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Herbivore, everyone’s favorite S.F. Bay Area vegan restaurant (to feel ho-hum about) just released an updated menu (warning: PDF). They added fajitas, pizza, penne with meatballs, and a bunch of other stuff. I’m curious if it’ll all be good like the shawarma or kale salad or bad like EVERYTHING ELSE. I know sometimes I’m hard on Herbivore but that’s because they’re completely complacent and could be bring so much more deliciousness to the table. I’m super thankful there are all vegan restaurants but I want those restaurants to be better than all the other restaurants! So that when people eat at them, they’re like, “G’DAMN! VEGANS KNOW WHAT’S UP!” Not, “This was alright?”

I mean, look at Native Foods! Chef Tanya is ALWAYS BRINGING IT! Testing recipes, updating menus, holiday meals, events, everything! Herbivore seems like they don’t really care about making customers super happy and are fine with being just serviceable. 

Anyway, what do you think of the new menu items? Have you tried any? Will you try any? Do you think I’m pretty? Let’s dish.

[Hat tip, Dawn!]

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