SF Appeal has the BEST slideshow of an rehabilitated sea lion being released into the wild! SWIM LITTLE SEA LION SWIM! Swim right into my arms so we can be best friends forever I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Goddammit! Sometimes I do not know what I’d do with all this love I have for sea lions… how do you guys handle it? This has to be a universal problem, right??

SF Appeal has the BEST slideshow of an rehabilitated sea lion being released into the wild! SWIM LITTLE SEA LION SWIM! Swim right into my arms so we can be best friends forever I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Goddammit! Sometimes I do not know what I’d do with all this love I have for sea lions… how do you guys handle it? This has to be a universal problem, right??


Opening night of Water for Elephants—it’s time to educate the disgusting sea of humanity! Your help needed!  »

Megan needs a break from the elephant beat so I’m stepping in because I think they’re fucking awesome, too. I’m just a worse and less-motivated human being than Megan. Ugh, I hate talking about my many failures as a human being. Let’s also just say I have a nice rack and a cool dog. Okay, even-stevens!
IDA is setting up leafletting events around the country for opening night of Water for Elephants. You should go for two reasons. 1) Megan already proved that it’s a terrible movie for ellies and it’s getting terrible reviews, anyway! Eff that noise!; and 2) You’ll already be at a theater you can go see Your Highness because it’s fucking in and Water for Elephants is fucking out! Or, see Rio (either sober with kids or high without kids or high with kids OMG YOU’RE A TERRIBLE PARENT)! Or, you know, you can read my movie previews over at SF Appeal and find out what I think about even more things! That’s right, I’ve got opinions on shit besides vegan stuff! Like movies! Plus, you should support me, you know I would totally give you a kidney, the least you can do is READ MY DAMN MOVIE PREVIEWS.

One more time with the real point of this whole post I am so very tired: Tomorrow night, do a solid for the ellies of the world by educating the masses! You’re the best! I’m taking off my top and shimmying in your direction!


Vegetarian Awareness Month! Because vegetarians are pretty all right  »

October is Vegetarian Awareness Month—did you know? We totally missed World Vegetarian Day on Oct. 1, too; whoops! Thanks to the SF Appeal for bringing it to our attention, otherwise we might’ve ignored it altogether. Who cares about vegetarians, anyway? All hung up on milk and cheese and eggs and butter, and then the ones who eat FISH and still call themselves “vegetarian,” come on already.

We should care about vegetarians, though. The biography of the average vegan includes time as a vegetarian: all making cheese omelets every day “to get enough protein” before you learned to cook/eat a balanced diet; assuming that if a product wasn’t literally made of meat it must be veg-friendly; naïvely ordering in restaurants without inquiring about chicken broth or fish sauce—rare is the person who wakes up from an omnivorous diet to a vegan lifestyle.

Vegetarians are our pals! Most of them believe in animal rights, just like most of us vegans, and we need to stick together to fight for those beliefs. This month, take time to be extra-nice to your vegetarian friends and family. Their diet is still better than any omnivore’s! Cook them a delicious vegan meal, and if they want to put cheese on top of your pasta with vegetables, pretend you don’t notice (this time). Maybe buy them a vegan cheese to try! If they don’t like it, then you get it back anyway.

Justine Quart listed her favorite veg restaurants in San Francisco in the Appeal, and they’re pretty good! What are your favorite places/dishes? Where would you take your vegetarians, to tell them they’re awesome while hinting that they would be even more so if they stopped eating dairy?

The North American Vegetarian Society is holding a contest for the individual “with the most outstanding activity” and the group “implementing the cleverest outreach” during World Vegetarian Month. You could win free registration, accommodation, and meals at Vegetarian Summerfest ‘11, which—is a big deal? OK, it’s a big deal! To enter the contest, write a little essay explaining your reaching-out and how effective and smart and amazing you’ve been, and submit it by Oct. 30.

Now maybe you want to make dinner for those vegetarians? Or even those omnivores in your life? Maybe convince small children to eat new vegetables? How about seeing how many vegetarians/omnivores you can get to download—and use!—PCRM’s free 21-day Vegan Kickstart app? Yes, technically most of these suggestions are more vegan- than vegetarian-oriented, but if you’re doing nice things for your vegetarians, does it matter that those nice things also serve your hidden agenda? It’s not like it’s an evil hidden agenda.

If being a secret agent for the vegan lifestyle makes you a little uncomfortable, that’s fine (traitor, we will find you). How about just finding all your vegetarians and telling them that no matter how many times you’ve stood in front of the milks at the grocery store, yelling about the dairy industry’s terrible abuses, you respect anyone who doesn’t eat dead animals, and who does work for animal rights. Maybe throw in a hug, if you’re a hugger.* Vegetarians, we are Aware of you; and you really are all right.

*not everyone has a hugging relationship!


In which the New York Times Magazine demonstrates they kinda hate vegans, but really love pretentious dudes who put weird shit in ice cream!   »

The New York Times Magazine printed a 4,000 word advertisement for article about Humphrey Slocombe that included some rather negative/poorly researched Vegansaurus mentions. I know standards for the NYT mag aren’t too high—look at the kind of folks they work with; But still, disappointing. Anyway, I wrote a letter to the editor as a response and am going to publish it in full here because at this moment, I’m righteously indignant and can’t nobody stop me!

Aaaaannnnd so, without further ado:

Dear Editors,
My blog, Vegansaurus, was mentioned several times in Elizabeth Weil’s piece, “I’ll Take a Scoop of Prosciutto, Please” regarding Jake Godby, the proprietor of the alternative ice cream shop “Humphrey Slocombe.” Six paragraphs of the 4,000 word article were devoted to critics of the establishment, Vegansaurus foremost among them.

Intriguingly, although Godby’s opinion of Vegansaurus and the San Francisco vegan community were strongly conveyed, his critics were given no opportunity to respond to his assertions or the distorted history Weil reports as fact. Our review of Humphrey Slocombe was not linked in the article (although the link advertising Humphrey Slocombe
demonstrates your content management system has this capability). Nor were any of the editors of Vegansaurus contacted for comment.

Had I been asked for comment, I would have informed Weil that,
contrary to her assertion that our website “started” the “conflict” between Godby and the SF vegan community, community protests against Humphrey Slocomb’s indifference to animal welfare pre-dates my post on Vegansaurus. I also would have told her that I intended my review to be a partial defense of the establishment for offering vegan choices. I later amended the review after reader comments cataloged Godby’s history of aggressive antipathy to contentious eaters.

As the article itself notes without comment, Godby leaves meat in a vegan grocery as a form of recreation. Given how the article opts to demonstrate Godby’s distaste for vegans and vegetarians, it seems particularly irresponsible for the reporter to deny his targets an opportunity to offer their perspective.

We would also have been happy to offer our assistance as to the correct use of contemporary media terminology—she describes our website as a “vegan collective,” a term employed nowhere on our site. It’s an odd way to describe a publication, unless one is seeking to subtly discredit its authors by implying they are some sort of subterranean cabal, rather than a group of free-lance writers with a popular website. Would you refer to the the New York Times as a “news collective”?

It is great that she did take the time to meet the folks behind the twitter account Jasper Slobrushe, but couldn’t even take the two minutes to shoot an email our direction.

That at no point neither Weil nor the editors we presume examined this article before it appeared in print or online noted these points seems especially odd, given how many traditional journalists (though, to be fair, I do not know that either Weil nor her editors make this argument) argue that their work has more value that that of many folks who work exclusively online (aka bloggers) because the traditional folks ‘pick up the phone’ or ‘actually get comment from people.’

I am hopeful you can respond to my concerns,
Laura Beck
A Founding Editor


Free Vegan Cupcakes on Wednesday!  »

Come drink beer and eat vegan cupcakes to raise money for Rocket Dog Rescue. Yours truly will be there, along with the Hot Ladies (and a few bros) of the Internet, serving up drinks at Elixir from 9 pm to 1 am. It’s gonna be super trashy, Coyote Ugly style! If you’ve been bad, there will be some table dancing and ripping off of shirts and playing ballads on the bar while also in a wet t-shirt contest. Basically, it’s your dream night.

More details and SEE YOU TRAMPS THERE!

Three snaps in a circle to SF Appeal for that amaaaaaazing poster.



New rad blog in town, it’s PAWESOME!  »

So there are a lot of blog in SF, most of them useless AND SHUT YOUR MOUTH ABOUT VEGANSAURUS. However, Eve of the highly useful SF Appeal, recently brought Pawesome to my attention. Pawesome is really great. It brings you the news on everything pets in SF; is heavily skewed towards rescue animals (yay!); and is very funny and highly readable. Plus, they post interesting stuff that I give a shit about and you will too if you have a companion critter in SF. On top of that, they are running a contest right now to get a custom portrait of your pet done. If you have a pet, you will understand what a big fucking deal this. We love to worship the pet on a level that can only be compared to my junior high crush on Adam Sandler. Which is to say: INTENSE.

Not only that, they’re connected to the awesome folks who make cute novelty animal t-shirts that aren’t something Cathy would wear. Maybe they could use that…like, “This Ain’t (Your?) Cathy’s Novelty Animal T-Shirt,” or “Cathy Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead In Novelty Animal T-shirts.” Or something better. Or just ignore me. From I heart Tripods to Check Meowt!, you’ll want them all! Seriously, I already have the tri-pod one and get between 1 and 200 compliments PER WEARING.

FINALLY, they feature adorable pets on the site and that splayed wanton hussy up there (damn lady! leave something to the imagination!) is Q-tip. Yes, like from a Tribe Called Quest. Click through to read about how gangsta she is and see her dressed as a Noble Frog. DO IT.



Pigs in your blankets, our jerk governor, stopping animal-torture porn, chocolates good and bad, and hottt vegan action in this week’s HUGE-ASS link-o-rama!  »

Hey North Bay, busy on Monday, Sept. 21? There’s a sign-making party in Petaluma for World Farmed Animals Day (coming up!) that you could attend. Contact Kate Danaher for further information—location, supplies needed, etc.— and be ready for action from 6 to 9 p.m.

Win an ice cream party with Coconut Bliss ice cream! You guys this stuff is AMAZING, the cappuccino flavor is the best coffee ice cream I’ve ever tasted. Enter the contest, invite Vegansaurus, have the NIGHT of your LIFE.

California passed Prop. 2 in November, totally awesome! Going further, the state legislature recently passed a bill banning tail-docking in the dairy industry—just the kind of action we hoped the vote would spur. UNFORTUNATELY, our meathead (hilarious!!!) governor still has not signed that bill into law. All kinds of good-looking and/or famous people support it; join them, California residents, and tell that overtanned insanator to end the needless suffering of dairy cows already.

Farm Sanctuary’s newsletter, incidentally, is attractive and informative; if you need more email, this is something worth reading.

SF Appeal ran a great piece about how to get vegan options into restaurants, and it includes an interview with Laura so what’s not to love? No, really. SAY IT TO MY FACE. Signed, Laura.

You know who’s awesome? No, besides Laura: our pal Amit Gupta! His brand-spanking*-new book, Photojojo, is in the top 10 in its Amazon category! He is the most Super Amit we know!

What’s wrong with the world: Torture porn is back! Or, “back,” because, what in the HELL? Help HSUS remind Congress that filming the cruel deaths of animals for people’s sexual gratification is FUCKED UP BEYOND BELIEF and should be banned forever, no question. Honestly, what kind of freakshow wouldn’t ban this?

Ezra Klein, Vegansaurus’ honorary little brother, is extremely concerned by all the antibiotics in your animals—a full 70 percent of antibiotics in the U.S. are used in “food animal production,” which is dooming meat-eaters to death by super-bacteria, like, tomorrow. Whoops, guys.

Who wants to make a pink dinosaur these magical-looking Mexican hot chocolate snickerdoodles? The new PPK cookbook, Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar, is nearly here!

Meat chocolate. With salami aftertaste. On purpose. Gag.

An employee of a Brazilian McDonald’s sued the company, using Super Size Me as evidence to prove that eating the devil’s own food-type products daily for two years had deleterious effects on his health. Ooh, someone sued McDonald’s, thrilling—except, he didn’t introduce the film until his appeal, which he won. Fuck yeah, little guy.

The Oakland Fire Department responded to a “shots fired” call in May, and found the victim to be an itty bitty pit bull puppy with multiple gunshot wounds! They named him Remy, and thanks to their efforts he is better, but not fully recovered. Oakland Animal Shelter is asking for donations to cover the costs of the many surgeries poor little Remy has had and will need. If everyone who entered our contests donated $5, it’d be really helpful. You cannot deny the puppy in a cast.

Did you know that Vegansaurus (OK, Meave) loves the opera? SFMike of Civic Center blog says that opening night is a terrible time to go, but Leah Garchik reports a bright spot: While “[f]ewer than 10 dinner guests had RSVP’d pledges of allegiance to broccoli; at dinner, 170 declared themselves veggies.” It appears as if the upper echelons of San Francisco society have decided eating veg is in (again?), to which we say, lay off the fur and we can be BFFs, you beautiful lunatics. brings us news from Harvard, specifically that The Crimson editorial board supports campus-wide “Meatless Mondays” and demands more and better vegetarian dishes in the dining halls. You smartypants overprivileged Muppet Babies have your hearts in the right place; demand and ye shall receive! (that’s how it works for you guys, right?)

Dutch designer Christien Meindertsma traced what happened to the body parts of a specific commercially raised pig and discovered a lot more than packaged meat. As savvy Vegansaurus readers will already know, that single pig wound up in 185 items. SO GROSS. The best/worst part is all of the non-food items the pig is used in automobile paint, cigarette filters, chewing gum and best of all, BULLETS. It’s extremely frustrating being vegan in a world like this.

Several Football stars are going (mostly) vegan. I mean, bros who play football are like, the very definition of manly, right? I mean they beat each other up and grab crotches all day long and these ones (the manliest of all!) happen to sit down to organic, vegan meals. How delightful! Is taken?

Ooh, Vegan Month of Food 2009 is coming! How will we top last year’s? It is a mystery only TIME WILL TELL!!

The Babycakes ladies are crazy, right? Probably! But we can certainly appreciate** their love of frosting.

*yow! The link-o-rama is racy today! all making painful jokes with single-entendres and using words like “racy.” The heat is getting to us!
the only difference between this scenario and Saturdays at Vegansaurus HQ is that our frosting, ahem, “escapades” involve swimsuits and aprons instead of matching onesies. yow!

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