Issue 2 of Soy Fucker is available! Plus, SF Zine Fest is a-comin’!  »

Hard copies begin shipping out on Tuesday, Aug. 23! Can’t wait? Can’t blame ya. Soft copies are also for sale, and you can read them, like, now.* Only two bones, and it goes to Deep Roots Sanctuary. What are you waiting for?

*depending on your internet speed.

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In other zine and comic news, SF Zine Fest is coming up (Labor Day weekend, Sept. 4 and 5!) and lots of awesome veg artists are gonna be there, including Jesse Reklaw (he made this year’s Zine Fest amazing poster too!), Ashley from Fat Bottom Bakery with Barefoot and in the Kitchen, Rick and Eve of Monkey + Seal (seriously BUY THIS!), Minty Lewis from P.S. Comics, Susie Cagle, Jen Oaks (OMG BUY THIS!! Oklahoma Animals FTW!), and our own Jonas Madden-Connor. SO MUCH TALENT!!

OH ALSO, I am making a zine. It is about being fat and it’s called FAT ZINE. It comes with free candy because that’s how fat people do. Susie and Jen are doing sexy fat lady drawings and there might be glitter involved. Lots and lots of glitter. Y’all ready for this?


Dan Barber’s feet of clay, Ra-Ra-Rasputin, your fucked-up Manolo boots, a falafel truck, stupid scientists, and a busy Bay Area weekend in the Link-o-rama!  »

If you have ever called yourself an activist, even if only in the mirror with post-shower anger-hair, you must get yourself to the a.Muse Gallery tomorrow from noon to 2 p.m. for the School Lunch Sound-Off! Make Vegansaur Laura’s tireless work on behalf of the nation’s wee vegan and vegetarian children worth all the missed sleep (GET IT?).

Also among your obligations, locals: visiting Jonas and Minty Lewis at SF Zine Fest, the only Vegansaurus-endorsed fest in the country!

Circus protests continue through the weekend! That is an exclamation mark of outrage, by the way.

Don’t forget, Saturday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. is the first-ever San Francisco Street Food Festival! Admission is free, and there will be food and cocktails, with no item over $8, all on Folsom Street between 25th and 26th Streets. The vendors list appears to have a decent number of veg dishes, but not too many, so get there as early as possible, lest the omnivores devour all of everything like a cloud of unethical locusts.

Captain Paul Wilson of Whale Wars (unintentionally?) gives the best quotes ever, explaining his decision to make the Sea Shepherd a “vegan vessel.” To wit: “About 70 million tons of tuna goes into cats everyday. In fact, in a natural world, if a cat ever came face to face with one of those fish, the fish would eat the cat.” He’s right—have you seen how big tuna fish are?

NEWSFLASH: Eating loads of “fatty foods” negatively affects one’s cognitive abilities, i.e., makes you fucking stupid. Ha ha, McDonald’s, we knew you were the devil—except, wait, the data from which the researchers drew their conclusions were gathered from ANIMAL EXPERIMENTS? Whoops! Maybe certain biologists need their cognitive abilities checked; Vegansaurus is enrolling you in our next Animal Torturers’ Reeducation Camp right now.

Hey Golden Gate Restaurant Association: your eternal nemesis, Healthy San Francisco, hasn’t ruined your business forever and ever EAT THE POOR. Perhaps this is linked to the flat-tax/fee some restaurants began charging patrons to compensate for all the money they expected to hemorrhage; perhaps helping the uninsured is a good idea after all. Keep on keepin’ on with that lawsuit, GGRA, you totally don’t look like cheap heartless bastards.

"No, it’s not ocelot fur, it’s, um, ‘cava’! Cava fur! Totally not endangered in their native, um, Spain! Yes, northeastern Spain; this boot is such a fresh look at Mr. Blahnik’s classical Spanish style, DON’T YOU THINK?”

Remember how Dan Barber swore that if he couldn’t convince his geese to enlarge their livers naturally, like his hero Eduardo Sousa, he wouldn’t prepare or eat foie gras ever again? Yeah, turns out he didn’t exactly mean it like that, and Sr. Sousa was not pleased. Sousa, keeper of the freest-range foie-gras-producing geese in the world, also found certain other “cruelty-free” foie gras bird farms to be literally nightmarish.

More street food is coming, and soon! The Liba falafel truck will be parked at the corner of De Haro and Alameda Streets sometime in “early September;” being fairly crazy for falafel, Vegansaurus very eagerly anticipates this happy event.

Next weekend, Aug. 28 to 30 at Jack London Square in Oakland, is the second annual Eat Real Festival. Admission is free, and they have all kinds of entertainment planned, as well as a full-on farmers’ market and a beer “shed.” The list of vendors looks pretty impressive, too. Don your finest eating-wear and join Vegansaurus—it is rare we miss an opportunity to eat on the cheap—though we will of course be missing the butchery contest on Saturday, Aug. 29, because, puke. Go go go, eat eat eat! Fight that nasty "unnaturally thin and anemic vegan" image!

Also happening next Friday, Aug. 28, is Sweet Justice, “a benefit for the AETA 4.” What, and who? The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act is an ugly piece of legislation introduced in 2006 by one of Vegansaurus’ own elected representatives, evil betrayer Senator Dianne “fuck your civil rights” Feinstein. The AETA 4 are four activists who were arrested by the Joint Terrorism Task Force of the FBI in February of this year because of their alleged terrorist activities related to protests against the University of California’s animal-testing policies. In light of the behavior of the protesters against members of Congress, especially the violent, hateful messages those protesters boldly espouse—going to a presidential appearance with loaded guns!—one wonders exactly what kind of agenda the JTTF/FBI have here. Less depressingly, Violet Sweet Shoppe baked goods will be at this benefit, so, that’s all right.

On my (Meave’s) last night in Mexico, while I was enjoying some bean-and-chile tamales, the most amazing song with the most amazing video appeared on the televisions mounted on various walls of the restaurant. Its brilliance was marred by the decision of the members of the group, Boney M., to all wear various furs throughout the video—that shit was grotesque. I believe the flaunting of these nasty, ghoulish items of clothing is why the song, “Rasputin,” never attained the fame in the U.S. it otherwise deserved because seriously, never was I more surprised and delighted by a music video than by this one. Let’s boogie:


Vegansaur Jonas at SF Zine Fest this weekend!   »

Jonas isn’t only a (ed.: the cutest) member of Vegansaurus, he’s also a brilliant (award-winning!) artist and one of the organizer’s behind the annual SF Zine Fest. Believe it. Here’s a sneak peak at his newest work, Ochre Ellipse 3. It’s super fucking good. You should come to SF Zine Fest and be the first people to get it. Oh and buy his other fantastic comics too. Support your Vegansaurus because you love us so and we’d never lead you astray! Also, if you don’t support us, we’ll be hella homeless and have to sell our MacBooks for vegan donuts because that’s the kind of dumbshit financial move we would make (ed: true!).

Also, we hear that Fat Bottom Bakery will be on hand with delicious vegan treats. Holler at your girl, Fat Bottom Bakery! And by holler at your girl, I mean give me free vegan snacks when I hunt your asses down.

Minty Lewis will be there too! And we already know she’s the best so yeah. There are a million and one reasons to to the SF Zine Fest this year and we just gave you three of the best ones. The other 999,997 are hella good too, we’re just lazy. SO LAZY.

WAIT ONE MORE, and this is totally not vegan-related, but Fuck Yeah YouTube Comments will be there selling these amazing shirts. It says, “Someone get this bitch a job or a dick to suck or something.” People who leave YouTube comments are so magical. GET ‘EM WHILE THEY LAST AND ARE HOT ETC.

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