Eat Pastry is giving away a totally cute apron!   »

This isn’t a Vegansaurus giveaway but I know you guys like free stuff! Vegan cookie dough company Eat Pastry (who we LOOOOOVE) is giving away the sweet apron you see above! I love it because we really shouldn’t eat animals and we really should eat pastry! Here’s how to win:

Our aprons have been so well received that we’ve decided to do a giveaway! Send us a pic of your craziest, most creative way you eat our cookie dough (either alone, or incorporated into another dessert). We’ll take a vote on our favorite, and that person wins an EatPastry Not Animals apron! Get to it!

I’ve never had the pleasure of tasting any of the Eat Pastry doughs basically because the world isn’t fair and I can never find any.* But I love cookie dough and vegan cookie dough rules because we won’t die of salmonella! Can I get a witness?! I’m also a fan of EatPastry because do they not have the best graphic design ever? I believe they do! Also, who’s this blond chick in the photo? That’s a damn fine braid.

*However, Laura and Meave have and they’re obsessed.

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