Mountain gorillas are the freaking best and we love them always and forever  »

We love gorillas so much and we are not pleased to hear about them being killed in the Democratic Republic of Congo and we are not pleased to hear that the awesome rangers who protect them are also being killed. Fucking civil unrest, this shit is so unjust to everyone EVERYONE. G-d humans! It’s a complicated story, and a sad one, but there is hope! And the hope rests solely on the fact that tourists are willing to pay them hundreds of dollars to trek into the mountains and follow gorillas.

And they are. I did it in Uganda in 2003 and it was the most fucking exciting thing that’s ever happened to a person. I know I’ve written about it before because it was the DOPEST of DOPE experiences but really, you guys, I SAW A BABY GORILLA BEAT ON HIS CHEST AND GO, “ooooohh oohhhweee ohhhh.” It happened, people! We weren’t allowed to get too close to the gorillas, rightfully so, and they were obviously very familiar with our ranger, who yelled out to them in gorilla speak. It was so fucking amazing, we are the same, us and them. Well, they are better because they are peaceful, brilliant, natural vegans. We must leave them the fuck alone and let them be in the world and be awesome! But as long as our dollars are keeping them alive, we must continue to support the system that allows that.

Well, definitely listen to this NPR story on it and then book your trip? Or tell your rich relatives to book a trip? Scrooge McDuck could save some gorillas, you feel me?! Or, if you can’t go, just fucking learn everything you can and spread the words, it’s for the gorillas, who are the greatest!!!

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