Vegan Bakery Cinnaholic wins FIRST PLACE in the SF Food Wars’ Mini Cupcake Clash!!!  »

SO AWESOME. First place OUT OF 20 competitors (and the vast majority of them weren’t vegan!!). They won Photographers Choice too. HOT DAMN. Having tasted Cinnaholic's pumpkin cinnamon rolls and chocolate cherry brownies at the SF Vegan Bakesale, I can say, I AM NOT SURPRISED. You go ‘head and get down, ladies! I can’t wait to see (and eat!) what comes out of that new vegan bakery next!

A short shout out to SF Food Wars. They are awesome and have always been great to vegans. Fat Bottom Bakery won 2nd place in the Mac n’ Cheese Battle Royale with their delicious vegan mac n’ cheese. It’s fantastic to have foodie events that aren’t only open to vegans, but also encouraging. We <3 SF Food Wars and will continue to talk them up and maybe one day they will have an all-vegan challenge and we can be judges and eat until we explode PLEASE GOD.

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