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Alternately, fun stuff you might enjoy if you’re a vegan in San Francisco this weekend WOO!

Friday, July 10th

Them crafty street food folk are at it again and this time they’re playing matchmatcker with Street Food for Singles (or coupled people who bring a single friend! but what about polyamorous freaky type folks? WHAT ABOUT THEM???) There will be plenty of vegan food on hand from Magic Curry Kart, Sexy Soup Lady, Wholesome Bakery (ALL VEGAN BAKERY CART!) and Bike Basket Pies (our fave!) so SINGLE VEGANS, get out there and do some carnivore converting! Take one for the team, ladies! Think how many dudes you can convert with the power of your singular vadge! I’m gonna puke! Anyway, they’ll most likely be on Linda st. at 19th st. in the Mission but follow one of them on twitter to find out for sure. 7:30p until they run out of eats/cops shut their asses down.

Saturday, July 11th

Our favorite shelter dog savers, Rocket Dog Rescue is having an adoption fair during the Bay area Derby Girls “Duel on the Docks”! Chicks on wheels and dogs being hella cute? You don’t want anything else, trust me! Oh and for food, they sell vegan hot dogs but the buns aren’t vegan but I guess you can eat it without one and just look hella creepy and pervy. OR bring your own and maybe give the rest to the dudes selling hot dogs to give to other vegans?? Oh and don’t forget to request vegan buns (hot) for the next event! If enough people ask, change will come! This is America, people! 6:30p to 10:30p at at Fort Mason.

SF VEGAN PROM WOO! 7:30p to 11:00p at a.Muse Gallery.

Sunday, July 12th

JACKSHIT. Unless you’re having a party or something?

AND FINALLY, if you’re looking to get out of town this weekend, the prices at The Stanford Inn are cheaper than they’ve been in 7 years! Check out our review here and then make your reservations here. OH ALSO, they have THREE NEW BABY LLAMAS. Um, I can’t believe you’re still in San Francisco. I am disgusted.

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