Vegansaur Jonas at SF Zine Fest this weekend!   »

Jonas isn’t only a (ed.: the cutest) member of Vegansaurus, he’s also a brilliant (award-winning!) artist and one of the organizer’s behind the annual SF Zine Fest. Believe it. Here’s a sneak peak at his newest work, Ochre Ellipse 3. It’s super fucking good. You should come to SF Zine Fest and be the first people to get it. Oh and buy his other fantastic comics too. Support your Vegansaurus because you love us so and we’d never lead you astray! Also, if you don’t support us, we’ll be hella homeless and have to sell our MacBooks for vegan donuts because that’s the kind of dumbshit financial move we would make (ed: true!).

Also, we hear that Fat Bottom Bakery will be on hand with delicious vegan treats. Holler at your girl, Fat Bottom Bakery! And by holler at your girl, I mean give me free vegan snacks when I hunt your asses down.

Minty Lewis will be there too! And we already know she’s the best so yeah. There are a million and one reasons to to the SF Zine Fest this year and we just gave you three of the best ones. The other 999,997 are hella good too, we’re just lazy. SO LAZY.

WAIT ONE MORE, and this is totally not vegan-related, but Fuck Yeah YouTube Comments will be there selling these amazing shirts. It says, “Someone get this bitch a job or a dick to suck or something.” People who leave YouTube comments are so magical. GET ‘EM WHILE THEY LAST AND ARE HOT ETC.

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