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Alexandra Jamieson (of The Great American Detox Diet and Top Chef: Just Desserts fame!) is teaching a cooking class on Sunday, Mar. 13 and it’s FREE! We just heard that there are still spots left—spots that could be filled by your beautiful self! It’s part of the NYC 21-Day Vegan Challenge that I mentioned a little bit ago. Here’s the info:

Great American Detox Diet author and superstar vegan nutritionist, Alexandra Jamieson, who literally wrote the book on eating vegan (Vegan Cooking for Dummies) will teach an intimate class on how to make seitan chimichurri skewers and chickpea blondie brownies with almond cream—recipes that are super-easy, filled with protein, and 100 percent gluten free.

Chickpea blondie brownies with almond cream?! WANT. I may have to register myself! OMG and you could register too and then we’ll meet over chimichurris and fall in love! Or, you know, I could do my usual Sunday routine which consists of watching Matlock reruns on channel 55 and cursing the day I discovered red wine.

Image is from PCRM's 21-Day Vegan Kickstart App! Try it, it's free on iTunes! Also, email it to your non-veg friends and family, it makes going vegan easy! And fun! And delicious! Woo!


HSUS wants you to be a better activist. Learn how on Monday!  »

It is marvelous, isn’t it, being vegan? Every new dish you make is Amazing! and every new restaurant is an Adventure! and you know, you 100-percent absolutely no-question zero-doubt Know that your lifestyle choices are the Right Ones. No animals suffered for your food or clothes or shiny hair, and doesn’t it feel great to have such a clean conscience?

It’s just that, as a vegan, you know that living animal-product-free is the minimum. That’s one of the secrets you learn once you’ve properly committed yourself to veganism, right? The anger and guilt and shame you feel for the treatment of animals the world over; they are so strong, and impossible to assuage with a vegan diet alone. No, you’ve got to do something.

Bay Area residents (and visitors with good timing!) are in luck, because on Monday, Nov. 15, the Humane Society of the United States will be holding a free community seminar on how to properly do something, namely, effectively advocating for animals. Because as much as you’d like to chain yourself to a pet shop door and demand all the animals within are given to rescue organizations, that is really not the best use of your time and energy.

Instead, the seminar will address “factory farming, wildlife protection, puppy mills, and local animal issues, and will offer techniques for improving your persuasiveness and engagement as a citizen advocate.” That last one will be especially pertinent, “improving your persuasiveness and engagement as a citizen advocate.” So no more yelling at owners of purebred puppies in Dolores Park, then? Or standing by the “organic” meat section at Whole Foods and snorting really loudly and derisively whenever someone picks up a package? Check.

Here is the best part, as far as your Vegansaurus is concerned: the seminar will be led by HSUS California State Director Jennifer Fearing, a.k.a. the HBIC of the passage of Prop. 2. She directed a hardworking team to victory despite mighty opposition from giant egg conglomerates, which is impressive on its own, but she is awesome in general—you’ll see. Eighth District state Sen. Leland Yee (D-San Francisco/San Mateo) will also attend, and “will be available to chat with folks and answer questions,” so that’s all right.

It’s completely FREE and should be helpful—HSUS is doing amazing work nationwide. All you have to do is RSVP, and then be at the SF SPCA at 250 Florida St. at 16th Street by 7 p.m. on Monday! The meeting is scheduled to end at 9 p.m. Animals need advocates who know what they’re doing, and this is a wonderful opportunity to learn what exactly a good animal advocate does. So go! Tell your friends—even, no, especially the non-vegan ones, and RSVP for all of you and go!

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