Dude, the Mission Vegan Burger is coming back at a BOWLING ALLEY IN THE MISSION? This shit is bananas.
Uh, if you know me, you know I’m obsessed with that fucking burger. I talk about it ALL THE TIME. Plus, I even know how to kinda make it. I don’t know, I’m just in a really good place right now.

Dude, the Mission Vegan Burger is coming back at a BOWLING ALLEY IN THE MISSION? This shit is bananas.

Uh, if you know me, you know I’m obsessed with that fucking burger. I talk about it ALL THE TIME. Plus, I even know how to kinda make it. I don’t know, I’m just in a really good place right now.



Invest in a vegan future!  »

You’ve heard about Mission Street Food’s intention to become a full-time charitable restaurant, of course, and the organizers’ need for financial backers—they quote a figure of 100 people investing $500 each. Did that incline any of you toward the pecuniary?

We received an email from a Vegansaurus reader, who said she contacted Anthony Myint (you know, MSF head chef) and offered to invest $500 if MSF would keep vegan options on the menu. She said that “it appears Anthony is considering it.”

Any other vegans with money to spare may want to make a similar offer. We’re not assuring its success—that’s something that would be worked out between the Mission Street Food partners—but we certainly endorse the idea! It’d be a great way to truly invest in a delicious vegan future, and act on your beliefs. Regardless of our (many, many) disagreements with MSF regarding the cuisine, we’ve always admired its support of so many charities. And you know, if we had a spare $500, we’d make a vegan-money offer. Not that theoretical money means anything coming from us, but it’s sincere.

Updated on Feb. 2 at 8 p.m. to add this comment from Mission Street Food
"We do not encourage vegan investment.
"Someone did email me asking if we would have vegan options and I said we "might." Whether or not we have some vegan options will depend on a lot of factors, and one thing we are trying to avoid is upsetting anyone who would have invested with unrealistic expectations. While we may have vegan options, we cannot firmly commit to that right now. Furthermore, since we have no real stake in veganism, it would be a really misguided investment if that were a factor in the decision.

So there you go—another good idea in theory that doesn’t actually work in practice. Thanks so much to Anthony for his forthrightness. Now, back to the really vegan trenches, everyone.


Mission Street Food: Vegan Night  »

I just got back from MSF’s vegan night, and I think it’s safe to call it a success. The food was great, every table was filled, and even the meatmouths seemed to be enjoying themselves. Well done, no hard feelings, and let’s make this a monthly affair, okay?

Our table ordered three rounds of vegan burgers on flatbread (with tangy shaved fennel), the broccoli rabe, the roasted tomato stew with artichoke, and the smoky eggplant tostada with caramelized brussels sprouts. I was actually expecting the combo of brussels sprouts and tostada to be fundamentally flawed but it just worked. (They were kind enough to leave off the cilantro, which is not actually a food item and was originally cultivated by the Khmer Rouge as a means of torture—all true, cilantro is just that evil). And the tomato stew with artichoke? I’m artichoke-obsessed but it’s nearly impossible to find them in a restaurant setting without cream or butter involved. So THANKS GUYS.

All in all, I was impressed by the mix of flavors. If you noticed that I avoided everything on the menu that was Asian-inspired, that was indeed on purpose. Between the cult-run restaurants and the old school fake-meat-o-rama places, there’s A LOT of Asian-inspired vegan food out there. I’m much more excited by Mediterranean and European flavors, or really anything that doesn’t involve shiitake mushrooms or seaweed. I understand that I’m crazy and plenty of vegans love Asian food, and MSF gave us a bit of both.

So yeah, well done, the venue is a bit grungy but we’re all about the local flavah, and I’m hoping for a rerun next month. Is it a date? Does this mean we’re dating?

(Pic courtesy of Rajesh! Thanks!)


Mission Street Food Offers Olive Branch Sans Pork Fat  »

mission street food interiorsShould we take credit for this? If you recall, two weeks ago Laura called out Mission Street Food for serving pork on a night when their proceeds would be donated to vegetarian food organization Food Not Bombs (oops!). A discussion ensued in the comments, with Anthony, the man behind Mission Street Food, chiming in, saying the pork was donated, the chef picked the charity and in addition, a few not-so-nice words were exchanged between us and a few others on Twitter. Don’t mess with the dinosaur!

As for the obvious conflict of using monies used to purchase meaty dishes going to a vegetarian organization, I’ll just quote Anthony’s comment to us directly:

"We viewed FNB as a hunger-related charity first and a vegetarian/vegan organization second. This was just an example of prioritizing non-censorship of guest chefs over political correctness. We should have suggested to the guest chef that this might be an insensitive charity/menu combination, but even now, I kind of think it’s no big deal. Food Not Bombs twittered and publicized the event and some people in need will benefit from it. For anyone who was preemptively outraged on FNB’s behalf, why don’t we just say that we made an accounting decision to use pork money to cover overhead, and to only allot funds from the sale of vegetables to make a donation."

Anyway, this week, Thursday, Dec. 17 Mission Street Food will have another all-vegan night, with proceeds benefiting the Western Addition Senior Center.  Anthony asks for “no hard feelings.” What do you think? Apology accepted?

Laura is pretty into it. She adds:

"Anthony also let us know that if they get enough people in this week, this could maybe turn into a MONTHLY THING! That’s a good thing because it means that fewer animals are served up and more people are exposed to good vegan food. I believe we should holler at MSF and partake in some vegan deliciousness. Plus, if you’re missing the vegan Mission Burger, it’s all up on the menu. Apparently they have pretty steady reservations but are a little slow at 6 p.m. and 9 p.m., so get on that. Show them that vegans will show the fuck up for high-quality vegan eating and that we are a forgiving people who don’t hold grudges and are all about the l-u-v. Because we pretty much are, right? Or are we pansies? Whatevs, I totally want that burger.”

Image: Linecook via Creative Commons


Ground beef of doom, domestic terrorism, emu chips, vegan cheese debates and more in this week’s link-o-rama!  »

•    Beloved, beautiful vegan fashion company Vaute Couture has two holiday events happening for you lucky Chicago-area shoppers (I fucking hate you, buy me coats). The first is tomorrow!, Saturday Dec. 12 from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Shops at North Bridge; the second is Thursday, Dec. 17 from 5 to 9 p.m. at Colori Eco-Paint Boutique, at 2243 W. North Ave. This one is a fancy event with complimentary (vegan, duh) refreshments, and other labels like Mountains of the Moon, Frei Designs, and Mohop Shoes. If Vegansaurus were in Chicago I would totally be your date.
•    What in the what? Mission Street Food’s last event of the year is Thursday, Dec. 17 and it’s all-vegetarian, most likely vegan! Thanks in advance, MSF!!
•    Mission Mission calls our attention to the overflow of chihuahuas at Bay Area shelters.
•    The federal government indicts Scott DeMuth for conspiracy to commit “animal enterprise terrorism”; apparently, because he is an anarchist, he is a domestic terrorist. U.S.A.! U.S.A.!
•    Certain Vegansaurs love Bones because of its super-vegan star, Emily Deschanel. Last night’s episode had double the vegan power with Emily’s sister Zooey: watch it on Hulu now now now before it expires!
•    Hey guys, before you get too angry about it, those kangaroo-and-emu-flavo(u)red Smiths Crisps will contain “neither emu nor kangaroo”; actually, they’re vegetarian. What you are shoving into your mouth six at a time is Australian dignity, not animal flavoring. Cool?
•    Vegansaurus loves Wildcare! And not just because sometimes one of us housesits for a Wildcare volunteer, who has had such adorable creatures as baby skunks AND baby squirrels in her safekeeping and OMFG you haven’t lived until you’ve seen baby skunks up close. Unfortunately, you shouldn’t, so please compost and keep them out of your trash bins, OK?
•    Cha-Ya’s new place in the Sunset is already going out of business! What happened, you guys?
•    Beef Packers Inc., which is owned by Cargill Inc. (a.k.a. The Devil) had to recall nearly 23,000 pounds of ground beef last week because it was contaminated “with a drug-resistant strain of salmonella,” called salmonella Newport. The company’s last recall was of over 825,000 pounds of ground beef in August of this year, which was contaminated with the same bacteria strain. Hamburgers are the best!!!
•    A woman from Minnesota is suing Cargill Meat Solutions Corp. for selling ground beef tainted with E. coli, which gave her hemolytic uremic syndrome; that caused kidney failure, which gave her seizures that led to her being put into a medically induced coma for three months. According to the New York Times, the beef from her single hamburger came from four plants in two countries. BEEF, IT’S WHAT’S FOR DINNER!!!!!
•    An all-too-brief report on the Frank Bruni and JSF discussion at the Manhattan Jewish Community Center makes it sound like a pretty good time. Did any of you in New York go?
•    Something we should all avoid, avoid, avoid: the Sprinklesmobile, which is coming to town on Monday! Why should we avoid it? Because they make zero vegan cupcakes, obvs.
•    Salon has an irritatingly glossy, irony-heavy, pro-colonialist “history” of Vietnamese coffee; however, it does include a recipe so you can make your own at home. Considering how similar MimicCreme is to sweetened condensed milk, I am thinking this would be a snap to veganize.
•    So there’s actually no such thing as local Bay Area fish, eh? What say you, locavores? And you, pescatarians?
•    This week’s commenting storm is happening around Jordan’s Dr. Cow post. Vegans have opinions about cheese substitutes!


Another WTF!? moment brought to you by Mission Street Food!  »

In celebration of and in donation to Food Not Bomb’s commitment to vegetarian food for the masses, Mission Street Food is serving a homage to pork! Seems like this would’ve been the best possible opportunity for a veggie menu.

I can’t tell if they’re stupid or if they’re fucking with us. Let me break it down for you, MSF: I can’t normally eat at your establishment because there isn’t enough vegan food to sustain me (I CAN EAT! also, there isn’t enough vegan food to sustain AN ANT. THAT IS HOW LITTLE THERE IS. AN ANT!) but it seems like a night where the proceeds are going to a veg organization, there could be some love for those of us who abstain from the pig carcass. I don’t know, just a thought. Maybe you could put some of that into your next dinner. ZING!


A pissed-off vegan who has defended your ass for too long but will gladly come back if you SHOW SOME G-D COMMON SENSE and also BRING BACK THE VEGAN MISSION BURGER YOU ALL LOOK REALLY NICE TODAY.

p.s. I’d like to note that everyone always defends MSF by being all, “But they donate their proceeds to charity!” After looking at their numbers (kinda difficult, they’re not recorded any one place, you gotta look at specific entries and add that shit up. math whiz, yo!), it seems like really not very much money is made for charity at all. DANG, LAURA, COLD-BLOODED!!! Okay, whatever, I’m not going to knock them because really when it comes to donations, every little bit counts, but I mean, look at the SF Vegan Bakesale, a way more podunk operation: we were able to raise $2,600 for charity in 3 1/2 hours. What I’m saying is, fuck these guys, come buy a cupcake on Saturday!

Thanks to Joel for all this info and writing part of the post and ALL THAT JAZZ!



Behold: Mission Burger!  »

No seriously, look at it. This is the vegan Mission Burger and it is your most delicious new best friend. This blog previously speculated this might be the case, but I am here to confirm it for you. IRL I am known as someone with a tendency to say “OMFG THIS IS THE BEST EVER” but ignore all that. What I am telling you is, this is the best burger I have ever had, of any kind. SRSLY.

First and foremost: this motherfucker is huge. I sat down with it literally three different times, and ate a satisfying amount each time. I didn’t even eat dinner, because lunch was so huge/amazing/satisfying. Also I prefer to drink myself to sleep.

Secondly, this burger isn’t exactly pretty in the traditional sense, but it is beautiful like a work of art. The patty is dark and richly colored, with variable textures (the fava/chickpea patty, the whole edamame beans and the leafy kale blend together in a surprisingly harmonious way.) Also you can’t taste any of those health foods because it is fried and covered in wasabi mayonnaise (made with seaweed not eggs! unlocking some science on your ass!). The springy light slaw is the perfect amount of acid, and the chili sauce is a pop of redness that reminds your whole body that the combination of hot oil and capsaicin is like a speedball for your cells. Woooooooo!!! Really, it’s just like that.

Lastly, this burger is $7. I don’t know about you but I am rocking a paycut in Depression 2.0 and I’m just out here trying to survive, you know? In addition to refusing to give up my adherence to prissy urbane dining trends. With the vegan Mission Burger, you can survive all day AND exploit the social capital associated with eating sloppy pretend-proletarian “street” food awkwardly on a stack of potato bags outside an Asian supermarket! Man, I am so hip.

Anyway, vegan Mission Burger. Buy me one. [Ed.: I already bought you one, hooker!]

This post was 100 percent Megan Allison. Yes, we love that ho.

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