THIS PIGLET IS TOO CUTE! You can skip to :30, that’s the best part. It’s so adorable. 

I can’t wait until I get a piglet! I’m going to love her or him sooooo much. But until we all get our own piglets, we can support the lil’ guys at Animal Place!


Get gourmet Philly pretzels right here in Brooklyn!  »


You KNOW your friend Megan Rascal loves the Philly pretzels. So how excited was I when I heard about Pelzer’s Pretzels? Hint: SO EXCITED! 

Pelzer’s Pretzels, located in Crown Heights, BK, was started by a Philly transplant, in the hopes of bringing the Philadelphia soft pretzel game to NYC. Because really, Philly soft pretzels should be as ubiquitous across the country as the prison industrial complex! If not more so!

I emailed with Pelzer’s to find out if they had any vegan options. They have some meaty and cheesy pretzels but their everything, original and cran-mary are totally vegan! I even double checked because the pretzels were so shiny I thought they must be an egg-wash—nope! Veegs! Pelzer’s sent me those three varieties for free to try and some of their spicy beer mustard too. I shared the pretzels with my coworkers because I’m so nice to them. They were a hit! The spicy beer mustard went like hotcakes. 


You can see just by looking that they are not like regular Philly pretzels, these are on some gourmet steez. They remind me of this super delicious pretzel I had at the Zurich airport once (Megan Rascal: International Hassle). The outside/skin/whatever is so amazing! It’s flavorful and thick and awesome. 

I liked the original of course, and I liked the everything. I thought the everything would be my favorite as I’m an everything-enthusiast, and while I really liked the everything, I’m head over heels for the cran-mary! It’s cranberry and rosemary, if you didn’t get the name. I’m not super into cranberries but they were SO GOOD in the pretzel. And the rosemary? HAVE MERCY. 

You’ll also like this bit from their about us: 

As the source for artisanal Philadelphia style soft pretzels in New York City, Pelzer’s Pretzels is committed to making wholesome and delicious pretzels from the best available ingredients, providing fair wages and promoting worker dignity, and investing long-term in our local Brooklyn community.

Love it! Totally Philly style too. Without the massive chip on the shoulder part. 

You can stop by their storefront or, if you live in Brooklyn, you can have them delivered for a few bucks! I wish I could have everything delivered. Work, love, etc. But especially PRETZELS! 

In conclusion, these are a can’t-miss for any pretzel-lover and a definite boon for the accidentally-vegan Brooklyn food scene! All thumbs up!


How to make kale chips! Spoiler: It’s easy!  »


Many of you are prob like duh, I been making kale chips longer than you’ve been out of rehab! But I had never made them until a few weeks ago and now I’m addicted. It did take some trial and error though so I thought I’d share my methods for the first-timers in the crowd. 

I also want to add that I wasn’t that into kale. I don’t like it raw and I don’t really like it steamed. But I love kale chips! So if you aren’t that into kale either, you should definitely give chips a try if you want to find a way to like this uber-nutritious green. 

Ok so set your oven to 300 degrees. 

I like curly leaf kale best so that is what I would go with. First, wash your kale! Get it all clean. And then I lay the leaves out on paper towel to dry. You want them dry! Then I take each leaf, pat it a bit more, and place it on a cutting board. 

Now, here is where my special method kicks in. My problem the first time making kale chips was too much olive oil! Too much olive oil means they will be soggy and won’t crisp up or will take forever to crisp up. That’s bad. But I couldn’t figure out how to put some oil on, but not too much. Then I had a genius idea! I took paper towel and doused it with olive oil, then I rubbed the paper towel over the full leaf. PERFECTO! 

So take some paper towel and get it wet with oil. Rub over both sides of the leaf, dabbing a bit at the edges to make sure they get some oil. Then you take a knife and slice out the stem. I hear the stem is very bitter. Bleh. Then you cut or rip the rest of the leaf into about two inch pieces. 

Now place them on a big ol’ cookie sheet (or lasagna pan if you are me and lost your cookie sheet). Arrange them in a single layer. Then sprinkle with salt and Nutritional Yeast, if you want to (you totally want to!)). If you have more kale pieces than fit in a single layer, you will have to do the chips in batches. Unless you have like one kale leaf, you will be doing this in batches. 

Ok place the sheet in the oven. It will only take about 9 or 10 minutes for the chips to be ready! They should be crispy like leaves on the ground in the fall and a little shriveled. You can check on them at 7 or 8 minutes to see how they are doing. You can flip them too if you want, but I don’t think it’s necessary with the curly. If you use Lacinato kale, you should prob flip them half way through (I just flip them with my bare hands, the chips themselves aren’t very hot). 

And then you have kale chips! THEY ARE THE BEST I WANT TO EAT THEM ALL THE TIME. 

Here’s the inside of March’s Beauty Box from Vegan Cuts! I’m very excited for the LVX nail polish—a full size bottle! And a pretty color. I’m also stoked about the Pangea Organics face mask. It’s got a super-long name with all these super-important sounding ingredients. Wait, let me look it up, hold please…
Found it! It’s the Japanese Matcha Tea Acai Goji Berry Facial Mask. RIGHT?! Sounds very important. My face is intrigued. 
I got this for free but the box subscription is $19.99 a month, shipping included (for US addresses. International is more). 

Here’s the inside of March’s Beauty Box from Vegan Cuts! I’m very excited for the LVX nail polish—a full size bottle! And a pretty color. I’m also stoked about the Pangea Organics face mask. It’s got a super-long name with all these super-important sounding ingredients. Wait, let me look it up, hold please…

Found it! It’s the Japanese Matcha Tea Acai Goji Berry Facial Mask. RIGHT?! Sounds very important. My face is intrigued. 

I got this for free but the box subscription is $19.99 a month, shipping included (for US addresses. International is more). 


UN Court calls bullshit on Japan’s whaling program!  »


Image from Greenpeace.

Yay! The International Court of Justice has ordered a temporary halt on Japan’s annual whale slaughter! The UN Court does not think the program is truly in the name of science (screw science anyway, save all the whales!). And according to BBC, Japan said it will honor the ruling. 

From NYT:

Reading a summary of the judgment, presiding Judge Peter Tomka of Slovakia said that the present “research program,” dating to 2005, has involved the killing of 3,600 minke whales and a number of fin whales, but that its “scientific output to date appears limited.” The ruling suggested instead that Japan’s whaling hunt served political and economic reasons.

Lawyers attending the proceedings said there was a gasp in the audience when Judge Tomka ordered Japan to immediately “revoke all whaling permits” and not issue any new ones under the existing program.

AWESOME! Let’s hope it sticks!!!

A final note from Captain Alex Cornelissen of the deservedly proud Sea Shepherd Global

Though Japan’s unrelenting harpoons have continued to drive many species of whales toward extinction, Sea Shepherd is hopeful that in the wake of the ICJ’s ruling, it is whaling that will be driven into the pages of the history books.


Two Boots brings vegan pizza to Mets fans!  »

This just in! Two Boots will be serving up vegan pizza at Citi Field. Via their twitter: 

Happy MLB #OpeningDay! Didja know we got #vegan pizza @ #CitiField this year!?

We are taking over the sports game! Vegans are total jocks! Rally! Rally! Hit it in the alley!

That is all. 


Attack of the vegan food hybrids! Pizza waffles, meatloaf cupcakes, and more!  »

Guys, I was looking on Finding Vegan for some food porn to share and I couldn’t decide which of these hybrids sounds cooler! So I thought I’d share them all. Let’s make it a smackdown! Which one is most exciting?


First up: Meatloaf Cupcakes from That Was Vegan? These might be my top pick in terms of what I wish was in my mouth right now. 

imageIn this corner, we have Pizza Waffles from Killer Bunnies Inc! Savory waffles are always intriguing, no?


Here we have Philly Cheesesteak Empanadas from Vegan Pandamonium! Not so crazy like a sweet thing gone savory but a cheesesteak pocket sounds perfect to me. 

imageAnd finally, Lasagna Wontons from Veggies Don’t Bite! Another cultural mashup that sounds super yummy. 

So you can see why I had trouble deciding, right? Which do you think is the raddest?! Tell us in the comments!


CLOSED! Jord Wood Watches: Giveaway and Review!  »


So vegan watches, you can’t get leather bands so you either have to get a metal one or a plastic one. Basically, you’re going to look like a banker or a kid (when in that dilemma, always go with kid. JK, big ups to vegan bankers). But wait! There’s another option! Wood watches from Jord


This was pretty perfect for me as I love wood everything. Well, danish modern wood furniture. And now I love wooden watches too! Jord sent me the Ely in black (pictured above. It’s not actually black as you can see) for free to review and I have to say I’m enamored. It’s very well made and so handsome! So, so handsome. 

And guess what! We are giving away one Jord Ely watch in black to a lucky Vegansaurus reader! To enter, answer this question in the comments section: What is the best time of day? (If you say 4:20, you will be disqualified.) We will pick a winner next Thursday around 5pm Eastern so enter before then. FB comments don’t count! Ok, go!

Hurraw! vegan lip balm rocks my world!  »

I am so popular at work right night. Even more popular than I already was! Which was very popular. Why? Because Hurraw! sent me a bunch of lip balms to try for free and they sent me so many, I decided to be charitable and see what the omnis around the office thought. THEY ARE OBSESSED. Like, the office manager just ordered 12 more tubes online. And everyone is saying it’s their new favorite lip balm. 

They are very light, not waxy or greasy, and my lips have been so soft. My favorite is the almond one because I love almond smelling things. I also like the cinnamon tint one. It gives you a very subtle tint. I was worried it would sting because it’s cinnamon? But it didn’t at all. Totally smells cinnamon-y though. And I like the Ayurvedic one I tried, Vata. It smells like almond too AND it has a pretty label. 

You can order right from the site. I highly recommend them! Order a few extra for your work friends and boost your social profile. 


NYC gets a cupcake ATM with vegan red velvet cupcakes!  »

Extra, extra! Sprinkle’s in NYC opened their cupcake ATM yesterday! I’d heard of the one in LA and it sounded so fun. I haven’t been over yet but I emailed Sprinkle’s and the rep informed that the ATM will always be stocked with their vegan red velvet cupcakes. Yay! I’ll report back on the flavor as soon as I make it over! Has anyone tested the ATM yet?!

Pics from Sprinkle’s fb page. 

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