Coupon alert! Buy one, get one free from Beyond Meat!  »

imageJust sign a pledge not to eat chickens (EASY) and Compassion Over Killing is gonna hook you up with a buy one, get one free coupon for Beyond Meat! There is NOTHING not good about this situation. Except first you need to get off your ass and go to a store (HARD). But otherwise, WIN!

We know you guys don’t eat chickens but you can still get a coupon AND you should share this with your chicken-eating friends! You can share it with this NYT piece: Fake Meats, Finally, Taste Like Chicken. DARE them to try it. 


Hey New York: Free food at Terri on Thursday for the Great American Meatout!  »


Who wants to come to lunch with me on Thursday? Or breakfast? Or dinner? To celebrate this year’s Great American Meatout, Terri in the Financial District is offering $10 of free food for anyone who mentions the Meatout. That is an actual meal’s worth of food! And it’s all vegan, and everything I’ve had (and I work around the corner, so I go here … often) has been good, so really, what else do you need to know?

The Terri in question is at 100 Maiden Lane in Manhattan, and is open 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Thursday, March 20. Celebrate the Great American Meatout 2014 with free vegan food — what could be finer?


Keep’s free pair giveaway is back! Every week No. 1 best beloved vegan sneaker producer, Keep Company, will give away a free pair of shoes, and all you have to do to win is fill out a brief form. If you want to share the link with your friends, you could win TWO pairs of Keeps, but it’s not necessary! No reblogging/retweeting/commenting required, just as a contest should be. So click through and enter!
If you’re in the market for a new pair of shoes and can’t wait to be randomly selected, Keep is having a big sale, too. Pictured is The Homer in Indian Summer, which, with the sale and the extra 30 percent off coupon code “HELLO2013,” you can get your hands on for a mere $35. So worth it.

Keep’s free pair giveaway is back! Every week No. 1 best beloved vegan sneaker producer, Keep Company, will give away a free pair of shoes, and all you have to do to win is fill out a brief form. If you want to share the link with your friends, you could win TWO pairs of Keeps, but it’s not necessary! No reblogging/retweeting/commenting required, just as a contest should be. So click through and enter!

If you’re in the market for a new pair of shoes and can’t wait to be randomly selected, Keep is having a big sale, too. Pictured is The Homer in Indian Summer, which, with the sale and the extra 30 percent off coupon code “HELLO2013,” you can get your hands on for a mere $35. So worth it.


To do this weekend: SF SPCA Homecoming Adoptathon!  »

We love the SF SPCA and we love adopted animals,* which makes this weekend’s Homecoming Adoptathon an ideal even for those of us—you, me, everyone else—without a companion animal to find one, already, and fill that hole our hearts we are currently stuffing artisan vegan cheese into with a furry creature who really will love us back. Fuck a human friend, what you want is an animal. Dogs don’t think you drink too much! Cats maybe are a little concerned with your “professional” wardrobe but they would never say so. And bunnies are never too tired to greet after another endless workday with a full minute of I-love-you hops.

The SF SPCA is ready to help you remedy that forever alone situation this weekend, with two days of adoptathon fun. On Friday, Sept. 14, get down with free booze and free adoptions, plus food from Voodoo Van, which appears to have one vegan option (though you’ll be in the Mission, legit snacks won’t be far off); adoptions are on from 1 to 8 p.m., reception from 5 to 9 p.m. Then on Saturday, Sept. 15, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., continue wooing the animal companion of your dreams with free adoptions, plus a foster care bake sale, and Q&A with a trainer. You know you have to train your dog if you adopt one, right? An untrained dog is an unhappy dog! Plus you can’t take it to the park to play with the other dogs if s/he never learned to socialize. The adoptathon continues on Sunday, Sept. 16, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., with more free adoptions and more bake sale.

Are you ready for a furry best friend of your very own? Maybe a dog small enough to put in a large bag, who loves to catch (soft!) frisbees and curl up behind your knees for an afternoon nap? Or someone with big paws and jaws to wrestle with? Someone to call your “four-legged child” because you and your partner aren’t into human kids? The SF SPCA wants to make those dreams come true this weekend. So get over there and make yourself and a lonely animal happy.

For more information, visit the SF SPCA online.

*Yes, Vegansaurus is built on relentless, hyperbolic enthusiasm, but we really do love you.


NYC: Clothing swap this Thursday!  »

Dear readers Jenna and Grace are having a clothing swap/flea market complete with vegan treats this Thursday! 

From Jenna:

Grace and I are co-hosting a FREE Flea Market / Clothing Swap at her apartment in the East Village next Thursday, October 8th, from 7-10pm. We’re both cleaning our houses out and rather than donate everything to Goodwill (although we’ll do that with all the leftovers), we thought we’d let you all have a chance to dig through our stuff and come spend the evening with us.
We’ll be at Grace’s starting at 7 o’clock. Bring your friends, your family, your coworkers—and feel free to bring your own stuff to swap, too, although it’s not necessary. We just want to get rid of things. No money, please, although I won’t complain if you show up with a plate of vegan cookies (I’ll be baking, too, of course).
Grace’s address:
410 East 20th St, Apt 6H
New York, NY 10009  (map)

Sounds like fun! Free stuff and vegan cookies! We should all have clothing swaps. Like, all the time. And we should all eat vegan cookies all the time. So when you swap, pick some clothes with a little room to grow.


San Francisco’s World Veg Fest is THIS WEEKEND. Let’s party!  »

This is basically copied from my post at SF Weekly but TIME IS MONEY and we’ve got a very big announcement in just a minute(ish) so deal with it! Okay so, the 12th Annual World Vegetarian Festival at the San Francisco County Fair Building on THIS Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 1 & 2, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. It’s $8 suggested donation, but free if you’re a student/senior/have any disabilities, were born on a Tuesday, etc. 

Gather round, ye hippies and bleeding hearts, it’s time for the World Vegetarian Fest! Actually, it’s also for people who like to gorge themselves on deliciousness, because there will be samples galore, including OCD’s Caramel ‘Not’ Corn, the official treat selection of the Academy Awards. Yes, you too can dine on the same thing that George Clooney will be stuffing into his gorgeous maw. And you can do it months and months before that asshole. You’re the real winner! Also, we LOVE OCD Sweets and with one taste, you will, too. AND we have a very exciting announcement that may or may not involve one of us (me) attending an enormous awards show (the motherfucking oscars) with the lovely Melodi of OCD Sweets as her bodyguard/vegan press. I will interview and make love on so many famous people, I’ll probably be arrested. So excited!

Now, please stare at some of OCD’s Caramel ‘Not’ Corn (MADE WITH MARSHMALLOWS AND INDIA PALE ALE) and imagine how much of it you’ll be stuffing down your gullet this weekend:

[Picture by the lovely and talented Tamara Palmer!


San Francisco: Free Scream Sorbet today!   »

Is this officially an annual event, now? Just like last year, the Cooking Channel’s Ice Cream Truck is giving away Scream Sorbet at the Ferry Building in San Francisco today, Wednesday, Sept. 7, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.! The site says they’ll have seascape strawberry and pistachio flavors. Regardless, FREE DELICIOUS SORBET GO AND GET IT.

[Scream Sorbet photo by _e.t via Flickr]


Holy Hodo Batman, free soy at the Ferry Building on Saturday!  »

Spicy Yuba Strips, fancy plate not included!

Guys, remember how I visited the new Hodo Soy Beanery kiosk at the Ferry Building and got free stuff and it was delicious? Now you can get free delicious stuff too, Saturday May 28 ONLY!

Here’s the exclusive early scoop:

"Celebrate the long weekend with a FREE 6 oz container of Hodo Soy Beanery Hijiki Salad or Spicy Yuba Strips ($5.99 value) when you visit the newly opened Hodo Soy Kiosk at the Ferry Building Marketplace.  10 a.m. to 1 p.m. or until supply runs out!

I’d advise getting there early because I’m guess it will run out! Run like the wind to your tofus!


Review: Earth Elite Vegan boots from PlanetShoes!  »

You guys, I got free boots. And they are amazing.

PlanetShoes contacted Vegansaurus in January to see if we’d be interested in sampling their services. After some editorial discussion, I decided that as I’m totally in this for personal gain—presents, money, the adulation of anonymous masses—then yes, it would be a really great idea if they sent me a free pair of vegan shoes to review.

Knowing I would soon be living in the republic of Georgia, which in the winter is a snowy country and in the spring a wet one, I thought, how about wellies? Or even better, insulated wellies! I chose this pair, the Earth Elite Vegan. In leopard, because animal prints work best when used unconventionally (or at least not as underpants, ugh).

One of my feet is nearly a half-size smaller than the other, which is spectacularly inconvenient, but I wear a between U.S. women’s sizes 7 and 8, so at least I can always find shoes to (mostly) fit. In a dream world, they’d sell shoes individually, but this is real life and not even clothes-by-weight places will sell you single shoes, so I ordered a 7.5 and hoped.

The boots arrived just a week before I was scheduled to leave, so I didn’t get much time to break them in. The first time I wore them outdoors, actually, was to walk through the sleet in Tbilisi to fill a prescription before my disgusting cold and I left for the village where I’d live the next four months. They kept my feet warm and dry, so I was pleased.

I was more pleased the more I wore them, which was between once a week and daily during February, March, and April. The seasons have been weird and late in Georgia since their snowless winter and utterly freezing-cold January and February. March, too was cold and wet, and while it’s warmed up for spring it still rains almost daily. Meaning, I’ve really made use of these boots! They fit snugly over tights and tights-and-socks (noting I have like average-size calves), and the fleecy lining kept my feet and legs toasty warm. Actually, they’re too well insulated for warmer-weather rain, but for winter (and presumably autumn) they’re ideal. The soles are comfortable, although they didn’t keep my feet from freezing on the cement floors in the unheated school; I don’t count that against them, I have a condition.

Walking on Earth Shoe soles is weird; I may have been the only woman in Georgia wearing fashion! boots that made her shorter. They are quite comfortable though. And the zippers are nearly waterproof! I tested this one March day by wading into a knee-deep, freezing cold river; the boots let in a negligible amount of water right on the zipper line, which dried very quickly after I got out. Because they’re fitted to your leg, water can’t splash over the top, so all of you covered by boot is protected in whatever weather. They make a lovely squeaking sound when you knock them together, and they are really easy to clean. They protected me from rain, puddles, mud, and other perils of a two-kilometer walk to school over a partially paved road, and you can roll up the legs to pack them with ease.

What I’m saying is, I love these boots. You might, too! Why not buy a pair? Oh, because it’s going to be summer soon and it hardly rains at all in California, let alone in the summer—well, they’re on sale NOW, so maybe taking advantage of that would be smarter than thinking about shoe purchases in the short term? MAYBE. Or don’t buy them, whatever. I had warm and dry feet all snowy/sleety/rainy/hail-y winter/spring long, these boots are great. And they come in colors like black and red and whatever if you’re not ready for/you’re not looking for the extra attention drawn by leopard print. Earth Shoes! Worn by hippie weirdos AND your Vegansaurus!

Would you like Vegansaurus to review your product? We would (probably) like to review it! Get in touch! Thanks to PlanetShoes for the vegan boots, they really are excellent.


Berkeley! Do it up at tomorrow’s FREE ThanksLIVING event!  »

If you’re in Berkeley tomorrow, Tuesday Nov. 16 and wants some FREE VEGAN FOOD, look no further than Berkeley Organization for Animal Advocacy’s Thanksliving event! These kids have Got It Going On food-wise, with great companies like Gardein and Field Roast donating, so you know shiz is gonna be DELICIOUS.

The celebration takes place tomorrow at UC Berkeley’s Upper Sproul from 12:30 to 4:30 p.m., but I bet to take full advantage of the free eats, you should probably get there on the earlier side? I know how people (read: me) get around free food, and the words “disgusting” and “insane” come to mind. Organizer Monica Chen says that it’s a particularly great event for omnis because they can try all sorts of amazing vegan options and see that a veg Thanksgiving isn’t just possible, it’s extra delicious! So, bring your grumpalump meat-mouth friends and family and show them the tasty-ass light!

[photo by Jared Zimmerman]

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