Say it with me now: Don’t buy down!  »

Can’t see the video? Watch it on!

I’ve been waiting for a good anti-down video to come out and PETA has just released one (warning: it’s a bit graphic). I feel like omnis never think about down when it’s actually totally awful. I didn’t even know about the foie gras connection. And down is totally unnecessary in these modern times! There are super-alternatives! 

So spread the word: don’t buy down!


Make Dr. Blossom’s vegan sufganiyot for your Hanukkah celebrations!  »

Mayim Bialik shared her vegan sufganiyot recipe with PETA, because they’re pals, and it sounds delicious because when do jelly donuts not sound delicious? When you’re dead, I imagine. Unfortunately, PETA didn’t include a photo of these little treats, so we found a couple of other vegan sufganiyot recipes with gorgeous photos, because what’s a recipe without a picture?

The above is of Season of Karen's baked vegan sufganiyot, a variation on a recipe from Vegan Yum Yum. Below, Inhabitat's vegan and gluten-free version, adapted from a Babycakes recipe.
Which are you making? All three, right? Happy Hanukkah, let’s eat fried dough and potatoes until we pop!


Win a Tofurky Roast from PETA!  »

I know you guys like winning stuff, because you’re a bunch of winners! So I thought this might interest you. It’s easy to enter, you just have to fill out a little thing on the site before the 18th. Enter here. You should win and trick your grumpy old grandpa into eating Tofurky!

OMG there are so many veggie loaf options this year I can’t decide! Woodstock Farm Animal Place, help me!


Mayim Bialik is a young vegan mom doing her thing!  »

Above is a new PETA ad starring fabulous vegan Mayim Bialik. It’s pretty cute. Here’s a little interview to go along with it:

[Can’t see the video? Watch it on!]

Go Blossom! Do the damn thing, girl. As you know, she’s coming out with a vegan cookbook soon. It’s said to be very family-oriented. I like this whole vegan-family schtick she’s got going! Do we have other stars like that? Stars that are all about vegan family values? Vegan Family Values sounds like a really terrible public access TV show. Unless it was all about piglets cuddling babies, that’s solid gold.

But yeah, we should be promoting veganism as a whole family thing, not a get-skinny-quick-for-your-next-movie-role thing or an “oh, the idealism of youth,” thing.


Ben the Bear is FREE! Our pal Ian at the Animal Legal Defense Fund alerted us to this wonderful news. After six years of being confined in a concrete cage as part of a roadside zoo in North Carolina, Ben is now living it up at the Performing Animal Welfare Society sanctuary in San Andreas, Calif. Look at him splash in his new pool!

Read more about Ben at ALDF, and thanks so much to the concerned citizens of North Carolina who sued on Ben’s behalf, and to ALDF and PETA for fighting in court for Ben’s freedom, and PAWS for taking him in. May he live a healthy and happy life amid the California oaks!


Here’s a portion of a cute infographic* from PETA. You can see the whole thing on their site. This is my favorite part though—the bonobos thing is so random and funny! Another part says turkeys pick favorite humans and run up to great them when they come around. So cute. I love animals!
*Though I don’t know if it technically counts as and infographic…?

Here’s a portion of a cute infographic* from PETA. You can see the whole thing on their site. This is my favorite part though—the bonobos thing is so random and funny! Another part says turkeys pick favorite humans and run up to great them when they come around. So cute. I love animals!

*Though I don’t know if it technically counts as and infographic…?


“ Although we like to torture the human fans who willingly come to our shows, we don’t want to be a part of making innocent animals’ lives hellish. I’ve learned from my friends at PETA that these marine animals are very sensitive to sound, as they communicate by sonar, and loud noises mess with their most basic instincts and drive them more nuts than they already are when trapped in your tanks. „

This was Tommy Lee’s response when SeaWorld asked to use a Motley Crew song in “Shamu Rocks.” That’s what I’m talking about! This almost makes up for that sex tape I accidentally watched through no fault of my own.


For the vegan sports fan, PETA’s best veggie food at baseball stadiums  »

I grew up on baseball. My parents took me to my first Baltimore Orioles game when I was two months old. I didn’t realize you couldn’t throw peanut shells on the ground in polite company until I was way too old. And when I became a vegetarian at age 11, one of the few things I missed was ballpark hotdogs (I now shudder at the thought, but kids will be kids).

As a grown-up vegan, baseball games are still fun, but I don’t ever go for the food (though I do love the garlic fries at Giants’ Stadium). I usually bring my own version, scoff at the suckers around me paying $12 for a crappy hamburger.

Now PETA’s gone and messed that up, by pointing out there’s some veggie food at stadiums, and giving them publicity for it, so they maybe have an incentive to add more. Last week, they released a  Top 10 Vegetarian-Friendly Ballparks list.

Surprise! No. 1 is in Philadelphia. Apparently the Phillies offer a vegan chicken-steak sandwich. Sign me up!

Other top contenders, and the things there I really would want to eat, are:

2. Seattle Mariners’ Safeco Field: Vegtastic has the run-down of what to eat here. Sushi! Vegan hotdogs!

3. Detroit Tigers’ Comerica Park: vegan hot dogs.

4. Oakland Athletics’ Coliseum: Eh. I’ve been here, not impressed. Not much vegan that I know of, though the vegetarian offerings might be OK.

5. Los Angeles Dodgers’ Dodger Stadium: vegan sloppy Joe, veggie sushi, and edamame, hurray!

6. New York Mets’ Citi Field: veggie dogs, veggie burgers. Here’s an outdated report!

7. Los Angeles Angels’ Angel Stadium of Anaheim: veggie dogs (I’m noticing a theme here), black-bean burgers, bean burritos, veggie wraps, and California cucumber rolls. Plus gluten-free options!

8. Washington Nationals’ Nationals Park: Hell yeah, I want me a tofu sandwich with Vegenaise, and a falafel! Last time I was here I brought my own Chipotle; that was good too.

9. Pittsburgh Pirates’ PNC Park: Vegetarian lo mein and salad with fried green tomatoes sound interesting, but not sure they’re vegan. Sigh.

10. Minnesota Twins’ Target Field: “vegan mousse martinis”?! What is that? Why don’t I have one? Plus veggie kabobs!

Road trip in order? Find out more and get ongoing news at Veggie Happy. And watch some MLB bloopers to get in the mood!


“ Some people may still think it’s OK to burn, shock, poison, starve, drown, and inflict brain damage on animals in laboratories, but polls show that the majority of us don’t. We’ve evolved. We don’t think it’s acceptable to keep monkeys constantly thirsty to make them cooperate in exchange for a sip of juice or to force mice to swim to the point of exhaustion and drowning in order to simulate human depression. Thanks to video footage taken inside laboratories by PETA during undercover investigations, the entire public perception of animal experimentation has changed, and we want a better, more humane bang for our buck. „

Bill Maher on the new release of Ingrid Newkirk’s Free the Animals. Go read the whole thing on HuffPo and tell me what you think. I don’t like a lot of their advertising but PETA has done quite a bit in other arenas. 


Lush’s new anti-animal-testing campaign is more powerful, less exploitative than PETA  »

Via Ecouterre, we learn of this shocking new ad campaign from Lush, meant to make explicit the horrors of animal testing by using a LIVE (simulated) NUDE GIRL in place of the non-human animal subject. This window display, featuring vegan performance artist Jacqueline Trades, debuted at Lush’s Regent Street store in London on April 25. It coincides with this Fight Animal Testing site and European Union-centered petition.

What does your Vegansaurus think about it? We’re divided!

Meave says:
It’s very PETA, no? I find it significantly less obnoxious than those “Sexxxy ladies in lettuce-leaf bikinis” or whatever outfits for PETA. This is more freak ‘em out than make ‘em want to fuck you, which is appropriate, because animal testing is horrific and should be treated as such. I take issue with the subject of the testing being a nearly naked woman. The female body is 100 percent commodified in Western society, and I don’t think that this campaign recontextualizes it enough to desexualize it, which is to say, as awful as the tests the “scientists” are simulating performing on her, I see “naked lady” before I see “human-as-animal test subject,” and that bothers me.

I wonder how much PETA has ruined the shock value of substituting a human body for an animal’s. PETA uses conventionally attractive (by Occidental standards) female bodies in varying states of undress for essentially every campaign; is it PETA’s fault now I can’t look at this girl without thinking about all the meat-eating, leather-wearing celebrities in the “I’d rather go naked than wear fur” posters, or women wearing only saran wrap? I hate animal testing, but I also hate the exploitation of any body. On the other hand, how many of the products I slap on my face every day exploited animal bodies before they got to my makeup case?* Because you worked with a performance artist, I think you do win this one, Lush. Sign the petition!

Jenny says:
This is pretty horrific, but in an avant-garde kind of artsy way. I mean, just looking at these images is grossing me out, but I can’t stop. Oh those activists, always putting themselves on the line for their causes. And hey, look how much attention and signatures it garnered (nearly 200,000 as of Wednesday night)! Yep, here’s the deal — I’m into it. As long as I don’t have to be the one in the store window, yo.

Isn’t it crazy how art will bring out such intense emotion?! Isn’t it great to really FEEL something? So tell us, what do you guys think? How does this make you feel?

*Actually none, I am a careful makeup consumer.

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