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God in heaven, I’ve spent maybe 10 minutes looking at This Is Why You’re Fat, the most disgusting and shamefully salivary-gland-activating food porn site I’ve come across in a while, and now I’m starving for nourishment only fresh produce can provide.

When I was an office lady 40 hours a week, back in the golden days of 2007, Farm Fresh to You delivered a box of produce to my doorstep every other week (my day was Tuesday), full of wonderful seasonal items like potatoes and greens, nuts and berries, various members of the onion family, artichokes, leeks and fennel, always fennel. Lots of staples, and in every box some beautiful surprises you might never have chosen for yourself, but that you will be happy to have. YOU WILL, I PROMISE.

And if you’re not, say, you’re totally baffled by the presence of these leeks or pea greens or whatever the hell, enclosed in every box are recipes from other customers! Better, on the other side of the recipes page is a letter written by Thaddeus, the head brother of the four who own and operate FFtY. During the time I received FFtY service, I read stories of one the brothers losing his wedding ring in a river and diving in to find it; of Thaddeus and his wife and their wedding in France; of the seasonal harvests; of pests; of Thaddeus and his wife’s favorite tomato soup—perfect for 2008, year of a million tomatoes—and, I don’t know, a lot of other things. I don’t have a binder of his newsletters. Probably I should have one because those letters are precious gems, every one, but not to worry! FFtY has archived them for us all to enjoy and treasure at our leisure.

You can buy FFtY produce at farmers markets all over the Bay Area, as well as in Berkeley Bowl, the Nugget Markets in Solano, Yolo and Sacramento counties, and New Seasons markets in Portland, Ore. Those of us who prefer not to make huge produce buys via bus or enormous bicycle trailer have the blessed and wonderful delivery system, the praises of which I cannot stop extolling. Seriously—upon delivery, they take away your last delivery’s box; you can request never to receive items that you dislike or could kill you, they make it easy to complain about  damaged items and put deliveries on hold when you’re out of town (or moving!)—they aim to please.

Look, if by the end of this review you haven’t already started your home and/or office delivery, then how about this: Farm Fresh to You supplies produce for such illustrious San Francisco restaurants as Greens, Bix, and Slanted Door. Come on! If Charles Phan and Annie Somerville want organic produce homegrown in the Capay Valley, who are you to argue? Exactly.

Note: all photographs feature produce from Farm Fresh to You (obviously).

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