Van Leeuwen Ice Cream has SEVEN vegan flavors! We try the Salted Caramel!  »


The popular NYC ice cream company Van Leeuwen now has 7 vegan flavors you can buy in stores!!!! THIS IS THE BEST! Why didn’t you tell me? Well actually I saw the banana nut flavor but didn’t really feel like trying, though I thought it was cool they had an exotic vegan flavor. But I didn’t know they had a million vegan flavors! So I saw this Salted Caramel—with Maldon, my favorite salt! (SHUT UP)—at Union Market in Brooklyn and I had to try it because I am such a scientist.


It’s delicious! Creamy, salty, caramel-goodness. It’s very rich, I don’t know how much I could eat in one sitting, but so good. Top a slice of vegan apple pie with a scoop of this and you’ll probably die of happiness. But it’ll be worth it!


As you see, these are all soy-free. I know some of you like that. They didn’t have the Coffee Crunch at Union Market and YOU KNOW I love coffee ice cream! But Van Leeuwen’s FB says they have it at the Whole Foods in BK. I hope they also have the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk! 

More exciting news: looks like Van Leeuwen has branched out to LA! Their FB seems to have the truck in Venice mostly but they also said you can get all the vegan flavors at The Oaks Gourmet at 1915 n. Bronson ave. So there you go LA, you get all the good vegan stuff! 

Has anyone tried the Coffee Crunch? TELL ME ABOUT IT!


Vegan and Gluten-Free Ice Cream Sandwiches In the SF Bay Area?!  »

Anyone tried Green Girl Bakeshop ice cream sandwiches yet? THE LOOK AMAZING

That’s all the info I have, but I know they were spotted at the El Cerrito Natural Grocery store. 

Wait, it looks like I’ve written about them before, but I still haven’t tried them and they appear to be available in a lot more places now. COME ON WE NEED REPORTS! Ice cream sandwiches for all!!!


Bring Vegan Ice Cream in Oakland: Curbside!  »

There are few things as implicitly good as an ice cream cone on a warm summer’s day. It’s one of those restore-your-faith-in-humanity kind of joys. I was lucky enough to sample some vegan offerings from a budding Oakland ice cream business, Curbside Creamery. Curbside is still working on funding to build up their brick and mortar storefront (conveniently located in the Temescal Alley, so hip, so posh), but my friend Riley and I were invited to sample some cones and talk with the owner and proprietor, Victoria “Tori” Wentworth.

 While Curbside will have both dairy and vegan options, Tori was inspired to open up her business after visiting the all-vegan powerhouse of deliciousness, Lula’s Sweet Apothecary in New York. Having a delectable vegan option was a high priority to Tori, based both upon her own politics and the dietary preferences of some close friends. “In my personal life, I’ve been vegetarian since 2006, due mostly to a heightened awareness of where meat comes from (or rather what it goes through) these days. Many of my friends over the years have been vegan, so the realities of that diet have always been part of my life in a big way. That’s why I was aware of the real lack of good vegan options… We all know that buying ice cream in a pint from the store is NOT an equal experience to going to a shop with your friends and getting a fresh scoop on a cone.”

While Curbside’s exact process is a trade secret, Tori worked very hard to ensure a good vegan product, toiling with the cashew-base base of the ice cream until she got it just right. Whatever she’s doing with the cashews, it works. We sampled the Valrhona Chocolate and the Chai Tea. Both were a perfect balance of sweet and creamy, and were a delight to eat out of Curbsides mobile tricycle stand. In the future, Tori will cycle through flavors so every concoction will ultimately have a dairy and a vegan version. Curbside also takes cross-contamination very seriously, and has designated scoops and cleaning tubs. This is both for vegans wanting to avoid animal residue and people who come in with nut allergies.

For updates on Curbside visit their website. If you are dedicated to the principal of helping to open a great vegan-friendly ice cream shop right in Temescal, consider donating to their Kickstarter.

Courtney Flynn lives in Oakland and spends way too much time inventing vegan recipes, reading science fiction and crocheting hats for her dog Blender. She sometimes remembers to update her blog, where she likes to write about food, restaurants and products that don’t suck.


Jerry James Stone made three-ingredient vegan ice cream to help us celebrate the Fourth of July in style! It’s just strawberries, bananas, and blueberries, so you can serve it to almost anyone. It’s so pretty, patriotic, and summery, not to mention totally simple. So make it already! Happy Fourth of July!

Jerry James Stone made three-ingredient vegan ice cream to help us celebrate the Fourth of July in style! It’s just strawberries, bananas, and blueberries, so you can serve it to almost anyone. It’s so pretty, patriotic, and summery, not to mention totally simple. So make it already! Happy Fourth of July!


It’s hot as all get out, let’s look at vegan ice cream.  »

It’s shoot-me-in-the-face hot in NYC today and I’m not in the mood because I had to work all Memorial Day weekend and my coworkers are being total bros. To cheer me up, let’s stare at vegan ice cream, shall we? Above is chocolate brownie ice cream from the Minimalist Baker. Damn. I could get down with that. 

Now we got some brownie ice cream sandwiches from Keepin’ it Kind:

I’m totally ready to tear these up. Instead I have a meeting in 8 minutes. 

Finally, let’s look at some coconut white Russian ice cream from Quiche a Week:

Ok, let’s all promise to eat vegan ice cream today, alright? We owe it to ourselves!


Happy day! Van Leeuwen has vegan ice cream!   »

Check it out! I haven’t tried it yet but there’s a Van Leeuwen in my neighborhood in BK. I’m so excited! Everybody loves this stuff! According to their fb, the vegan flavors will be available at all locations. HUZZAH!


It’s a vanilla bean coconut shamrock shake. Maybe a little too late, but maybe not. If you can make it so, then GET UP ON IT. 

It’s a vanilla bean coconut shamrock shake. Maybe a little too late, but maybe not. If you can make it so, then GET UP ON IT. 


Alchemy Creamery: Brooklyn-based vegan ice cream with wacky flavors!  »


Look what I found in the Carroll Gardens Union Market last night! A new (to me) vegan ice cream, Alchemy Creamery. It’s all vegan and also gluten-free, though I don’t know if gluten is a concern with vegan ice cream.

There was some sort of pumpkin spice flavor, an apple cinnamon flavor, and then the chocolate chai-flavored “Fixation,” which I bought and you see above. It’s nice and creamy. In a word: delicious. The flavor is more chai than chocolate I think. The chocolate is bitter enough to balance out the chai though, which I usually find too sweet. Right? Chai is always so sweet. So yeah, this flavor isn’t that chocolatey but it is bittersweet enough to balance out the chai sweetness.

I want to try the apple cinnamon one next! Actually, if you look on their site, there’s hella crazy flavors I need to try. I will let you know what progress I make. Of course being Megan Rascal, I had to suggest a flavor I want to the makers, that flavor being coffee. Not mocha—strait-up coffee! A nice person named Giuseppe (right?!) answered my email saying he’s working on an espresso and donut flavor that will be out in the summer. I say hells yeah to that. 


Apparently you can now buy the ice cream at all the Union Markets in city! And they will also deliver to the NYC area. How will we get it to our west coast friends?! I will work on this. But you will have to trade me those vegan cinnamon rolls they have at the SOMA Whole Foods. 


You guys know that Vegansaurus BFF quarrygirl has a new video series, right? Once a week you get a snappy new video about some awesome vegan thing, usually in L.A. because they have the nicest things down there, vegan-ly speaking.

In this week’s edition of our new vegan video series, we catch up with Mollie Englehart, the owner of Sage Vegan Bistro and Kindkreme dairy-free ice cream parlors. Sage has been open less than 2 years, but has already gained a reputation as one of the best vegan spots in Los Angeles, and is definitely one of my personal favorites. similarly, Kindkreme is the go-to place in LA for vegan dessert and has already opened 3 locations! in this video, Mollie, who was born and raised vegan, fills us in on what inspired her to open Kindkreme and why all foodies should check out Sage.

As if we needed more reasons to want to live and get fat in L.A.!


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