You know I love Martha Stewart! So check out her new PSA against factory farming. Go Martha! I think I’ve already said everything before that I can say about Martha Stewart so I guess I’m kind of tapped out. Um, well, I love her! If she becomes vegan I will die a million times and go to heaven over and over. 


On the ad beat again. This is part of a new campaign from restaurant chain Legal Sea Foods. Pretty fucking hilarious! Just kidding, it blows. Putting aside that it’s mocking animal conservation, it’s just not that funny. Come on, PSAs are such fertile ground for mocking! They could have done a better job. 

Now, not putting aside that it’s mocking animal conservation, the ad might also be funnier if the entirety of marine life wasn’t facing an imminent mass extinction. You know, for what it’s worth. 

But whatevs! Rock on, bros!

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