La Victoria Bakery has Wholesome Bakery Treats!  »

La Victoria is now selling daily deliciousness from Wholesome Bakery (which will open a retail location in Bernal Heights in April!! Vegan bakeries, MAKING IT HAPPEN!)! This includes stuff like CHOCOLATE TUXEDO CUPCAKES and CARROT CAKE CUPCAKES. Vegan cupcakes DO IT TO ME ONE MORE TIME. 

I had this super-weird dream last night that I was sitting in the front room of my apartment eating a delicious cupcake from a new bakery in the Mission when a bullet flew through my front window and lodged in my shoulder. I did not stop eating. Anyway, point is, pretty sure I’m gonna get shot through the shoulder pretty soon because I’ll be eating those cupcakes on the regular. Or maybe I just have some unresolved food issues/should move out of the Mission. THERAPY! WHAT’S THAT! WHO’S HE!? 

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