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So, back when I was a junior mint vegan, discovering the internet’s newly-burgeoning vegan bounty, I got super big into a couple of things, and those things were:

1) Ordering recycled vinyl bags from crafters in Canada. I don’t know, I went insane. If it was plastic and had an animal on it, I had to own (five of) it.

2) Buying vegan cheesecake online from questionable sources (never got the Ebola virus/ate placenta THAT I KNOW OF)

3) Eating mad amounts of truffles from Lagusta’s Luscious. Oh man, I ate me some truffles. AND HOW! I ate all the truffles because her truffles were the best, my friends. I thought my lover Lagusta disappeared along with my Canadian bag dealers and shady cheesecake, but Lagusta remains! Hooray for humanity, awesome fatness, and great stuff!

Lagusta’s Luscious now has an actual storefront and online business in New Paltz, New York (I think she used to be in Brooklyn? And had a meal delivery service? Am I making this up? I operate in a constant state of denial so it makes my memory a little wonky) and girl, her range of delicious chocolate products has EXPANDED! Caramel, chocolate, toffee, she’s got it all! Including special fancy chocolates to raise money for wonderful non-profits! For example, this month she’s selling Tabby Toffees, with a good portion of the proceeds going to our favoritesTeal Cat Project! Woohoo! The description for these delicious beasts are as follows:

A smooth and creamy milk chocolate ganache studded with crunchy toffee pieces, finished with a swirl of butterscotch and encased in a thin dark chocolate shell. 100% vegan, organic, fair-trade, and handmade in our little New Paltz, NY shop. Each box also includes three solid dark chocolate Blue Birds of Happiness, with wings painted with all-natural organic food coloring derived from blueberries. 

Um yeah, we’ll take a million. 

You can order them on Lagusta’s website and while you’re there, buy everything because why the fuck not? You’re rich and skinny, let’s destroy both of those dreams in a sexy chocolate waterfall of sexiness. That sounded wrong but the general idea is to buy all the chocolate and then roll around in it until it gets super melty and then we high five and eat candy off our bodies ARE YOU IN??? Because I’m pretty sure I’m not, and I apologize for that needlessly graphic imagery.

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