Faux Moccs: Stylish vegan shoes for kids are here!  »

Finding vegan shoes for children isn’t very easy. I had been searching high and low for about six months with only a few questionable pairs to show for it when I heard about Faux Moccs, a company created by Kortney Campbell, one of the Vegan Housewives, I knew that I had found my solution. I interviewed her for an in-depth look into this vegan mom-run company. 


According to Kortney, the soft-bottom design of Faux Moccs is especially important for the development of baby and toddler feet. The sylish design of the Faux Moccs encourages babies and toddlers to spread their toes and feet naturally while still offering protection from the outdoors. The fact that children’s developing feet were taken into consideration in the construction of the shoe makes them worth their weight in eco-friendly material. They are made from either nylon or polysester fiber matric manufactured in the USA (the vast majority being nylon). They are breathable and water resistant with no PVC, vinyl or plasticizers. Eco-friendly, vegan, AND biomechanically sound? This is a combo unlike any I’ve ever seen in the kids’ shoe department.

Kortney came up with Faux Moccs when she was having a hard time finding cruelty-free footwear for her 17-month-old son, Judah. Once she realized that other moms were probably having the same issues, she decided to veganize a shoe that would fit her (and his) needs. She tapped into her love of moccasins, her degree in fashion design, and her hero, Betsey Johnson, for inspiration. The resulting design is nothing short of genius. The array of colors offered combined with the handsome look of the shoe are sure to make any mom happy to dress up her little one for a playdate. Kortney says she hopes to release new designs with each season — our kids can be fashionable all year long as they outgrow their stylish vegan shoes.


Check out Faux Moccs here.

Jessica Schoech is the founder of The Vedge App, an up-and-coming app that will revolutionize the way we find veg food worldwide. She is a self-professed crunchy, vegan mom (cloth diapers, anyone?), wife, and foodie, who finds the most joy in welcoming people of all backgrounds to the green side, especially vegan parents and children. You can find her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and at Power to the Veg! on Facebook. Images courtesy Faux Moccs.


CLOSED! Jord Wood Watches: Giveaway and Review!  »


So vegan watches, you can’t get leather bands so you either have to get a metal one or a plastic one. Basically, you’re going to look like a banker or a kid (when in that dilemma, always go with kid. JK, big ups to vegan bankers). But wait! There’s another option! Wood watches from Jord


This was pretty perfect for me as I love wood everything. Well, danish modern wood furniture. And now I love wooden watches too! Jord sent me the Ely in black (pictured above. It’s not actually black as you can see) for free to review and I have to say I’m enamored. It’s very well made and so handsome! So, so handsome. 

And guess what! We are giving away one Jord Ely watch in black to a lucky Vegansaurus reader! To enter, answer this question in the comments section: What is the best time of day? (If you say 4:20, you will be disqualified.) We will pick a winner next Thursday around 5pm Eastern so enter before then. FB comments don’t count! Ok, go!


The Compassion Couture Online Holiday Sample Sale is here!  »


It’s that time of year again! Our friends at the lovely vegan fashion go-to Compassion Couture are hosting their Holiday Online Sample Sale!

It’s from now until December 2nd. You don’t need a coupon code or anything. The only real question left is what are you going to buy me?!


This Cat Covered Dress Is Both Ridiculously Adorable and Helps Charity. Double Trouble.  »

Um, we all need this, right? Like immediately. Plus, $10 from each sale goes to benefit the Teal Cat Project. WHAT COULD BE BETTER? Nothing. Get it. Get it now. Get 20. Do it.


Shopping on Sevenly this week helps HSUS!  »


I love Sevenly so I’m always checking it out to see the new shirts. I looked this week and low and behold, this week’s charity is the Humane Society of the United States! Nice! The shirts are cute as always. They also have quite a collection of sweet jewelry now. And for you Schoolhouse Rock fans:


Here’s the cause video; it’s not very graphic, despite the cover image:


Fair-wage vegan accessories—you can help make them possible!  »

You guessed it! It’s your weekly vegan crowd funding effort. I think you’ll like this one! Miss Manos is a project to help women in Costa Rica make a good wage by making animal friendly handbags! Here’s their mission statement:

Empowering women and improving their quality of life through a shared initiative. A fair-wage sewing venture that creates beautiful eco and animal friendly handbags and accessories. 

I know, you’re in love. Well if you want to help, better do it quickly! They have 40-some hours left to meet their goal!

I have to see if I can get that brown one without the flower thing. I love the clutch shape and asymmetrical front flap. Not the flower though. OMG and I love the color!

But there’s lots of fun rewards for donations so check them out and donate if you can/want! 


Nicora Johns wants to make gorgeous vegan shoes. They want to make them domestically, with environmentally responsible materials, in beautiful, classic styles.

They’re asking for a LOT of money on Kickstarter to launch the project, which seems daunting, but isn’t this everything you could ask for in a vegan shoe? Check out the styles! I want ALL OF THEM, especially the Sylvias boot and patent Sallys lace-up, oh man. So elegant!

Seriously, if you’re into U.S.-based manufacturing, vegan fashion, environmentally responsible fashion, or beautiful shoes, you should probably support Nicora Johns. One day the only option for (new) shoes will be vegan styles, but let’s work to make that a choice, not because we’ve ruined the planet and have to fashion foot-covers out of burlap sacks and old leaves.

(link via Ecouterre)


Krže Studio makes fancy vegan shoes!  »

imageAnd they’re so exclusive we can’t even buy them yet! They look like they’re gonna be tough and pretty and totally expensive, but you know what? Quality vegan shoes aren’t cheap. Not to knock cheap vegan shoes! But generally shoes at a higher price point come with things like padded footbeds, a little arch support, and consideration that they have to be worn on actual human feet.

I’m super into the Keely booties above in black; I love that buckle underneath! The 100 percent lack of functionality, without even a pretense of usefulness! It’s so insouciant, right?

I also really like the Hazel slip-ons in this crinkly metallic orange.


If you’re going to wear a shoe with such a basic shape, you ought to get creative with the color and materials. You can wear boring shoes when you’re dead!

Krže Studio was created by Leila Tamar Kerze, who studied fashion design at college and worked for BCBG and Donald J. Pliner before striking out on her vegan own.

When can you buy these shoes? Where can you buy them? I have no answers for you. What I do know is that these shoes have a lot of attitude and I am glad people see a market for luxury vegan footwear. Leather is so passé.

Super important update!!!: Megan loves this pair! -MR

[images via Krzhe Studio]


Claret makes cute vegan handbags!  »

Claret only has three bags in the collection at the moment but I’m pretty into them. And the bag above is $140 so the price isn’t that bad. I love the design details. I’m excited to see what they’ll make in the future! 


Spotted: New vegan handbag line Freedom Of Animals  » just posted about this brand new vegan company Freedom Of Animals and my dear sis-in-law sent it my way. My sis-in-law is a fashion designer and totally the arbiter of good taste so I was very stoked. Of course, the bag above is $480. So now you are probably like, “screw you, Megan Rascal, screw you!” But I got to keep you in the loop on advances in vegan fashion. 

You’ll like the company too:

Freedom Of Animals bags are sustainably sourced and consciously made. Our fabrics comply with EPA guidelines. No harsh chemicals were used in any of our products and we are 100% cruelty free.

Sound good? Sounds good! My favorite is the Melia Lia above. This pic from their site is also my favorite too:


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