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Who wants a new vegan-friendly, employee-owned, veggie restaurant in Grand Rapids, Mich.? How about L.A.’s first vegan dessert truck? Or a vegan food truck in Rhode Island? Duh, you do. Why do bloggers even ask dumb rhetorical questions?

The power is in your hands, grasshopper. 

On Kickstarter, people with creative ideas can get other people with dollars to help make the creative ideas happen. The cool thing about it is that the people with dollars don’t have to have very many dollars to help out. Like, one is probably enough. 

Here’s how it works: The creative person sets a funding goal and then they have up to 90 days to convince as many (suckers) heroes as possible to donate. It’s like a zillion NPR fund drives are going on simultaneously up in that joint, with thank-you gifts for different contributor levels. Though usually on Kickstarter the thank-you gifts are more relevant to the project at hand than a tote-bag is to public radio. (Am I supposed to use the bag to carry my radio around so that I never miss a second of NPR? Is that what you’re trying to tell me, Terry Gross?)

And the best part is, here are VEGAN projects on Kickstarter. Right this second! Waiting for your vegan dollars and wanting to give you vegan tote-bag-equivalents and the warm fuzzy feeling that comes with making something cool happen (and also with lying in a roomful of kittens). (Wait, can someone do a Kickstarter project to start a business that lets you lie in a roomful of kittens? Because I’d totally fund that.)

Here are a few of the projects currently looking for funding:

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