Product Review: Red Apple Lipstick keeps the toxins out of your makeup!  »

Someone asked about hypoallergenic makeup on our FB page and Red Apple Lipstick immediately came to mind! I had tested a few of their products they sent me for free and now I’m finally writing about them. They are special products—not just lipstick, fyi—because they are gluten-free, among many other things. I didn’t know gluten-free makeup was a thing but I do know I like vegan makeup! And most of their products are vegan. But check ingredients because several of the lipsticks have beeswax, and a few other things. But besides being gluten-free, they are very conscientious about toxins and that sort of thing. They have this chart of all the terrible stuff that you can find in makeup, but not in their products:


The lipstick I tried which is beeswax-free was Rebel! You can see below:


Very smooth application and nice and moisturizing! Obviously I liked it because the name has an exclamation point in it. However the color was not as bold a red as I was expecting. But it’s a nice color all the same. The other lip product I tried was their Rallye balm. It’s a “unique Vitamin E suspended in a very special Castor seed oil” and I love the stuff! It’s hyper-moisturizing and I use it all the time. It’s in my purse as we speak. And apparently you can use it in a bunch of ways:

-Nail beds and cuticles.
-Under your eyes - It reduces puffiness!
-The heels of your feet.
-Your elbows
-Dry spots on your face or scalp.
-Under eye shadows for slippery, easy smoky eyes.
-On wrinkles.
-As a lipstick base.
-Heal a pimple.

I haven’t tried those but I’m about to rub the stuff on my cuticles as soon as I’m done typing. 

The last things I tried were these two eyeshadows:


Very sheer with some shimmer. I applied the Graphite Glam all over my lid and then the Violet Vixen in the crease, heavy on the outer corner. The Violet Vixen and Graphite Glam are their “dynamic duo" but you can also put together a palette on your own, which is fun. 

So if you have sensitive skin and are looking for a new makeup, Red Apple is definitely worth a try. And check out the Rallye balm!


The Vegan Cuts Beauty Box: A monthly box of pretty, cruelty-free surprises!  »


Vegan Cuts sent me a free Beauty Box to try! Now I will tell you all about it!

So you subscribe to the Beauty Box and you will get a package every month with 4-7 sample size vegan beauty products. And they are mostly all organic or natural. The box is curated by the one and only vegan beauty maven Melisser Elliott! I had the pleasure of meeting Melisser a month or so ago and she’s awesome and has an adorable tiny dog who I love very much. Whom I love very much? I’m never going to get that straight. 

Above you can see the contents of the December box. I was totally down to try the box because I love samples. They are the best, right? Hint: right! I was already excited but then the samples were even better than I expected! I pretty much love them all. And I was not expecting the super cute little purse. The standout products were the Ferro mineral eyeshadow, the Soapbox Soap and the super pretty Color Club polishes. This is the Apollo Star polish!:


It’s pretty awesome. And I love the other colors too—one is just a dark grey! Super-fashion! 

The Ferro mineral eyeshadow color I got is a pretty rose color. It went on smooth and didn’t fall all over below my eye when I applied. It’s very very pretty! It gives an understated warm shimmer.

The Soapbox Soap is cool because every bottle of soap sold funds a year of vitamins for a child in need! Totally rad! I love shiz like that. 

I also liked the LA Fresh facial wipes. Dang I did not realize my face was so dirty! For shame! 

The box is $19.95, which isn’t super-cheap, but it includes U.S. shipping and plus I just love surprises so I think it’s worth it. Boy do I love surprises! And I love vegan beauty products and trying new stuff. So the Beauty Box is pretty much my jam. I know we have some readers in other countries—you’ll be glad to hear they ship world-wide, but there is a shipping cost. 

Another highlight, I love this answer in the FAQ:

Q: How do you make sure everyone gets products that match their skin tone?

A: We understand that our subscribers all have different skin tones and types. To ensure that no one gets a product they can’t use because it doesn’t match their skin tone, we don’t include foundation or other skin tone specific products in the Beauty Box. Not to worry, we don’t shy away from including makeup in the box! We simply try to keep it as inclusive as possible with eye shadows and blushes that everyone can use.

Dope. Love it. 

The January Beauty Box ships on the 20th so you still have a few days to order in time. Go forth, vegan beauty lovers!


Lucky 13 Lacquer makes sparkly vegan nail polish!  »


Lucky 13 Lacquer is a lovely line of exciting vegan nail polish colors. I say exciting because they are sparkly and spotty and more! They also have THE BEST NAMES. The creator of Lucky 13 Lacquer sent me a few colors to try.

Above is Jinkies! OVER a regular red polish by another brand. I love it. We did have some problems with this drying, it just took a little while. But once dry, it was totes pretty. Without the red underneath, it would just be like a clear polish with red sparkly flakes. Very nice but over the red, it’s like ruby slippers!


This is my favorite. It’s Ruh-Roh! It’s like leopard print! Without having to do anything special! This dried fine. And it looks like leopard print!!!


Above is the Teal Me No Lies with Warrior Woman over top. That’s just one coat of the sparkly one so if you want more sparkles, you’ll have to do a few more coats. This is my friend Cait modeling and the blue was her favorite of all the colors. I like the leopard print!

So if you are looking for some unique polish colors, this is for you! Colors come and go quickly so if you see one you like, get it. If you don’t, there will be new colors soon!


Product Review: Manic Panic makeup!  »


I will forever have fond memories of Manic Panic from my rapscallion teenage days. It was just the coolest, right? Well I recently found out they make makeup tooThe mother of a friend of mine works at Manic Panic so when I found out many of their products are vegan, I hit her up! And she sent me some of their vegan make up to try (for free (full disclosure!)). 

These are the vegan products (though fyi, none of their products are tested on animals):

All of our hair color is Vegan as well as our following cosmetics:

Lust Dust Eye Pigments (all but Hot Hot Pink, Infra Red, & Fuschia Shock)

Dreamtone (Virgin) Foundation

Large Eyeshadow (all but Deadly Nightshade)

Blush- Pussy Galore

However, it looks like they may have added some new products so you might want to email to check if there are more options. I tried the Pussy Galore, Starchild eyeshadow, Cobra Lust Dust and Ultra Violet Lust Dust. And now I will tell you all about them! 


I LOVE the Pussy Galore. It works as an awesome blush but is also great as an eyeshadow. I’ve never worn pink eyeshadow but now I feel like I should wear it every day! The Starchild is nice too. Both go on very easily and have a lot of color (I did a light application). Tip: you can apply wet for an eyeliner effect!


These are the two Lust Dusts I tried. Again, both very nice though the consistency of these are more loose and prone to dust up your undereye while you apply. But once applied, it stays on wonderfully. I did a light application again but in general I think the Lust Dust isn’t as strong as the large eyeshadows. So if you want subtle, this is probably your better option. If you want bright, the large shadows rule!

In conclusion, I’m a little biased because Manic Panic will forever remind me of growing up in the 90’s, but I have to say I’m overall impressed with the makeup. And I’m going to wear the Pussy Galore every day! I am!


Monthly box subscription…of vegan beauty products!  »

You know we at Vegansaurus loves boxes of surprises! So far, the subscription boxes we’ve come across have been mostly about food, but Ethical Ocean has a new subscription box of vegan beauty products! I’ve been assured that the True Beauty box is always all-vegan. 

I’m kind of a beauty product fanatic so I’m pretty stoked! It’s $30/month but you get mostly full-size stuff instead of all samples. And besides being vegan, they also say, “Your beauty box will NEVER include synthetic preservatives, emulsifiers, fragrances or colors. Our products are phthalate and paraben-free.” So that’s nice.

OMG I love surprises!


Cosmetic animal testing banned in the European Union!  »


That’s right! As of March 11, “the marketing, import, and sale of animal-tested cosmetics and their ingredients will no longer be legal in the EU.” Congratulations to PCRM, who did a lot of work lobbying for the ban, and here’s to passing a similar ban in the U.S. Cosmetics don’t need to be tested on animals any longer. Science has moved beyond it; here’s hoping we can move society beyond it, too.

[Photo by Ahmad Hashim via Flickr]


Purely Posh: Sephora for vegans!   »

imageSarah reviewed Purely Posh a few months ago but I got a chance to sample some freebies from them as well and now I will give you my take!

Purely Posh is an online makeup/skincare/etc. store that specializes in natural beauty products. But it’s not all granola-crunchy-like, it is well-designed and modern. It’s not entirely vegan but the great thing about it is that you can search the products by vegan, organic, gluten-free, fragrance-free,* and U.S.-made so that you can find just the products that pertain to your concerns! Huzzah! Purely Posh sent me the lovely vegan eyeshadow you see above and the vegan lipstick pictured below to try out.

The eyeshadow is by Lauress and the color is moonbeam. It’s vegan, gluten-free, and made in the U.S. I thought it was a great color. My coworker said it really made my eyes pop! That is nice, no? It was subtle too though which is nice as well. I mean I wore it to work and it wasn’t like I was lit up like a disco ball the way our lovely front desk woman loves to be. Bless her glittering heart.


The lipstick they sent me to try is the Emani hydrating lip color in Dolce. I must say it is hydrating! Usually lipstick makes my lips feel dry and gets crackly and whatnot; Not this stuff! The color is very similar to my natural lip color except with a lot more punch. So it’s obvious I have lipstick on but it’s very understated (on me at least) at the same time. Lovely!

Now, guess what! Purely Posh is offering a 5% discount to Vegansaurus readers for the next two weeks! Just enter the coupon code “vegansaurus” at checkout (or wherever). It expires on February 18th. Go forth and sparkle! 

*OMG I know you fragrance-haters are stoked! It must be hard to be irritated by fragrances, they put them in god-dang everything. You have my sympathies. 


Ethical Vegan Makeup To Make Your Girlfriend Look Even More Gorgeous  »


UPDATE! It appears the mascara reviewed is NOT vegan. The eyeshadow is. Purely Posh has a good marking system, we just got confused! Forgive us.

Are you looking for ethical, organic, eco-friendly, gluten-free, completely vegan makeup? I know Urban Decay says they’ll stay ethical (I am glad to hear it and really hope that’s true!) but if you’re looking for a huge variety of vegan makeup products that fit the above description, Purely Posh offers lots and lots of options at really affordable prices!
Purely Posh sent me free samples of two products: Mineral Lights Eyeshadow in color Shangri La and Mineral LashLuxe Mascara in color Onyx. The amazing beauty/model/vegan health and juice coach Courtney Pool radiated with her Purely Posh makeup-bedazzled eyes. Look at those blues pop, ow ow! I don’t really wear makeup but I definitely know sexy vegan gorgeous when I see it! Mmm hmm!

According to founder and owner Jen Gamez, Purely Posh was created to bring awareness to the dangers of chemicals in beauty care products. Our skin is a fast-track to toxic exposure as it absorbs pretty much everything. According to their website, “On average each woman applies 12 different products to her skin each day, totaling about 500 different chemicals.” Wow. Jen says she just wants her customers to feel at peace that they are applying safe and ethically sourced products to their bodies. That sounds and looks pretty radical to me! Get Purely Posh online.


Good news, everyone: Urban Decay says it will remain cruelty-free  »

Thanks, peta2, for contacting Urban Decay and demanding answers following last week’s announcement that L’Oréal had bought the beloved cruelty-free cosmetics company. Peta2 reports that Urban Decay has “assured PETA in writing that its animal testing policy will not change.”

Are you relieved? I am really relieved. Also super-happy to have an excuse to post a photo of happy bunnies. Cosmetic animal testing is for the jerkiest jerks.

[Photo by Mark Philpott via Flickr]


Pro or con: L’Oréal buys Urban Decay  »

Vegansaurus loves makeup, though we of course only support vegan makeup companies, because duh. Urban Decay makes vegan makeup that is high quality and totally gorgeous;  wearing it makes you look and feel fantastic, for reasons both superficial and profound.

Today, however, devilish old L’Oréal announced that it has acquired Urban Decay. Now, Urban Decay has been owned by luxury brands LVMH and the Falic Group, before being sold to a private equity fund, so it’s not like it’s been sitting alone on a pedestal making sparkly vegan eyeshadow since 1996. And L’Oréal did partner with the U.S. EPA earlier this year to work on eliminating animal testing, however hard you have to side-eye the world’s biggest cosmetics conglomerate promising no more bunny torture to make mascara.

Companies need capital to keep going. We want Urban Decay to continue to produce its wonderful products, create new ones, and make us all pretty without harming animals. A notoriously wicked parent company doesn’t mean all the brands under its umbrella will be wicked, too. What do you think? Will you still buy Urban Decay? Could this push L’Oréal toward ending its animal-cruelty practices sooner? That’d be the best outcome, but how realistic is it?

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