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Lime Crime makeup is so pretty! And all their products but the eyelid primer are vegan (the primer contains beeswax)! So nice to have a high-fashion vegan line, right? I love my earthy, crunchy brands too but I can’t help but fawn over a super stylish brand like Lime Crime. The company sent me some gratis products to try and now I will tell you all about them!

First of all: everything smells like cake! Really. OK the first product I tried was their opaque lipstick in Retrofuturist—a nice, bright red. I really like the color—not too dark, not too orange—just red! And it went on nicely. I’m not super skilled with lipstick but it was easy to apply. Then I applied the glitter lip gloss in Cherry on Top over the lipstick. Very fun! I was expecting it to be more glittery (though it is more glittery than it appears in the picture) but I suppose it’s a lot more wearable the way it is. As you can see though, it really makes the color POP! It’s like a lipstick energizer! 

Now for the eyeshadow! They sent me the "Chinadoll" palette. What do you think about the name? It seems messed up.* The palette, however, is awesome. Such pretty colors and so rich. I messed around with a few of the colors, you can see below:

Thank you for indulging my attempts at beauty blog pictures! It was hard. As you can see, I put the colors I used in each “look” (beauty talk!) next to the pic. If you need a little help figuring out how to apply the shadow and you want to do it like I did, my sister has a great tutorial video you can use.

The Jade-O-Lade is beautiful. Love it. And the black worked really well as a liner, as you can see over the red. I’m also really into red around the eyes; I used to buy red lipliner and apply it as eyeliner. Everybody was totes into it. I think it brings out my eyes! My eyes love to be brought out. 

To sum it up: Lime Crime smells like cake and is super pretty! And very easy to use. And fun and stylish. I’m a fan! Oh also, their logo is a unicorn and I think she should be the MMU’s new girlfriend. 

*I’ve been reading more about it. The campaign is seriously wrong. The palette is beautiful but they really need to apologize and change the name. Lime Crime’s founder has made a statement about the controversy, you can read it and decide for yourself what you think about the matter. 

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