Via KQED’s Bay Area Bites comes this video of chef Jimmy Zhang, master fruit and vegetable carver, practicing his craft on a watermelon. Food art! It’s incredible.


California climate change could put the pika on the endangered species list  »

Pikas are related to rabbits. They’re about the size of hamsters, with no tails and round Mickey Mouse ears. They live in rock piles at high elevations, and are adapted to cold temperatures. When it gets too hot, they hide out under the rocks. So [ecologist Joseph] Stewart is trying to figure out if pikas don’t do well in the heat, what will happen to them as the climate continues to warm.

"They’ve been petitioned for listing under the Endangered Species Act because of climate change," he explains to the students. "But when the Fish and Wildlife Service reviewed that petition, they pretty much said that we don’t know enough about how pikas are doing. We need more data."

KQED’s Quest had a neat story this week about local middle school students learning practical science while helping ecologists study the Pika, which could be the first species in California “to be listed as threatened primarily because of climate change. If the state starts protecting animals because of climate change, things that affect the climate, like new fossil-fuel power plants or clearcut logging projects, could be slowed.”

It’s interesting. And cool to hear kids learn about science. Read (or listen! Radio!) at KQED.

[Photo by Chris & Lara Pawluk via Flickr]


There’s a vegan on KQED’s Check, Please! Bay Area tonight! Well, okay, she’s vegan at home and vegetarian out in the world but for TV, we’ll take it! They visit Source, one of our favorites, and featuring our own Jenny Bradley's decadent desserts!! Jenny. GIRL. You are out of control and I love it! 

This show is so funny and weird, and Leslie Sbrocco is a vision. She just seems like so much fun! I just want to grab a jug of wine and curl up on the couch with her and tell ghost stories. Or like, have her tell me about the one time she went on a date with Don Johnson. RIGHT?? You know she has stories! Seriously, if you have not treated yourself to a Check, Please! marathon on KQED’s website, you don’t care about your life at all period. 

The best part of this particular episode? Everyone loved Source! Yay! Even the omnivores flipped for it because they know what’s up. Oh, and you can even catch of glimpse of Jenny at 7:42! HEY GIRL HEY!!!


Vegan superhero Terry Hope Romero has a cooking show! Coming to your eyeballs this fall!  »

TV is the best! You guys! One of our national treasures, PBS, has teamed up with another of our national treasures, Ms. Terry Hope Romero, and two other vegan wunderfrauen, Toni Fiore (of Totally Vegetarian) and Miyoko Schinner, to create Vegan Mashup, an all-vegan cooking show! The world is our oyster mushroom!

The Portland Press Herald has a great article about it that makes us wish summer were over already and we could be watching Terry in our homes all the time. Laura and I met her at last year’s VidaVeganCon and she’s the prettiest funniest best! If the Bay Area PBS affiliate, KQED, doesn’t pick up Vegan Mashup, I swear we will riot in the streets. We know where your headquarters are and we aren’t afraid to sit in. San Francisco autumns are totally mild, we could carry on for weeks. That’s conditional “could.”

The point is, we are really looking forward to this, and if you want to see it, maybe you should contact your local PBS carrier and demand television justice! The vegan revolution is coming, and it involves HD shots of ladies plating tacos!

[Photo by Avery Yale Kamila for the Portland Press Herald]


Paul Shapiro presents: debating ducks, changing climate, and funny felines!  »

It’s Paul Shapiro’s Animal News You Can Use! Yay!

Amazingly, even though they’ve had more than seven years to find an alternative to force-feeding, a small gaggle of foie gras enthusiasts in California are trying to repeal the upcoming July ban on the force-feeding of ducks for foie gras (and the sale of products from force-fed animals). I did a 20-minute debate about this on Southern California’s NPR affiliate yesterday, and an hour-long debate on Northern California’s NPR affiliate today.

Speaking of feeding, as far as what we’re feeding ourselves, the title of the Forbes article says it all: “Eating Less Meat Is World’s Best Chance For Timely Climate Change, Say Experts.” Meatless Monday recipes, anyone?

Some good news: HSUS’s Smithfield exposé video yesterday won a 2012 Webby Award! (The Webbys are kind of like an Oscars of online content.) We’re psyched.

Finally, last week’s video was the double-dutching dog. This week it’s the treadmill-loving cats.



DO IT: Be a Guest on Check Please, Bay Area!  »

Everyone, you need to be on this super fun food show on KQED and make all the other guests go out and eat delicious vegan food and then do something crazy like sip wine out of the host’s butt on air* and become internet famous. That’d be really great for vegans. SO SERIOUSLY GET ON IT

Also, Check, Please! Bay Area is the greatest and if you haven’t watched an episode, take one in and then get hooked for life. I love how they often have vegetarian guests and maybe even vegans a few times but let’s infiltrate the pool and the airwaves and show the world how delicious veganism is! I know they need guests so why not you? Why not me? WHY NOT ALL OF US? Let’s do this!

PLEASE NOTE: Only apply if you’re non-crazy. We do not need any more high-profile vegan crazies making news, ok?? 

*DON’T do this. ALWAYS ignore me. EXCEPT for applying for this. IF you’re non-crazy. OKAY, bye!


Make this now: Our pal Vi Zahajszky's vegan Hungarian Christmas Beigli! Recipes for both poppy seed and walnut varieties are at KQED's Bay Area Bites!

Make this now: Our pal Vi Zahajszky's vegan Hungarian Christmas Beigli! Recipes for both poppy seed and walnut varieties are at KQED's Bay Area Bites!


Wayne Pacelle sounds smart on KQED’s Forum!  »

Wayne Pacelle, our favorite greasy-haired smooth talker (sorry, Gavin!), president of the Humane Society of the United States, and hero to animals and those who love them (quite a title!), is in town promoting his new book The Bond: Our Kinship with Animals, Our Call to Defend Them 

You can meet him Friday, Apr. 15, at Kepler’s Books in Menlo Park, or on Saturday, Apr. 16, at Reader’s Books in Sonoma. On Facebook, you can also RSVP and check out other places around the country where he’ll be speaking!

Also, he was on KQED’s Forum this morning, talking with that weirdo Michael Crasney about how awesome animals are. It’s definitely worth listening to as he sounds very smart, and regulates idiots who ask stupid questions.

Sometimes that idiot is Crasney, and for that Pacelle gets extra points. He’s also good at speaking to an audience who might not already know about certain animal and food issues, without being a condescending prick or a preachy mansplainer. I’d totally have a crush on him if it weren’t for that g-d hair


Happy Hours, Movies, & Bakesales: Vegan Valentines-y Events!  »

Whether you’re in love with love or hate everyone (or both! it’s possible!), here are some ways you might wish to celebrate V-Day. 

1) Vegan Happy Hour on Friday, Feb. 11! It’s got a romantical theme, too. And don’t forget, two awesome vegan cookbook authors are in town for events so maybe they’ll be there and you can woo them with your sweet words/tasty potluck additions?? Anything can happen, it’s Valentine’s Day weekend! Let that fat fucker shoot you through the heart with his terrifying arrow. Sweet love.

2) On Saturday, Feb. 12, there’s Lovers and Liberators: A benefit for the Red Vic. The lineup is a little complicated but definitely Bold Native will be screened and Cinnaholic is providing cinnamon rolls. WHAT COULD BE MORE ROMANTIC? RSVP (?) on Facebook, Romeo.

3) Also on Saturday, attend a Raw Divine Desserts class. Make vegan desserts and them eat them off your LOVA. Or eat them sobbing under your blankets. It’s delicious either way!

4) On the actual day, go get really fat and then try to find love at the Vegan Valentine’s Day bakesale at U.C. Berkeley! Oh don’t be so selfish, fatty, it’s for a good cause: Harvest Home Sanctuary!

As far as super romantic VD dinners, It’s probably too late to get reservations anywhere good, so why don’t you cook your honey a fine meal at home? The nerds at KQED always advocate it—check out last year’s (vegan!) recipe for Heart’s Desire Beet Salad. Nothing like a beet to heat up the kitchen. That’s my advice to you for February 14. Happy love-making, lovebirds.

[“te quiero” by Imagaday; “snugglepuss pair” by shine_blitz_on; ”for a girl I love” by jediduke]

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