SF Bay Area: Protest horse racing, because it’s disgusting!  »

Local activists are protesting Golden Gate Fields in Berkeley/Albany this Saturday, Sept. 17, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and you should be there because horses are fresh. Seriously, they have TAILS and MANES. They just want to munch on grass, be sweet and serene, run in packs, and sometimes talk! So amazing!

One of the organizers says:

They’ve been around since 1941. Official stats from the state regulatory board show that 176 horses have died at Golden Gate Fields from exhaustion and injury over the past 3 years alone. They recently brought in Off the Grid food trucks on Saturdays in an effort to draw in more people who otherwise might not come to a horse race.

RSVP on Facebook¬†and go educate the horse-race-attending public! In lots of cases, they just don’t know what happens to the horses. No, seriously. Going to these kinds of events isn’t the worst, and is a good way to practice speaking up for the animals. There is strength in numbers, and afterwards you can go to Cinnaholic and eat cinnamon rolls and feel very accomplished and fat. Which, trust me, are the best two things a person could feel.

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