Picnic Bakery, a new vegan bakery, coming to Haight Street!  »

This is Emily Haydel of Picnic Bakery, a new all-vegan bakery that set to open in the Second Act Marketplace sometime this year. Hopefully tomorrow, but with how fast food-related shiz moves in S.F., it’ll probably be 2112, YA DIG? But let’s keep our hopes but because it’ll be inside the old Red Vic. How wonderful is that!? A: VERY WONDERFUL. Yes, it was very sad when the Red Vic closed, but it is very happy that a vegan bakery, along with 4-6 other food-related start-ups, will be growing in its place! Woohoo!

Picnic Bakery is run by owner/baker Emily here, who currently offers catering and delivery orders. DO NOT WORRY, YOUNG VEGANSAURS: We will get our greedy little fat hands on her tasty treats and report back on their deliciousness shortly, WE WILL NOT FAIL YOU. 

For now, Picnic Bakery’s website is still under construction, but you can check out its Facebook page for happenings and follow its tasty-recipe-having and adorably adorable blog!

Now, let’s stare at some tasty treats from Picnic Bakery’s blog (recipes included! Those of you who know how to turn on a stove are so lucky!)
Award-winning Samoa cupcakes

Strawberry rhubarb and vanilla bean cheesecake filled Danish coffee cake

Easy gluten-free blueberry corn muffins

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