Veal calves: horrifically abused by-product of the milk industry  »

Mercy for Animals has released another undercover video, this time from a veal facility in Canada. These little babies are not just confined, they are sick and injured, and get no medical attention. Why would they? They are just “food,” right? And then on top of that, the workers in the factory pretty much torture them. I couldn’t watch the whole video, it’s too sad, but the parts I watched are disturbing.

I hear plenty of meat eaters proudly declare they don’t eat veal. Most people know it’s often a cruel industry. But do people know that veal is a by-product of dairy production? It’s very simple: Cows need to have babies in order to produce milk. Many of the babies born are male. These male calves are useless to the dairy industry. So they are shipped to veal farms.

Even “humane” dairy farms do this. That’s what I always tell people when they say such and such dairy farm is so nice to the cows: ask where the boy calves are. I dare you. 

When I was a vegetarian, I had no idea that the cheese I consumed drove the veal industry. When I found out though, that’s when I became vegan. Of course I learned all the other reasons to be vegan eventually, but the link between dairy and veal is what made me vegan pretty much over night. I just thought to myself, if veal is a by-product of the dairy industry, dairy isn’t very vegetarian at all! Basically, being vegetarian isn’t very vegetarian. 

You can learn more about this investigation and send an email from the Mercy For Animals page.


DiGiorno cheese comes from tortured cows  »

The latest investigation from Mercy for Animals exposes horrific cruelty at a major DiGiorno cheese supplier in Wisconsin. You can watch the video on I watched parts, it’s brutal. I’m not sure lately if I should post these videos on here or not. I want the truth about the horrific conditions in the meat, dairy and egg industries to get as much attention as possible, but then some people criticize me for posting that stuff. Because, truthfully, if you’re vegan, you don’t have to watch this stuff. BUT many of us know cheese eaters who should watch this, so I want to make sure all the vegans at least know about it. What do you think? Should I post these videos? Just share them on FB? Or do a post like this that just links to the vid?

I wish everyone who ate dairy were forced to watch this, Clockwork Orange style! Not really but kind of. But again, if you want to see or find the video to share, go to And if you want to sign the petition, go directly here.


Factory farm “waste lagoon” photo scares the internet  »


You may have seen this going around last week—it’s effing grody to the max! It’s a feedlot “waste lagoon,” as Mercy for Animals called it. This satellite pic was posted on reddit and people were like, “ew!” I don’t blame them. Even that crooning crab Sebastian couldn’t have set the mood in this lagoon. And that crustacean knows how to set the mood

From Mercy for Animals:

With over eight billion animals raised and slaughtered on today’s factory farms each year, waste is not only a grave environmental concern, but a major public health hazard. Communities near factory farms have complained of farmers spraying feces and urine into the air, a method employed to “dispose of” animal waste. In addition to jeopardizing human health, this practice can contaminate local rivers, streams and soil. Waste lagoons can also overflow or leak toxic material into surrounding areas. 

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, “People who live near or work at factory farms breathe in hundreds of gases, which are formed as manure decomposes. For instance, one gas released by the lagoons, hydrogen sulfide, is dangerous even at low levels. Its effects—which are irreversible—range from sore throat to seizures, comas and even death.”

Nice. I wonder if a pic like this actually changes anyone’s mind about eating meat/dairy? Or at least makes them more conscious of factory farms? It must, right? It’s a goddamn blood-red WASTE LAGOON!


Update: PCT record broken!  »

imageThat rad vegan we told you about earlier this weekJosh Garrett, has gone and shattered the speed record on the PCT! He finished in 59 days, 8 hours, and 59 minutes—that’s an average of 45 miles a day. 

Let’s just ponder that for a minute. You wake up, you walk a marathon, then you’re like, sweet, let’s walk 20 more miles or so, then you go to bed on the ground, then you wake up and are like, hey, let’s do that again today! For two months straight. Dude must be tired, someone get him some vegan ice cream or something. 

He’s still collecting donations for Mercy For Animals, so maybe this is a good way to nag your friends to give money? A couple days ago Josh’s girlfriend told The Spokesman,"He’s sleep-deprived and exhausted. He wants it over. The only thing keeping him going is thinking about the animals he’s representing." THINK ABOUT THE ANIMALS! And how gross his feet must look. No wait, don’t think about that, sorry.


Vegan Hiker set to break Pacific Crest Trail speed record!  »


The Pacific Crest Trail runs 2,655 miles, from Mexico to Canada. Hiking it is a pretty badass feat that normally takes a fit, outdoorsy person, oh, five or six months. But Josh Garrett, an incredible vegan, is about to finish it in about 59 days, probably tonight or tomorrow morning. The previous record is 64 days. 


Even better? He’s doing the hike to raise awareness for Mercy For Animals. There’s still time to sponsor him, and MFA has a great Q&A with him on their site. 

Look for an update when he CRUSHES it! Go Josh!


Here’s a brand new commercial from Mercy For Animals. It launches today in NY, Chicago, and LA on MTV, VH1, and Bravo, and then also nationwide on HULU. 

Say word? MTV, VH1, Bravo and HULU? That’s a big deal! What do you think? Is it good enough to represent us on the mainstream stage? Will it turn-off meat eaters or open some minds? Furthermore, do you think advertising in the mainstream media is a necessity or could it be bad for the veggie and AR movements? Or what? Discuss!


NYC: Dun-Well Doughnuts and Upton’s Naturals Pop-up shop is today!  »

OMG OMG OMG check it out:

Kick off the NY Veg Food Fest weekend in style! Upton’s Naturals will be teaming up with us for a pop-up vegan sandwich shop benefitting Mercy For Animals. Featuring a small sandwich menu that will include the option to slice open the donut of your choice and add a couple slices of hot Bacon Seitan - it is a thing of beauty! All sandwich shop proceeds will be donated to Mercy For Animals, making this an easy way to support a great organization.

Holy cannoli that sounds awesome! Check FB for whatever details you should need to get to this pop-up and freak the eff out on some bacon donut sandwiches. 


Paul Shapiro’s Animal News You Can Use!  »

It’s Paul Shapiro’s weekly dose of all things animals! Yes!

It’s almost Thanksgiving…Wondering how most turkeys are treated? Check out the newly-released Mercy For Animals investigation documenting appalling abuse of turkeys raised for Butterball.

(You may also want to take a look at this week’s NY Times’ major feature on vegetarian Thanksgvings.)

On that note, Los Angeles became the biggest city in the country to official start promoting Meatless Mondays. (Even the Today Show covered it!)

Finally, if you’ve got some time and want a fascinating read, here’s Washington Monthly’s new feature, “Obama’s Game of Chicken.” As they bill the story: “The untold story of how the administration tried to stand up to big agricultural companies on behalf of independent farmers, and lost.”

Video of the week: Not quite the lion and lamb laying down, but at least the dog and the fawn…


It’s Paul Shapiro’s Animal News You Can Use!  »

Paul Shapiro is back with all the animal news you need. Let’s go:

Ever wonder what the meat industry’s tired of? Well, Pork Magazine’s editor wrote this week, “I am getting tired of the constant barrage of announcements driven by the Humane Society of the United States against the U.S. pork sector, and I know you are too.”

One thing you may not be tired of is good news like this: industry publication Feedstuffs has a story this week about a formerly pro-gestation crate animal scientist who now concludes that a transition away from the crates will indeed work, and that producers seem to be getting dragged “kicking and screaming into another inevitable change.”

Other good news: HSUS is proud to be named this year as VegNews magazine’s “Nonprofit of the Year!”

A new undercover investigation by Mercy For Animals documented egregious cruelty at a large dairy producer.

Finally, an interesting story about how more and more black men are getting into veganism. One guy in particular is a pretty good example, I’d say!

Video of the week: Rescued ducks hit water for the first time! [Ed.: UGH THIS IS TOO AWESOME]


Reminder: Milk is far from victimless  »

Mercy for Animals has released another undercover investigation, this time from a dairy farm that supplies Burger King. A DAIRY farm. Not a meat producer.

Warning: This video is pretty brutal.

[Can’t see the video? Watch it on]

People consuming dairy and eggs contributes to profound abuse of cows and chickens. If you still drink milk and eat cheese, you should watch this. If you don’t, I advise you avoid it. But next time someone says, “but cheese tastes good,” refer them here.

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