Help the Cinnamon Snail get a new shell!  »

The Cinnamon Snail, the best food truck on the East Coast, needs a new truck! Want to help them get it? Of course you do! They are the greatest and living with the Snail is a trial and punishment that none of us, vegans and omnis alike, deserve.

So get a piece of that sweet Kickstarter action! The rewards look pretty sweet, too; if I had $250 to spare, I’d sign up for the cooking course (for heaven’s sake, someone teach me what to do with tempeh, I canNOT) for sure.

The streets of this great city are bereft without the glorious food of our beloved Cinnamon Snail. For their sake, for our own sakes, we must get them back in business. To Kickstarter, food lovers!


Help Asbury Park, New Jersey get its very own all-vegan chocolate shop!  »


Cinnamon Chocolate Covered Toasted Macadamia Nut Truffles! Yum!

Kristina Swenson learned to make chocolate as a child in Hawaii, now she wants to bring her skills to New Jersey! A natural progression. But Kristina needs your help to get her chocolate shop, The Chocolate Rabbit, started. 

I haven’t tried these chocolates but they sure look nice! And I am excited to have an all-vegan chocolate shop to force my family to stop at when we drive the NYC-Philly route. 

I know, another day, another vegan kickstarter, but I happen to love that our community can come together to fund the vegan endeavors of our brethren. We are mighty! Plus you KNOW I love kickstarter perks. Imma get some chocolate!

You can learn more and donate here. Good luck, Kristina!


The LA vegan mac truck fundraising campaign has moved internet locations!  »

Recently we posted on Chef Ayinde Howell’s efforts to raise money to open a vegan and gluten-free MAC’N CHEESE TRUCK in LA. Well, the campaign has moved from Kickstarter over to Indiegogo, and I want to help get the word out because I am incredibly selfless. I also want it available for my consumption upon arriving in LA; it looks scrumptious! Anyway, you know how Kickstarter works; if you don’t make all the money you tried to raise, you don’t see any of it! That’s bananas, right? Or not, whatever, but it seems nutty to me. If you were thinking about, or did contribute to the original fundraiser, go ahead, take a look at the new internet location. Let’s not only help make Chef Ayinde’s dream a reality, but also my dream of eating a plate of Mac and Yease a few times a week!

Don’t just take our word for it (although, why wouldn’t you?), Janelle Monae and Alicia Silverstone are both Team Mac and Yease truck as well! 

Can’t see the videos? Check them out at


Los Angeles Might Get a Vegan Mac and Cheese Food Truck, But It Needs Your Help!  »

Chef Ayinde is a dude in Los Angeles who is very good at cooking and wants to bring us a food truck DEDICATED TO VEGAN MAC AND CHEESE. This is genius and we all must support it. Which brings me to my next point:

Dear L.A. Vegans and lovers of delicious food: IT’S SHOW TIME, SYNERGY!

And by that I mean, it’s time to put down your hard earned money on this Kickstarter. It’s for the love of Mac and Cheese and you know there is no greater love in the world except for the love of lasagna

To motivate you to donate to this most worthwhile cause that will benefit us as a nation, check out this most delicious picture of Chef Ayinde’s famous and crazy delicious Mac and Yease:

You could be eating all of that. You will be eating all of that. Let’s do this.


NYC Vegan Drinks is TONIGHT!  »

Hey friends! As stated, NYC Vegan Drinks is tonight. Yours truly will be there and hopefully Meave too but I’ve been too busy to text and ask (I’m very busy because I’m very important). I will be playing music along with my homeboy BFF Grand Format.

And Bunna Cafe is the food vender this month! Yay! They made a special holiday menu you can see below. Related: Bunna Cafe has a kickstarter to make a real live permanent restaurant! I totes donated so I could get the cooking starter kit. You should too! 

Hope to see you tonight!


Help this three legged superhero dog and his kitty save the world!   »

imageIt’s the latest in vegan kickstarters! Tod Emko, Sea Shepherd crew member and proud companion of Piggy the three-legged dog, is trying to get this funny comic book off the ground: A Piggy’s Tale!

The story begins with Piggy’s rescue. After he is nursed back to health, he emerges as Super Piggy! He has some sort of actual pig guardian angel which is pretty great. I wish I had a pig guardian angel! Maybe I do have one. Who can say. 

He also has a sidekick rescue cat named Simon! Who is likewise is based on Tod’s companion animal. And there are pigeons in the story! They are kind of like Dumbo’s crows. Who are the best.

Here is a picture of the real Piggy and Tod:


Piggy is the cutest! And what a great comic. If you want to donate or just spread the campaign, check it out on Kickstarter


OMG they’re going to make vegan M&Ms and you can help! They’ll have mini vegan marshmallows in the middle instead of peanuts, which actually I think is a terrible idea, but whatever, vegan beggars can’t be vegan choosers, and maybe once these sell 10 billion packages, they’ll listen to my requests and make ones with peanuts or almonds. I know I know, allergies, but can’t we just have all the choices?

But enough complaining, VEGAN M&Ms, people! Go Kickstart that dream right now!

[via Ecorazzi]


Help Beyond Skin expand their awesome vegan shoe line!  »

Can’t see the video? Watch it on!

My absolute favorite vegan shoe line, Beyond Skin, is in need of help! A manufacturer of their shoes has closed down, taking their new line with it. But there’s hope! If you donate to their Kickstarter (which is hardly a donation as you can totally get shoes!! SHOES!!), they can make this collection a reality!


A £69 donation gets you a pair of these babies in black!

I can’t say enough good things about Beyond Skin. I’ve had pairs of shoes from them that I bought like literally eight years ago and wore a million times and they’re still in great condition. They are comfortable (most of them) and don’t fall apart like so many vegan shoes! Plus they aren’t just vegan, they are people- and environmentally friendly. So I encourage you to chip in today!


Nicora Johns wants to make gorgeous vegan shoes. They want to make them domestically, with environmentally responsible materials, in beautiful, classic styles.

They’re asking for a LOT of money on Kickstarter to launch the project, which seems daunting, but isn’t this everything you could ask for in a vegan shoe? Check out the styles! I want ALL OF THEM, especially the Sylvias boot and patent Sallys lace-up, oh man. So elegant!

Seriously, if you’re into U.S.-based manufacturing, vegan fashion, environmentally responsible fashion, or beautiful shoes, you should probably support Nicora Johns. One day the only option for (new) shoes will be vegan styles, but let’s work to make that a choice, not because we’ve ruined the planet and have to fashion foot-covers out of burlap sacks and old leaves.

(link via Ecouterre)


Liberator: the vegan activist comic book series!  »

Can’t see the video? Watch it on!

There are many a vegan Kickstarter out there but I’m particularly interested in this cool sounding project from Matt Miner. At the nexus of animal activism and comic book fandom, he’s creating a comic mini-series where animal liberators are coming to wreak havoc on an abusive world

A note about the project:

Do you love gritty anti-heroes like Dexter or Batman?  Check out Liberator, featuring a new type of superhero who avenges the torture of animals.  For anybody who ever thought comics could be punk and subversive and maybe even glorify some good old fashioned direct action, this is something unique and worth supporting.

Matt is a big vegan and has done tons of work directly rescuing animals (sometimes he tweets pics of his fosters! Those are great times). He even plans on using proceeds from the comic to help with his pit bull rescue efforts. He also just hopes the comic book will bring new people into the animal rights fold. And while I’m not a huge comic book person, I totes went to NYC ComicCon this year so I’m basically an expert. And in my expert opinion, this comic looks dope! There even seems to be a strong female lead? That’s what I like to see.

I know we hear about Kickstarters a lot, but it is a great way to support the good work vegans do PLUS I love all the limited edition stuff you can get when you pledge. So, check it out!

A panel from the first issue I really like! It’s one of our heros “sharing a moment” with a rescued fighting dog. Those puppy eyes!

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