Happy day! Van Leeuwen has vegan ice cream!   »

Check it out! I haven’t tried it yet but there’s a Van Leeuwen in my neighborhood in BK. I’m so excited! Everybody loves this stuff! According to their fb, the vegan flavors will be available at all locations. HUZZAH!


It’s a vanilla bean coconut shamrock shake. Maybe a little too late, but maybe not. If you can make it so, then GET UP ON IT. 

It’s a vanilla bean coconut shamrock shake. Maybe a little too late, but maybe not. If you can make it so, then GET UP ON IT. 


Alchemy Creamery: Brooklyn-based vegan ice cream with wacky flavors!  »


Look what I found in the Carroll Gardens Union Market last night! A new (to me) vegan ice cream, Alchemy Creamery. It’s all vegan and also gluten-free, though I don’t know if gluten is a concern with vegan ice cream.

There was some sort of pumpkin spice flavor, an apple cinnamon flavor, and then the chocolate chai-flavored “Fixation,” which I bought and you see above. It’s nice and creamy. In a word: delicious. The flavor is more chai than chocolate I think. The chocolate is bitter enough to balance out the chai though, which I usually find too sweet. Right? Chai is always so sweet. So yeah, this flavor isn’t that chocolatey but it is bittersweet enough to balance out the chai sweetness.

I want to try the apple cinnamon one next! Actually, if you look on their site, there’s hella crazy flavors I need to try. I will let you know what progress I make. Of course being Megan Rascal, I had to suggest a flavor I want to the makers, that flavor being coffee. Not mocha—strait-up coffee! A nice person named Giuseppe (right?!) answered my email saying he’s working on an espresso and donut flavor that will be out in the summer. I say hells yeah to that. 


Apparently you can now buy the ice cream at all the Union Markets in city! And they will also deliver to the NYC area. How will we get it to our west coast friends?! I will work on this. But you will have to trade me those vegan cinnamon rolls they have at the SOMA Whole Foods. 


You guys know that Vegansaurus BFF quarrygirl has a new video series, right? Once a week you get a snappy new video about some awesome vegan thing, usually in L.A. because they have the nicest things down there, vegan-ly speaking.

In this week’s edition of our new vegan video series, we catch up with Mollie Englehart, the owner of Sage Vegan Bistro and Kindkreme dairy-free ice cream parlors. Sage has been open less than 2 years, but has already gained a reputation as one of the best vegan spots in Los Angeles, and is definitely one of my personal favorites. similarly, Kindkreme is the go-to place in LA for vegan dessert and has already opened 3 locations! in this video, Mollie, who was born and raised vegan, fills us in on what inspired her to open Kindkreme and why all foodies should check out Sage.

As if we needed more reasons to want to live and get fat in L.A.!



Stogo is Sto-Going Away Forever! NOOO!  »

Pretty much my favorite thing about New York City, Stogo Gourmet Dairy-Free Ice Cream in the East Village, is shutting forever as of Sunday. Goddamn Hurricane Sandy, ruining everything in my life. (Actually, I’m in Colorado where the weather is always perfect, so Sandy didn’t ruin anything in my life. UNTIL NOW.)

"The business had been battling high rent all year. Eight days without income during the post-hurricane blackout, combined with the upcoming wintertime slowdown in sales, led Stogo’s owners to make the call to close." 

Stogo is the best vegan ice cream parlor I ever experienced. If you live near New York, get to the store this weekend and bid them farewell. If not, wish on a Tofurkey that the owners will decide to reopen somewhere. What is there to dream of anymore if not a creamy scoop from Stogo? Nothing. Nothing at all. I’m literally crying into an apple pie as I type. It’s messy. Go try to have a good day.

[via DNA Info]

[Photo by watashiwani via Flickr]


Thanksgiving Recipe AND Cookbook Review: Vegan A La Mode  »

Overall Rating: A
Creativity: A+
Level of Difficulty: Intermediate
Best for: Anyone who owns an ice cream maker. Bonus if you have adventurous taste in dessert.

Why review an ice cream cookbook in November?

  1. You should make the Easy As Pumpkin Pie recipe (below) for your Thanksgiving feast.
  2. We like to keep you guessing. 

I know a thing or two about vegan ice cream recipes. For our wedding in summer 2011, my husband and I made 18 flavors in place of having a wedding cake. I sure wish Ms. Hannah had gotten around to publishing this gem of a book in time for our wedding guests to benefit.

This is hands-down the finest collection of vegan ice cream recipes ever made. Hannah Kaminsky is to vegan ice cream what Terry and Isa are to vegan cupcakes or Miyoko Schinner is to vegan cheese. Her creativity with flavors is unparalleled, but so are her solutions for richness and texture. 

Making the Buttery Popcorn flavor. Seriously.

The book started as a blog, so you can check out some recipes there. At least a third of the flavors are what I’d call “highly experimental”: beet marmalade, wasabi-ginger-sesame-chocolate, buttered popcorn. Others are easy crowd-pleasers: peanut-butter Oreo, French vanilla, maple-pecan. Some are pretty ambitious (Birthday Cake requires that you cook cupcakes, then put them in the blender). Some are super-simple (see Easy As Pumpkin Pie, below). All that I’ve made have been delectable and worth the work.

Each recipe appears on its own spread, which makes the logistics of cooking easy, and most have a sexy glamour shot to make you drool. Some of the thickeners and texturizers might be unfamiliar (guar gum, anyone?), but Rainbow Grocery sells them in bulk, so buy a tablespoonful and experiment. The Banana Pudding ice cream, which includes a hit of guar, is the only vegan flavor I’ve ever made that scooped soft straight out of the freezer.

Final verdict:  If you have an ice cream maker, you owe it to yourself and that little machine to buy this book. (If you don’t have one, you should get one. They’re great. I’ve got this one by Cuisinart.)



Easy as Vegan Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream

1 cup canned pumpkin purée
1 14-ounce can regular coconut milk 
1/2 cup dark brown sugar, packed 
1/4 cup grade-B maple syrup 
2 Tbsp. bourbon 
1.5 tsp. ground cinnamon 
3/4 tsp. ground ginger 
1/4 tsp. Ground Cloves 
Pinch freshly cracked black pepper 
1/4 tsp. salt 
1 tsp. vanilla extract

1. Mix everything together in a bowl until smooth.

2. Chill for a while.

3. Process in your machine as per its directions.



Scream Sorbet now has ice cream sandwiches!  »

Scream Sorbet, who we love, is now serving vegan ice cream sandwiches! And they are hella tasty GET UP ON THIS. I think they might only be available at their store, but it’s well worth going to a farmers’ market location to check and ask. ALWAYS BE ASKING FOR MORE DELICIOUS VEGAN OPTIONS! Where there’s demand, there’s supply! Or, at least we can hope and dream and ask some more and maybe one day that will be the case! Besides, the worst thing that can happen is that you show up at a farmers’ market and all they have is their DELICIOUS SORBET*. Boo fucking hoo!

*please note, I am not normally a fan of sorbet, the poorest excuse for vegan dessert that’s ever been excused, but Scream Sorbet is different. They have amazing flavors that are rich, creamy, and deliciously divine. Get up in it!


The SF Ice Cream and Hot Sauce Takedown is Sunday! Let’s beat the omnis!  »

This SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY! There’s going to be an “Ice Cream and Hot Sauce Takedown” in SF! That doesn’t mean you have to eat them together. It means that there is an ice cream recipe contest and a hot sauce recipe contest! It’s for everyone, but how cool would it be if a veeg (that’s my new abbreviation for vegan! Imma make it happen. Laura is already on the train so you should hop on too) beat out the omnis for 1st place? Spoiler alert: SO COOL! 

Here are the details:

The third and final stop of the Ice Cream and Hot Sauce tour ends where hot sauce and ice cream are done best.  And local home cooks have the gumption!!! For a mere $15, enjoy their insane inventions of insanity, in both catagories at this palate-torturing megahate fest.  Ice Cream and Hot Sauce are the chocolate and peanutbutter of idiots everywhere!  Find out why!  (To my way of thinking, the ice cream will soothe any horrible pain you may experience from the SF burn sauces you will choke on…) You’re welcome for this awesomely perfect idea, SFers!  I can’t wait!

OCT 7 at Public Works! 2PM!  (Tickets available HERE! EVENT IS OVER 21!)

CALL FOR COOKS!  Got a fine-ass hot sauce?  A delectable ice cream?  Submit your recipe in either category!!! There’s tons of prizes!!! SPOTS ARE NOW OPEN!!! EMAIL ME to compete!!!

Our Rachel entered the Denver Avocado Takedown a while back and she reported (we’re totally reporters!) that vegans seriously dominated. The judges voted one vegan dish 3rd place and the people voted vegans for 3rd AND 1st place—huzzah! Let’s keep this going! If anyone can make it, please please enter! There appears to be awesome prizes you could win, like Cuisinart stuff, Wüsthof knives, and other super-cookware.

If you don’t want to enter, looks like it’ll still be a good event to attend. Scream Sorbet is a sponsor (and you know Vegansaurus loves Scream Sorbet), bet you’ll get some free! Bi-Rite Creamery and Three Twins Ice Cream are both sponsors too and both usually have at least one vegan ice cream on hand, so hopefully they will be serving those up at the event as well. I’m not one for hot sauce but I’m sure you’ll see some hot sauce action to boot. If you go, be sure to send me pics.

Let’s takeover the takedown!


SF Bay Area: there’s a new vegan ice cream!  »

Reader Katie (of the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition!) reports about new ice cream (and ice cream sandwiches!) that are sweeping the vegan scene by storm. I can’t vouch for them but I totally trust Katie because girl knows what’s up so let’s see what she thinks:

At the Montclair Village farmers’ market this past Sunday, I was perusing the stalls when I came across an aesthetically-adorable ice cream booth, Green Girl BakeShop. I stopped to admire their ice cream sandwiches, steeling myself for the disappointment of not being able to eat any, when I saw the “no dairy” sign! It turns out all of their ice creams and ice cream cookie sandwiches are vegan! The ice creams are cashew and coconut based. I sampled the toasted pecan, and the balsamic fig. To me, toasted pecan ice cream is just like donuts; I was never that crazy about them before I was vegan, but as soon as I couldn’t have them anymore I craved them. The toasted pecans were so delicious and slightly carmelized tasting. The ice cream itself definitely has a cashew-y flavor, which I enjoyed. I couldn’t really taste the balsamic fig very well because my mouth was still full of toasted pecan. Unfortunately, since it was 10 in the morning I couldn’t justify buying a full ice cream sandwich, so I didn’t get to taste the cookie. Anyway, their products are adorable.

They’re at the Montclair and Lafayette farmers’ markets, so have at it everyone and come back and tell us what you think immediately!

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