Nerd King Wil Wheaton’s awesome wife Anne Wheaton put together a calendar of nerd celebrities — Felicia Day, Seth Green, Geoff Johns, Phil Lamarr, etc.— and their adorable adopted animals. to raise money for the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA.

If you donate a minimum of $40 on their Wiggle Waggle Walk page, you’ll get the calendar. Now pull out several boxes of tissues, and let’s watch the video. 

Oh, and as an added bonus, here’s the irrepressible Marlowe Wheaton’s at the 2012 Wiggle Waggle Walk!


Some adorableness from the New Hampshire SPCA. Ridic.

Society is getting a lot of mileage out of this song, right? Maybe it’s a special gift from aliens to improve society. Probs.


You know me, always on the ad beat! We’ve been following BBDO San Francisco’s awesome anti-puppymill ads for the SF SPCA and here’s possibly the best one yet. It’s a great mix of funny, educational, and macabre. How great is the dog’s depression face? Only second to the depression face every dog in a cone collar makes. 

One guy in the comments on SF Egoist is like, “yeah but it’s not the puppies’ fault they were born in a puppy mill! They should get homes too!” Yeah, dummy, after the SPCA raids that mofo and takes all the mommies out of there. But really, of course all dogs deserve a home, truth is though that millions of dogs aren’t going to get one. The dogs in shelters deserve homes too and getting one there happens to fund rescue efforts instead of more animal torture and overpopulation. So, there’s that.


Bay Area: Bunny adoption event this Saturday!  »

This is Dudley, can he stop being ridiculously cute for like a minute? Jeez louise!

Here are the details, friend:

Join us Saturday, May 5th from 11am-3pm at our rabbit adoption event at the East Bay SPCA in Dublin with rabbits and bunnies from 5 different rescue groups and shelters from all over the Bay Area. Rabbit experts will be on hand!

  • Bring your family to pet the rabbits and enjoy interacting with them
  • Learn about rabbits, what they eat, and how to take care of them
  • Bring your rabbit questions
  • Bring your spayed/neutered bunny to find him/her a bunny friend (bunny speed dating!)
  • Free nail trims for rabbits
  • Meet and adopt the rabbit of your dreams
  • Check out our great bunny blankets & bunny toys for sale!

Meet and adopt rabbits from:

Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary
House Rabbit Society
Hayward Animal Services
Tri-City Animal Shelter
Bananas for Bunnies rabbit rescue 

A Rabbit Education & Adoption Event!

Saturday, May 5th

East Bay SPCA
4651 Gleason Drive, Dublin, CA


Part two of the SF SPCA’s anti-puppy mill campaign!  »

Remember when Megan gave you the heads up about the new SF SPCA anti-puppy mill campaign? Well, part two has been unveiled in downtown San Francisco, and is available for you to see until Friday afternoon!

Krista Maloney of the SF SPCA says, “We’ve installed a ‘puppy bin’ in the highly trafficked plaza at the intersection of Sacramento and Drumm streets, near Embarcadero Center. The bin looks like a typical newspaper stand, except the glass front is a video of puppies. Within the bin is The Canine Tribune, featuring articles about puppy mills. It will remain there until 3 p.m. on Friday, May 4.”

This is a brief video of reactions of passersby as they check out the puppy bin.

[Can’t see the video? Watch it on!]

Go see it for yourself, on your lunch break or something!

You can see that Megan Rascal’s Figgy is concerned. Those puppies are his peeps, yo!  He would go see the campaign himself, but he’ll have to settle for the video, as he resides on the East Coast [though he says hi to his BBDO SF homie Ian!].


SF SPCA starts new campaign against puppymills and we like it!  »

The SF SPCA has a new anti-puppymill campaign and it’s pretty cool so far, and they promise more cool stuff to come! They’ve partnered with ad agency BBDO to create this great fake puppymill ad. I know some nice BBDO people in their New York office; this is the same agency that ingeniously autocorrects monkeys out of their writers’ scripts.

This campaign was inspired by some sad discoveries the SF SPCA made:

A recent SF SPCA survey of San Francisco dog owners showed that buying online was the number-one place where people got their dogs. The survey showed that approximately 30 percent of puppies purchased in San Francisco are from puppy mills. 51 percent of those who purchased dogs online would not knowingly purchase from a puppy mill, yet 19 percent don’t know about puppy mills; hence the need for education.  

Jeez louise. Puppymills are so depressing. I’m worried my Figgy came from a one but I have no idea. He was a purebred-looking stray in Pennsylvania—home of the Amish puppymill industry. As you probably know, if they don’t sell them as puppies, puppymills have no use for male dogs. The females can be turned into baby-machines, but the boys? Why spend effort and money taking care of bunch of male dogs you brought into the world when one or two can impregnate all the girl dogs on their own? They usually just kill the extra males (and we’re not talking euthanasia!), but maybe Fig broke free and set out on his own. Totally Fivel of him. 


Hey New York! This afternoon: Get your pet blessed! There’s a rabbi and a minister so hopefully your pet’s religious denomination is covered. It starts at 2pm! 
Christ Church520 Park Avenue (at 60th Street)New York, NY 10065 
While you’re there, please think of my little Figgy who is in Philly with a hurt leg. He’s going to the vet tomorrow but I’m worried. 

Hey New York! This afternoon: Get your pet blessed! There’s a rabbi and a minister so hopefully your pet’s religious denomination is covered. It starts at 2pm! 


Christ Church
520 Park Avenue (at 60th Street)
New York, NY 10065 

While you’re there, please think of my little Figgy who is in Philly with a hurt leg. He’s going to the vet tomorrow but I’m worried. 


Awesomeness from the SPCA in Wake County, N.C. Seriously, this had me cracking up and I’m not sure why. But that lady on the skateboard in the end? And who is their camera person? He’s totally great. That dog at the end is also hilarious. I felt a little bad for him, but he seems to be chilling. 

You can donate to the Wake County SPCA here!


Guest post: “I FELL INTO A K-HOLE OF ADORABLE.” Fostering kittens for the SF SPCA RULES!  »

It’s kitten season! And when I heard the San Francisco SPCA was hurting for foster homes, I realized that duh, I need KITTENS in my FACE! I’m still sort of in the rebound period after losing my ridiculously amazing ferret six months ago (you know, where you want to borrow everyone else’s animals but aren’t ready to commit?) so a perpetual cycle of kittens and loss sounded like an awesome fix. I signed up for the next kitten-fostering class at the SPCA.

The two-hour class was taught by Alison Lane, the SPCA Foster Coordinator, who is super nice and helpful. In it, we learned:

  • Fostering saves lives. Because of foster homes, the SF SPCA is able to take in about 1,000 more kittens a year! BAM!
  • It is a lot of work. Fostering kittens requires a minimum time-commitment of two hours a day. You have to be available to take them to the SPCA for regular vaccinations and in case of emergency.
  • You need a safe, easy-to-clean kitten room away from resident animals. A bathroom is recommended for good reason (more on this later) but I’m poor and share my bathroom with five people—so my bedroom it is.
  • You keep the kittens until they weigh two pounds and can be spayed or neutered and put up for adoption. So you basically get them at the height of preciousness and socialize them to be awesome pets.
  • The SPCA gives you a surprisingly thick volunteer manual [.pdf], which conveniently doubles as a kitten calendar minus the white squares.
  • They also provide dry and wet food (Fancy Feast! These bitches eat better than me!), plus a “vegetable” scale to weigh them every day. You buy the litter box, scoop, litter and scratching post (for a total of $15.23 at the SPCA).
  • I also got my kittens blankets and snazzy toys, but you can use old towels and make your own toys. Kitten badger don’t give a fuck.

For you losers out there who can’t cut it as a freelance writer or artist and have to go to your square JOB that pays you a boring SALARY or whatever from 9 to 5, you can foster kittens, too! You just have to feed them and change their litter before you leave for work, when you first come home, and before bed. Plus they will probably liberate your employed soul, so you should totally do it!

When I got home, I emailed Alison and made an appointment to pick up my antidepressant kittens the following Saturday. I DID NOT get wasteyface the night before, but NESTED like a neurotic mama-goose cat-lady—and magically got up before noon on a Saturday to pick up my kitten babies. After a brief run-down with Alison, she brought out my kittens; Clover and Stars were two tiny, mewling, black amaze-balls, one longhair and one shorthair. I was a little bummed that if all went well, I’d only have the little bros for a week (they start you off easy), but OHMYGOSH KITTENS!

THE CUTENESS IS ALMOST UNBEARABLE. I’m serious. Because like, there’s nothing to do about it. UGH! You basically get blue-balled by cuteness.

Clover and Stars are exceptionally badass cats — they’re both super playful, curious and affectionate, but I’m quickly learning their individual quirks. Like that Stars FUCKING OWNS the feather toy. And Clover asks to be picked up. AWWW!

I wake up to two black kitten noses pressed against my face. I remember that Alison specifically said not to take kittens on your bed, but they jump up themselves and won’t listen to me! Besides, I love feeling LOVED!
It’s over. I’m hooked on cuteness contact high.

I have officially fallen into a K-HOLE OF ADORABLE. I thought the kittens would make me more productive by keeping me in my room and on a schedule, but it’s hard to get anything done when you are anchored to a chair by an impossibly adorable purr-bomb all up in your lap and you can’t even reach your computer.


I (metaphorically) stop showering and delete my Facebook (metaphorically). Kittens are all I need now. Kittens make me happy. An anonymous kitten has a little accident on my brand-new duvet, but whatever! Kittens!
I bought them a scratching post, but they prefer my yoga matt (now destroyed). Eye shadows are hockey pucks, curtains a rock-climbing wall. I leave Stars and Clover alone longer than a few hours for the first time and return to find my beloved person-sized trout pillow soaked in urine on the floor.

But whatever, right? Kittens! Anyway, it seems they will definitely reach their goal weight by day seven, so I make an appointment to drop them off soon. Sadness.


I wake up to discover the kittens have officially started using my bed as a litter box (AKA KITTEN POOP ON MY DUVET WTF). I call Alison, who explains that I should have contacted her immediately when the kittens were having litter box issues, so they won’t learn bad habits and be returned by their families when adopted. Of course I feel shoot-me-now HORRIBLE (even though she assures me it’s fine).

I decide to cut my losses and return them a day early. I was SUPER sad to say goodbye but I think my shame softened the blow a little.

Fostering kittens is seriously effing amazing and IT SAVES LIVES and you should do it! Just don’t fuck up like me! If you have to use your bedroom, get a kitten corral or large cage for when they are unsupervised. I already got mine. BAM! That’s right; this kitten mama is coming back for more! That’s how good this shit is, man.
If you are interested in fostering kittens, please contact your local SPCA or rescue group. For information on fostering with the SF SPCA, click here. To sign up for the next foster class, email the Foster Coordinator Alison Lane at Do it!

UPDATE: Clover and Stars have found their forever homes! If you are interested in adopting a kitten or cat from the SPCA, click here.

Aurora Wells is a writer and artist living in San Francisco with persistent dreams and borrowed kittens. While working on her first graphic novel, she writes about death and pours shots at a dive bar. Art, animals and alliteration are some of Aurora’s favorite things. She will do pretty much anything for that vegan cookie.


You know what is awesome about dogs? All they want to do is shower you with affection. I mean, sometimes they wanna eat food and sniff butts, but mostly they just want to love you (unless they’ve been trained to do otherwise, and that’s totally not the dogs’ fault). So that’s why I’m SUPER-PISSED when police officers bust down doors and shoot family pets.

Wait, it gets better: It’s frequently THE WRONG EFFING HOUSE. So not only are the cops raiding the homes of totally innocent people; they’re also murdering hundreds to thousands of Labradors, terriers, and even freakin’ chihuahuas, just hanging out, doing what dogs do: running up to the guest/intruder to see what’s what. In no instance have any witnesses agreed with police departments’ claims that the dogs were behaving aggressively. In many cases, shots are fired ridiculously close to unarmed civilians, in one case killing a woman and causing an infant to lose his hand (N.B. This asshole was ACQUITTED). Even when no humans are physically hurt, the loss of a close companion is traumatic emotionally.

And the trigger-happy police say this is standard operating procedure? I say it is bullshit. You might think that postal workers are more at risk for dog attacks, but they’re given training on how to deal with aggressive pets, at worst using mace (not ideal, but better than killing the dog). The ASPCA and the Humane Society say they’d love to provide this kind of training for police officers, but only a few departments nationwide make good on this offer.

Nothing but NOTHING makes me more upset than abused animals, especially when they weren’t doing anything wrong. Should we start a campaign? Protect our pups! Police for pooches! Other good slogans? Otherwise, PLEASE get a hold of your local police department, and demand that they take advantage of the training resources that local animal-care organizations (SPCA, Humane Society, etc.) provide. 

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