Pressed Juicery is taking over California! Here’s a look inside one of their new San Francisco stores!  »

We Californians love our juices, so naturally I was excited to get to try out Pressed Juicery’s new menu.

Can you feel the excitement?! A whole fridge of fresh juices at my whim. It makes me want to hashtag something about juice.

On Monday October 7th, Pressed Juicery unveiled nine new flavors, some entirely new and some re-vamped existing recipes. I visited the adorable Noe Valley location and sampled just a few.

The most popular flavor at Pressed Juicery is the Greens 3, an enlightening blend of kale, spinach, romaine, parsley, cucumber, celery, apple, lemon, and ginger. It’s easy to see why it’s a favorite - it’s got the nutritional punch of a ton of greens without a feeling that you’re eating dirt, and that’s always a good thing. The ginger gives it a nice kick at the end, and is of course good for your tummy.

Ryan and Retail Manager Philip shared their knowledge about each juice with me, and arranged the juices in rainbow order for these photos. That’s attention to detail, my friends.

A re-vamped flavor that I loved was the Roots 2. They’ve added more greens, but it still has a nice earthy carrot taste and pretty orange color. Pressed Juicery also offers some classic flavors for just $3.50, my favorite of the orange, apple, and watermelon offerings has to be the apple. Philip said it reminded him of a nice cider, and I said woah, you’re talking to a Michigan native here, let’s try it out. Philip was right, the classic apple has a great complex fall flavor without any added sugar or preservatives.

One of my clear favorites was the Brazil Nut, which is back for good after being a limited time offering. It’s a great combination of nuts and greens, and the addition of dates gives it a subtle sweetness and added energy. The vanilla almond and coconut cinnamon were great dessert-like juices without being too sweet. If you’re a coffee lover, they also offer a cold-pressed coffee with vanilla bean and a scrumptious vanilla coffee, both way better than any Starbucks latte in my humble opinion.

Pressed Juicery gets most of their produce from Fresno, which is also where the juicing and distribution happens on a daily basis. In addition to offering juices, they also sell herbal tinctures at each store, and Philip informed me that the Palo Alto location offers frozen juices served like soft serve (made with coconut meat and dates). So naturally, I left immediately for Palo Alto. [ED.: WHAT?!?!?! DO WANT!!!]

Okay, you’re right, I stayed with Philip and Ryan, but I am definitely giving that a try as soon as possible. Pressed Juicery’s new menu is on point, and the prices are fairly accessible. Check out their California locations and give one a try! Their staff is incredible, and the samples are delicious (and FREE!). 

This guest post has been brought to you by Alexis Croswell! Alexis is a California transplant (via Michigan) who always has a vegan project on the plate that is her life. She has a passion for writing, activism, animals, and spontaneous cooking. 


LA’s Pressed Juicery to open SF location in Noe Valley!  »

Two weeks ago, on a recent trip in a paradise I like to call LA, I hit up one of my fave spots — Pressed Juicery in West Hollywood! While purchasing a mass amount of juice and trying to make small talk with the register dude, I was told two incredible things: that it was their one year anniversary, so I’d be getting 10% off my order and that they were planning on opening up an SF location. I was very excited upon hearing this, but while walking away I couldn’t help but think of the lip service and broken promises we in the Bay Area have been given about getting our own Babycakes and Native Foods, and so I promptly let it go. image

However, it looks as though we actually are getting a Pressed Juicery and soon too! Eater SF says it’s going to be in Noe Vally; that the space is already available! I’m not going to hold my breath or anything, but I’m pretty stoked about this — I think my heart even skipped a beat. I’ll be here waiting for you, Pressed Juicery. I love you so! 


Guest review: Sway Noe Valley!  »

Sway opened this summer in Noe Valley. It’s a boutique with a selection of affordable clothing chosen by a vegan buyer with great taste. Sway is part of a local chain—there are stores in Alameda, Berkeley, Concord, and Oakland—that reminds me of a less-expensive, less-trendy LF or Urban Outfitters: boho-chic styles like skinny jeans, flowered shirts, dresses, and jumpers, the store caters to the same teen-to-30-something demographic. But what struck me was the variety of vegan fashions for sale.

“We definitely offer a large array of animal-friendly shoes and belts that are fashion-forward,” says buyer Michelle Halprin. “A lot of my vegan friends—especially those coming from out of town—stock up on our non-leather shoes and bags because we are able to get the looks that are often only available in leather.”

Michelle says for as long as she can remember Sway never carried leather or any other animal products. Some of the jackets are wool and the occasional shoes leather due to costumer demand, but she buys vegan fashion whenever possible. Even Sway’s owner is vegetarian.

Not all items at Sway carry Vegan Action’s relatively new "Certified Vegan" label, outside of the purses they carry from Urban Expressions. She hopes more lines will carry the label in the future. For now, Sway’s non-leather brands include Pink Duchess, Miss Me, Soda, Qupid, Dreams, and Breckelles. Purses include sleek, buttery soft ones by Ebisu, Super Trader, Urban Expressions, and Let Them Eat Cake. This fall, find more non-leather purses by Flying Tomato and cool non-leather jackets.

Sway is located at 3979 24th St. at Noe Street. You can also follow the store on Twitter.

This is Vera Churilov’s from Nourish the Spirit's first post at Vegansaurus. Thanks, Vera!


Dream of opening a vegan restaurant in SF? NOW IS THE TIME, SLACKERS!  »

According to SF Gate, in 1987, San Francisco banned new restaurants on Noe Valley’s 24th Street because residents felt they were losing local shops to eateries that drove up rents and caused traffic jams. Well bitches, that shit done happened anyway and yet, about 15 storefronts sit vacant (or basically decrepit and filled with extreme right-wing INSANITY) and the babies of Noe Valley demand eateries! NOW HERE’S THE MILLION DOLLAR IDEA. Wait for it. 

OPEN A VEGAN RESTAURANT (or 15!) in this health skinny conscious neighborhood! These fools will fall over backwards for delicious, nutritious vegan food (WITH A KID’S MENU THIS IS KEY) that will satiate their entire family plus maids (if they’re a Benevolent Ruler). And since these fools are all richie riches, you can hike the prices up and perhaps even survive in this hostile environment.

I’ll be real withchu, as a vegan who lived in Noe Valley Of The Dolls, it was HARD TIME for eatin’. There are very few vegan friendly establishments on the street and hardly anywhere tasty period. If you get something good in there, you could attract the locals and perhaps even all the scroungy vegans in the mission who need a classy date spot. Seriously, we’ll love it. Now is the time to get in there and give the babies what they want! You can do it! Please do it! FOR THE LOVE OF BABIES!


Kombucha ON TAP at new Noe Valley Whole Foods. What are we, Santa Cruz!? Oh, the humanity! Actually, totes don’t mind, luv SC 4 eva!

Oh also, notice in the case to your right, top row. those are the new vegan donuts that come in tons of flavors and are only 99 cents. They are a blatant rip off of Pepple’s Donuts but they’re less than a buck. SO TORN.

Kombucha ON TAP at new Noe Valley Whole Foods. What are we, Santa Cruz!? Oh, the humanity! Actually, totes don’t mind, luv SC 4 eva!

Oh also, notice in the case to your right, top row. those are the new vegan donuts that come in tons of flavors and are only 99 cents. They are a blatant rip off of Pepple’s Donuts but they’re less than a buck. SO TORN.


That’s where you’re wrong, Noe Valley Whole Foods. Other than that blatant lie, it’s adorable! Even getting some tofu paella for dinner! Way to turn it out, Baby Valley Whole Paycheck! (har de har har)

That’s where you’re wrong, Noe Valley Whole Foods. Other than that blatant lie, it’s adorable! Even getting some tofu paella for dinner! Way to turn it out, Baby Valley Whole Paycheck! (har de har har)



Omnivore pie-baking contest, let’s get a vegan to win this bitch!  »

So Omnivore Bookstore in Breeder Noe Valley is having a Pie Baking Contest. The details are a little sketchy since they seem to be releasing them only over their twitter but so far we know, it’s on Thursday, September 10th, from 6-7 pm. Any kind of pie - cut into small pieces! Prize money is simply described as: $$$. I’m guessing that’s roughly $3 million? Entrance is free to bakers bringing their pies, and $5 for folks just coming to eat and judge the pies. Door money will go to winner—easy! Let’s get all that delicious “door money” straight into a vegan’s pocket.


I think the main question is whether or not to reveal your pie as vegan before the contest? Your thoughts on this? I think what would be really interesting is for someone who makes both non-vegan and vegan pies, to enter both and see which one gets a better reception. Don’t mention that either of them are vegan. I’m curious. Because I had the cherry-pluot pie from Bike Basket Pies yesterday and let me just say, I won a whole nother kind of pie contest and this one involved me becoming fatter and more awesome.


Chocolate Covered!  »

Chocolate Covered is straight Willy Wonka PIMP y’all! What? I don’t know. Anyway, I believe they have the best selection of fancy candy in all of San Francisco, and I’ve been around the candy block, if you know what I’m saying. (whore!) (shut up!) It has a fantastic selections of chocolates from all over the world, and MANY of them are vegan. Jack (the awesome owner!) and Pali (his awesome employee and president of Rocket Dog Rescue! That’s why there is almost always a super-cute dog hanging out in front!) know TONS about chocolate and can point you in the direction of the perfect treat to calm your ravenous craving. They’re also really generous with the samples so you don’t run the risk of paying a bunch for something you hate. It’s a little on the pricey side, but the quality is so high that in the end, it really saves you from being as big of a fat-ass as you want to be. God bless the limitations of my wallet. Sometimes. Jack also makes these really cool cyanotype tins and boxes with any picture you want on it! I got one with a picture of my mom and niece on it, both looking all crazy. It’s now on the mantle at my parents’ house. BEST DAUGHTER EVER.

This is a little unrelated, but I need your help: Does anyone know where I can get one of those “chocosaurus” t-shirts that were huge in the late ’80s? It was from a series of t-shirts with dinosaurs on them doing various things like shopping or getting manicures or some shit. I think they were thinly veiled metaphors for crazy women and how much they just LOVE to eat chocolate! And buy shoes! HILARIOUS! Anyway, I REALLY want that chocosaurus t-shirt.


Review: La Méditerranée!  »

La Méditerranée is a local Mediterranean food chain with three locations, two in SF and one in Berkeley. Vegans can get a variation of the Salad Méditerranée which is hummus, baba ghanoush, tabbouleh, Armenian potato salad, lentil salad and green salad. If you’re feeling extra hungry and you’re with another person or a group, you can get a vegan version of the Mediterranean Meza which is basically what everything in the Salad Méditerranée and dolmas too. Actually, I would skip that because it’s like $5 bucks more and you can only really add dolmas if you’re vegan. They also have falafel at lunch but it’s usually sold out by dinner. Always one vegetarian (usually vegan) soup too, which is probably something made with lentils and very good. The best part though is that they serve a VEGAN CHOCOLATE CAKE! It’s not marked vegan on the menu but it is! And it’s REALLY delicious, rich but not overly sweet. Very, very good and perfect end to dinner. They also can make their coffee drinks with soy milk. Overall, a solid choice for vegans if you’re feeling like Mediterranean food. It can also be a good date place in the evening, all locations are dimly lit and romantical. The Berkeley one also has a delightful heated patio in front.

A while ago I was eating there with a guy friend and this rather cute but obviously insane dude came up to me and said, “when you’re ready to dump this cheeseburger and get with a real man, you should call me,” and handed me his number. It was truly an act of crazy, not to mention REALLY the wrong line to use on me. Logically my response was, “?!??!!” and my friend, Dave, said, “I’m sorry, CHEESEBURGER?” The little dude, looking at Dave, said, “Uh yeah, cheeseburger?”—then, looking at me: “I know this is weird but you’re cute and if you’re not really with him, I’d love to take you out for a drink or a coffee or something?” and I’m all, “Uh, OK, thanks?” Dave is cracking up at this point and the poor little guy turned bright red(der) and walked-ran away. Where do dudes get the balls to do shit like this??? I can’t even make the moves on someone who is like, “Let’s have sex.” Anyway, I’ll always love Le Mediterranee in Berkeley for that awesome memory. And no, I never called the guy. That’s a lie. I called but totally chickened out when I realized it was a number for a U.C. BERKELEY DORM. I’m like 52. Knowing the statutory rape law in California as I do, I chose not to leave a message. Still not sure if I regret this or not. To this day, whenever I email or talk to Dave the conversation will eventually go back to, “Remember that dude who called me a cheeseburger?? That guy was amazing.” And he was. I hope he’s with some girl who thinks he’s USDA Quality Prime Rib. Ugh, I’m grossing out over here, I’ll stop.

[photos via yelp]

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