BREAKING: Escape from New York Pizza in the Mission HAS VEGAN CHEESE!  »

Yo! Another SF pizza parlor serving up the good stuff with Daiya. That makes Amici’s (the review says they serve Cheezly but it’s Daiya now!), Patxi’s, and now Escape from New York Pizza on 22nd Street in the mission, all carrying vegan pizza made with Daiya! Delightful! We have confirmation that their crust is vegan, but we’re not sure if the other locations are serving it. Street team, where you at?! If you know, leave it in the comments and we’ll update the post. Further, you can get POTATOES on your pizza. I love potatoes on a pizza. That starch-on-starch goodness makes me very happy. We haven’t tried this one yet but we hear it’s amazing so everyone, order it tonight! And report back! Thank you much!

UPDATE 11/7/10: They’ve got Daiya at all five Escape from New York Pizza locations! Get on it!!

[image by Troy Holden on Flickr!]


Spekuloos Spread is COMING TO AMERICA ALL RIGHT!  »

Actually, it’s already here! If you haven’t previously indulged, it’s basically a concoction of crushed-up cookies and magic. You spread it on everything and it makes it better! Including OTHER COOKIES. Melisser is obsessed with the stuff and turned us onto it, and we’ve been nuts about it since. Before, it was only available in Europe but now you can eat this shit on everything in the U S of A! AMERICA FUCK YEAH!

Order a bunch and eat cookies topped with cookies TODAY!

And speaking of sweet treats, Groupon has a Maggie Mudd deal, $20 for $40 off a VEGAN ICE CREAM CAKE. Don’t stop, get it, get it!

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