrfect Play! It’s made in America with organic materials (mostly cotton) including organic catnip. They also donate 5% of sales to animal shelters. My Mitsy is BOUT IT for catnip! 


Miakoda’s Crocheted Fingerless Gloves
Are you shopping for a fashion plate? Then these pretty fingerless gloves would be a super cute present. Great for biking in the fall or playing outdoor music! These are made in the US and they aren’t made with icky wool. 


Green Toys Tool Set
OMG how much do I want this tool set?! Well actually I have a grownup pink tool set already so not that much. But when I was ten? All I wanted was a tool set and they never got me one! I would have been over the moon for this. And it’s made with recycled materials with super sustainable methods, etc etc etc. 

And that’s your Vegansaurus Good Gift Guide! Happy holidays to you and yours. 


Our friends at Compassion Couture are having a sale this week! With the code EarthMonth20, you get 20 percent off full priced items, and EarthMonth10 gets you 10 percent off sale items. 
They got a bunch of new stuff in actually and added some new brands. I’m so in love with this Cornelia Guest bag! How come you never buy me nice stuff like this? It’s because I don’t put out, isn’t it. 

Our friends at Compassion Couture are having a sale this week! With the code EarthMonth20, you get 20 percent off full priced items, and EarthMonth10 gets you 10 percent off sale items. 

They got a bunch of new stuff in actually and added some new brands. I’m so in love with this Cornelia Guest bag! How come you never buy me nice stuff like this? It’s because I don’t put out, isn’t it. 


forAnima has officially launched!  »


Remember I told you an online vegan marketplace was on the horizon? Well forAnima is finally here! So far, I like these chocolate skulls and the top at the bottom of the post. But give me more time and I’m sure I could rake up a few hundred dollars! I’m smart like that.

I asked for a little more info on forAnima and it sounds really cool: is an innovative platform that includes several interactive features such as “Be the Buyer” where users upload styles and items they would like to see created in an animal-friendly way, as well as “Create Collections” where users get to have fun with fashion and create collections of items they like. The site also features a recipe section with vegan meal suggestions, a collection of blogs, a community page where members can discuss everything from animal legislation to vegan fashion, and lots of resources. is aimed at people and businesses that care about the well-being of the environment and animals, including domesticated and farm animals. The mission of forAnima is three-fold: bring the welfare of animals into the “eco/organic/green” equation; provide a fun shopping experience that will appeal to vegan shoppers and animal-lovers alike; and to support, recognize, and empower businesses and individuals who personify the “be the change that you want to see in the world” motto.

I like it! I like Etsy too but, yeah, I’d rather everything was vegan. And I like that this makes it super-easy to support businesses with similar values as me. Sometimes it just feels exhausting to be conscientious, so anything that makes it easier gets an A+ from Professor Rascal. And I’m excited about the “be the buyer” thing! Because I’ve got ideas! Seriously, I’ve got ideas out the wazoo. It’s a blessing and a curse. Much like my god-given beauty.

So, give it a look and tell me what you think.


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